The Minute Boys of the Mohawk Valley by James Otis

THE MINUTE BOYS OF THE MOHAWK VALLEY by JAMES OTIS Author of “The Boys of Fort Schuyler,” “The Boys of ’98,” “Teddy and Carrots,” “Captain Tom, the Privateersman,” “The Boys of 1745,” “The Signal Boys of ’75,” “Under the Liberty Tree,” “When Israel Putnam Served the King,” “The Minute Boys of the Green Mountains,” Etc.,

Neal, the Miller by James Otis

Produced by John Kaler. NEAL, THE MILLER A SON OF LIBERTY BY JAMES OTIS CHAPTER 1 THE PROJECT “I FEAR you are undertaking too much, Neal. When a fellow lacks two years of his majority–” “You forget that I have been my own master more than a year. Father gave me my time before he