The Decameron, Vol. 2 by Giovanni Boccaccio

Produced by Donna Holsten THE DECAMERON OF GIOVANNI BOCCACCIO Faithfully Translated By J.M. Rigg with illustrations by Louis Chalon VOLUME II CONTENTS – FIFTH DAY – NOVEL I. – Cimon, by loving, waxes wise, wins his wife Iphigenia by capture on the high seas, and is imprisoned at Rhodes. He is delivered by Lysimachus; and

La Fiammetta by Giovanni Boccaccio

Produced by Ted Garvin, Dave Morgan and PG Distributed Proofreaders LA FIAMMETTA BY GIOVANNI BOCCACCIO TRANSLATED BY JAMES C. BROGAN 1907. INTRODUCTION Youth, beauty, and love, wit, gayety and laughter, are the component parts of the delightful picture conjured up by the mere name of Giovanni Boccaccio, the prince of story-tellers for all generations of