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13 Creepy Halloween Stories

With Halloween fast approaching, a host of frightful creatures are rubbing their hands in anticipation of the grizzliest feast of the year.

10 Cozy Autumn Reads

As the crisp cool air whirls the yellow leaves against the autumn blue sky, our thoughts turn to all those cozy reads you can curl up with by a crackling fire. To help you savour this splendid season of blankets, pies and pumpkin lattes, we have narrowed down ten autumn books that you will be too happy to fall into as the nights draw in.

12 fictional worlds to get lost in this fall

For those book lovers, who spent their days dreaming of the literary wonderlands they could be living in, we have selected twelve finest products of human imagination the book world has to offer. From spellbinding fantasies and fairy tales to dark dystopian tales, these captivating reads will appeal to any escapist at heart in need of a new venture. Here are some of the wildest and most wickedly haunting fictional worlds you will enjoy exploring on a chilly fall day.

12 Great Sea Adventure Stories

For those of you, who prefer to travel from the comfort of your armchair, we have selected twelve nautical tales that will whisk you away on a few vicarious journeys around the world. From swashbuckling escapades and treasure hunting to suspenseful battles for survival, these thrilling adventures will keep you turning pages well into the night.

Summer Reads 2018

With summer break fast approaching, you have probably been frequenting the bookstores in search of that perfect companion to quench your thirst for escapism. If that’s the case, then look no further! From gripping adventure and blood-curdling thrillers to sweeping romance, this juicy summer reads will lure you into different parts of the world turning any vacation into an exotic getaway.

10 Must Read Books About Royalty

"Hugely ambitious in its historical focus and vast geographical scope, Antony and Cleopatra is one of Shakespeare’s most astonishing tragedies. The drama centres on the relationships between his main protagonists, Octavius Ceasar, Mark Antony and Cleopatra, and the highly charged affair between Mark Antony and the Egyptian queen that forms the backdrop to the pervading theme of struggle between East and West throughout the play.

The Best of the Brontës' Books

One of the most prolific families in English literature, The Brontës made their mark in the world with their poignant novels and poems that have been enchanting the readers with insight and lucidity for almost two centuries. From provocative social chronicles to gothic romance, the Brontës’ novels will pull you into the innermost workings of beautiful mind and keep you a prisoner until the last page.

16 World Book Day costume ideas for teachers and adults

If the thought of joining the army of Harry Potter lookalikes this World Book Day makes you cringe, worry not. There are still plenty of quirky characters to choose from. From mysterious explorers and blood-thirsty creatures to eccentric millionaires, these classic tales offer a wide range of costume ideas for both teachers and adults, that have the power to turn heads and spark interests.

12 Books Being Made into Movies in 2018

2018 is finally here and it’s brimming with utterly brilliant book adaptations. From sweeping fantasies and classic tales to edge-of-your-seat thrillers, these books-turned-movies will appeal to both film buffs and book addicts alike.

The Best Winter Reads

If the mere sight of shimmering snow makes you tremble with excitement, then we’ve got just the stories for you. From bone-chilling murders to Arctic adventures, these ten gripping tales offer full immersion into a sub-zero climate. So curl up by a roaring fire and let these winter delights conjure up that perfect white Christmas.

12 Books We Are Most Thankful For

On the days of joy- they are your trusted friends, on the days of sorrow- they are your secret allies. This Thanksgiving, we give thanks for these 12 classic books that profoundly impacted our life journey with its ups and downs. So buckle up and enjoy a rollercoaster ride with your new fearless companions that will usher you through the days of doom and glory.

13 Creepy Halloween Stories for Adults

As Halloween creeping upon us, supernatural forces gather together unleash calamity upon the world of the living. For those of you, who would much rather watch all hell break loose from the comfort of their own home, we have selected 13 nightmare-inducing Halloween stories that will haunt you for days!

10 Books To Take You Back To Your School Days

The long, hot summer might be coming to an end, but there is still enough time to squeeze in some late-summer reads before fall. For those binge readers, who prefer to devour a book in one sitting, we have selected ten short story collections that will offer a much-needed fix for your literary cravings.

10 Books to Bring to The Beach This Summer

The long, hot summer might be coming to an end, but there is still enough time to squeeze in some late-summer reads before fall. For those binge readers, who prefer to devour a book in one sitting, we have selected ten short story collections that will offer a much-needed fix for your literary cravings.

10 Books to Bring to The Beach This Summer

Summer has finally arrived and it is time to plan your perfect vacation. No matter where you are headed, all you need is a pair of sunglasses, a straw hat and a gripping book to complete the look. From psychological thrillers and classic adventures to a sweeping romance, these ten juicy beach reads are guaranteed to whisk you away on a dizzying trip round the world!

Spring Romance Books

Anyone who has ever experienced an all-consuming love remembers that feeling of euphoria that can only be compared to nature, which awakens from long lethargic sleep and suddenly springs to life. The true magic of this season lies in its ability to rejuvenate our hearts and fill our souls with joyful anticipation of a new chapter in our lives.

12 Brilliant Books That Will Change Your Life

Anyone who has ever held a brand new book for the first time remembers that sweet anticipation of getting lost in a story. And as the allure of the unknown takes the better of us, we sink our teeth into a compelling plot sometimes overlooking those hidden messages left for us to decipher. These 12 thought-provoking stories have all the potential to shake your core beliefs, making you question the meaning of life. You will never look at these books the same way ever again.

15 Valentines Day Gifts for Book-Lovers

"To give and not expect return, that is what lies at the heart of love."- Oscar Wilde

12 Books to Read before They Become Movies in 2017

Having earned their reputation long before they caught the eye of screenwriters, these critically acclaimed stories are finally hitting the big screen. From classic tales to taut thrillers, these books-turned-movies will satisfy both book lovers and avid moviegoers alike.

12 Books of Christmas

When it comes to spreading the festive cheer, nothing quite compares to these timeless tales guaranteed to leave the readers with that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. From epic adventures to cautionary tales, here is our choice of the best children’s books for all ages.

10 Fictional Characters That Will Keep You Entertained This Christmas

From feisty and exuberant to outright peculiar, these ten book characters jump off the pages of your favourite books to provide you with the first-class entertainment during this festive season.

13 Scary Stories to Haunt You this Halloween

It is that time of the year again, when the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead become blurred. With Halloween looming, restless ghosts, insatiable immortals and other creatures of the night transcend from another world to roam freely among us. For those of you who would rather chase the shadows in books, we have selected 13 spine-chilling stories to fuel your imagination. Best read in the candle-lit room past midnight.

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