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12 Villains of Christmas

It’s that magical time of the year when families and friends get together to spread festive cheer, which sometimes provokes the most unsavoury characters to rebel against the goodness of season.

13 Creepy Halloween Stories

With Halloween fast approaching, a host of frightful creatures are rubbing their hands in anticipation of the grizzliest feast of the year.

10 Cozy Autumn Reads

As the crisp cool air whirls the yellow leaves against the autumn blue sky, our thoughts turn to all those cozy reads you can curl up with by a crackling fire. To help you savour this splendid season of blankets, pies and pumpkin lattes, we have narrowed down ten autumn books that you will be too happy to fall into as the nights draw in.

12 fictional worlds to get lost in this fall

For those book lovers, who spent their days dreaming of the literary wonderlands they could be living in, we have selected twelve finest products of human imagination the book world has to offer. From spellbinding fantasies and fairy tales to dark dystopian tales, these captivating reads will appeal to any escapist at heart in need of a new venture. Here are some of the wildest and most wickedly haunting fictional worlds you will enjoy exploring on a chilly fall day.

12 Great Sea Adventure Stories

For those of you, who prefer to travel from the comfort of your armchair, we have selected twelve nautical tales that will whisk you away on a few vicarious journeys around the world. From swashbuckling escapades and treasure hunting to suspenseful battles for survival, these thrilling adventures will keep you turning pages well into the night.

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