The Discovery of Guiana by Walter Raleigh

Etext prepared by Dagny, and John Bickers, THE DISCOVERY OF GUIANA By Sir Walter Raleigh INTRODUCTORY NOTE Sir Walter Raleigh may be taken as the great typical figure of the age of Elizabeth. Courtier and statesman, soldier and sailor, scientist and man of letters, he engaged in almost all the main lines of

Style by Walter Raleigh

Transcribed by David Price, email STYLE Style, the Latin name for an iron pen, has come to designate the art that handles, with ever fresh vitality and wary alacrity, the fluid elements of speech. By a figure, obvious enough, which yet might serve for an epitome of literary method, the most rigid and simplest

Robert Louis Stevenson by Walter RaleighAn Essay

Robert Louis Stevenson by Walter Raleigh. 1906 edition. Scanned and proofed by David Price, email WHEN a popular writer dies, the question it has become the fashion with a nervous generation to ask is the question, ‘Will he live?’ There was no idler question, none more hopelessly impossible and unprofitable to answer. It is