Tom Tiddler’s Ground by Charles Dickens

This etext was prepared from the 1894 Chapman and Hall “Christmas Stories” edition by David Price, email TOM TIDDLER’S GROUND CHAPTER I–PICKING UP SOOT AND CINDERS “And why Tom Tiddler’s ground?” said the Traveller. “Because he scatters halfpence to Tramps and such-like,” returned the Landlord, “and of course they pick ’em up. And this

To be Read at Dusk by Charles Dickens

To Be Read Be Dusk by Charles Dickens Scanned and proofed by David Price TO BE READ AT DUSK One, two, three, four, five. There were five of them. Five couriers, sitting on a bench outside the convent on the summit of the Great St. Bernard in Switzerland, looking at the remote heights, stained
Three Ghost Stories by Charles Dickens

Three Ghost Stories by Charles Dickens

Contents: The Signal-Man The Haunted-House The Trial For Murder THE SIGNAL-MAN “Halloa! Below there!” When he heard a voice thus calling to him, he was standing at the door of his box, with a flag in his hand, furled round its short pole. One would have thought, considering the nature of the ground, that he
The Tempest by William Shakespear

The Wreck of the Golden Mary by Charles Dickens

This etext was prepared from the 1894 Chapman and Hall “Christmas Stories” edition by David Price, email THE WRECK OF THE GOLDEN MARY THE WRECK I was apprenticed to the Sea when I was twelve years old, and I have encountered a great deal of rough weather, both literal and metaphorical. It has always

The Uncommercial Traveller by Charles Dickens

Transcribed by David Price, email THE UNCOMMERCIAL TRAVELLER CHAPTER I–HIS GENERAL LINE OF BUSINESS Allow me to introduce myself–first negatively. No landlord is my friend and brother, no chambermaid loves me, no waiter worships me, no boots admires and envies me. No round of beef or tongue or ham is expressly cooked for me,

The Seven Poor Travellers by Charles Dickens

THE SEVEN POOR TRAVELLERS–IN THREE CHAPTERS by Charles Dickens CHAPTER I–IN THE OLD CITY OF ROCHESTER Strictly speaking, there were only six Poor Travellers; but, being a Traveller myself, though an idle one, and being withal as poor as I hope to be, I brought the number up to seven. This word of explanation is

The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens

THE PICKWICK PAPERS CHARLES DICKENS CONTENTS 1. The Pickwickians 2. The first Day’s Journey, and the first Evening’s Adventures; with their Consequences 3. A new Acquaintance–The Stroller’s Tale–A disagreeable Interruption, and an unpleasant Encounter 4. A Field Day and Bivouac–More new Friends–An Invitation to the Country 5. A short one–Showing, among other Matters, how Mr.

The Perils of Certain English Prisoners by Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins

This etext was prepared from the 1894 Chapman and Hall “Christmas Stories” edition by David Price, email CHAPTER I–THE ISLAND OF SILVER-STORE It was in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and forty- four, that I, Gill Davis to command, His Mark, having then the honour to be a private in
Interior of The Old Curiosity Shop

The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens

The Old Curiosity Shop By Charles Dickens CHAPTER 1 Night is generally my time for walking. In the summer I often leave home early in the morning, and roam about fields and lanes all day, or even escape for days or weeks together; but, saving in the country, I seldom go out until after dark,

The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Charles Dickens

Transcribed from the Chapman and Hall, 1914 edition by David Price, email THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD CHAPTER I–THE DAWN An ancient English Cathedral Tower? How can the ancient English Cathedral tower be here! The well-known massive gray square tower of its old Cathedral? How can that be here! There is no spike of

The Lock and Key LibraryThe most interesting stories of all nations: Real life

This etext was prepared by Donald Lainson, Please note: This edition does not contain the second chapter of the first story, “The Haunted House”, by Dickens. It can be found in 3ghst10.txt or, 1998, “Three Ghost Stories by Charles Dickens.” The Lock and Key Library Classic Mystery and Detective Stories – Old Time

The Life And Adventures Of Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens

THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF NICHOLAS NICKLEBY, containing a Faithful Account of the Fortunes, Misfortunes, Uprisings, Downfallings and Complete Career of the Nickelby Family by Charles Dickens AUTHOR’S PREFACE This story was begun, within a few months after the publication of the completed “Pickwick Papers.” There were, then, a good many cheap Yorkshire schools in