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  • 1888
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is marched off to the frontier
his sale of his title
his personal appearance
Capstone Hill, at Ilfracombe
Caravan, _summum bonum_
Carlo, San, theatre at Naples, G. Eliot at Carlsruhe
Carlton Hill at Penrith
Carlyle, Thomas, his description of Dickens’s person Landor on
and Anthony Trollope
Carlyle, Mrs., her description of Dickens’s personal appearance on my novel _La Beata_
Carnival at Rome
at Florence
Carey, translator of Dante, with Miss Mitford “Casa Colonica,” Tuscan
Casentino, the
Casino dei Nobili at Florence
Cathedral in Florence and Mr. Sloane burial of priest in, anecdote of
Cavour, my wife’s account of his death, George Eliot on Cemetery, Protestant, at Florence
Champion, the, at the Pitti, anecdote of Charming, Dr., of Boston, Grattan on
Chappell, Mr. Arthur, dinner with
Cheapness at the Baths of Lucca
Chelsea, tea at
Chiaja at Naples, G. Eliot on the
Chiana, draining marshes of
Chianti wine, price of
Chiusi, marshes near
Chorley, Henry, and Mary Mitford,
at Heckfield
Church, the, Landor on
Church, English, Dickens on the
Citta di Castello, Pulszky at
Clarke, Miss (Mme. Mohl)
Clemow, Mr. and Mrs., of the Royal Hotel, Ilfracombe Clergy, French, in 1840
Guizot on the
Clericalism at Florence
Clifden, Turbot at
_Cobler, Northern, The_, read by Tennyson Coins in use at Florence
Coker, Mrs.
Colburn, Mr.
and Lady Bulwer
Colico on Lake Como
Collins, Wilkie, story by
dinner with
Colloquial use of a language must be learned young Cologne
Colonna Vittoria
Commons, House of, Dickens on
_Commonwealth of Florence_, my history of the Como, Lake of
George Eliot at
“Compagnatico.” Tuscan
Composition, George Eliot’s difficulty in Composition, literary, Grattan on
_Confessor’s Manual_
Congress, member of
Congresses, Italian Scientific
Conservatism forced on me
Consolation, child’s, in confinement Consul, British, at Boston, Grattan
Mr. Grattan addressed as
Consulship at Boston, Grattan on the Consultations and plans, my mother’s and mine “Contadini,” Tuscan
Convocation, Dickens on
Copper mine near Volterra
Coquerel, Athanase, his preaching
Corinne, a new
_Cornhill Magazine_
Cornish jury, verdict of
Correggio, book on, by Signor Mignaty Correspondence of London paper
_Country Stories_, Mary Mitford’s
Court Supreme, American judge, story of the Cousin, his philosophy obsolete
Covent Garden Theatre, Mary Mitford’s play at Cowley, Lord, ambassador in Paris
Cowley, Lady, as ambassadress
Cowper’s home at Olney, Mary Mitford on Cramer, John
_Crazy Jane_, authoress of
Crime almost unknown in Grandducal Florence Croce, Santa, church of, in Florence and Mr. Sloane Cross, Mr., his _Life of George Eliot_
Cruikshank and Lady Bulwer
Curwen, Mr., flooding of his mine


Dalling, Lord, at Paris
at Florence
Dall’ Ongaro, the Poet
Dante, his portrait at Florence
Deak, Pulszky’s visits to
Deans, cousins of Mary Mitford
Death in the street at Florence, anecdote of Death of Lewes’s son
Deathbeds, taste for, George Eliot’s Decade of Italian Women, my book on
Decade, last of life
how to enjoy the
Decision, a momentous
her letters to my mother, _et seq._ at Tuileries ball
her death
“Dehors Trompeurs, les;” Mdlle. Mars in _Democrat Le_, French newspaper anecdote of Departure of the Duke from Florence
Deputies, Chamber of, opening of in 1840 at the
Desk, writing, standing at
Devonshire farmer, a
De Whelpdale, Lord of Manor Penrith Dexter, Arthur, of Boston
Dialect, Florentine
anecdote of lady speaking
Dialect, provincial, as read by Tennyson Dialect, George Eliot on use of
Dibden, Dr.
his preaching
Dickens, Charles, first meeting with personal appearance of in early youth
was near-sighted
his manner
his so-called exaggerations
his character
his opinions on Italy
on public schools
letters from
on conversation
on Gibson the sculptor
on Italian political situation
on Louis Napoleon
on Home the Medium
introduces me to my first wife
on the general elections
on the House of Commons
on the English Church
on my brothers standing for Beverley last letter from
Dinner, going with glee to
Director of Museum, Pesth
Disaffection in Tuscany, beginning of Doherty, John,
Doney’s coffee-house at Florence
Don Giovanni, Protestant,
Douarnenez, sardine fishing, etc
Doubt of death
Doyle, Sir F., his reminiscences
Dramatic College, Royal, Dickens at Dresden as a residence
Drinking-song, sung by Mr. Du Maurier Duel at Baths of Lucca,
Du Maurier, Mrs.
Du Maurier, Mr. and Mrs.
Dupin, at the Chamber
Dupin and Lady Bulwer
Dyer, Lady
Sir Thomas
Dymock, Champion, at Florence


Easter devotions
Edenhall in Cumberland
Luck of
Election in Ireland
General, Dickens on
in Hungary, cost of
Elm Court, Temple, Sergeant Talfourd’s address English Government and Tuscany
English language, George Eliot on the Enunciation, George Eliot’s
Eotvoes, Baron, and Pulszky
Eremo, Sagro at Camaldoli
rule there
ride up to
inmates of
Error in post-mark, singular
Erysipelas, attack of, cured by Homoeopathy Esterhazy, his picture gallery
Eternal City, French hated in
Everett, Ed, Grattan on
_Examiner_, the, criticism of, on my first wife’s letters Exchange of portraits
Ex-governor, pompous, and Grattan


Factory legislation
Lords, leaders of
Faculty, multiform, my first wife’s “Falkland” in the _Rivals_, by Sir F. Vincent “Falstaff House,” of Dickens
Falterona, rivers rising in Mount
the mountain
Fanny Bent
Fauche, Mrs.
Fauriel, M.
Fete, National, at Florence
Field, Miss,
a favourite with Landor
returns his present of a scrap book Fiesole, Leader’s villa at
Filippo Strozzi, my book on
Finance Committee, Pesth, Pulszky on Finden’s tableaux
Fine Arts Society at Pesth, Pulszky chairman of Finisterre, at
anecdote of
_Firenze la Gentile_
no longer such
Firing on Florence, orders for
Duke never gave such
Fisher, Harriet, my wife’s half sister her character
her death
Fisher, Harriet, her brother
always a peacemaker
her beneficent influence
Flanders, French, rambles in
Flavia, verses on, by my first wife Flint, Mrs. and Mary Mitford
Flood in Florence
Florence decided on as a residence
departure from London for
society of
flood at
coins in use at
cheapness of life at
police at
revolution at
number of English residing at
singular social change at
social changes in, causes of
my History of
Lewes criticises
leading medical practitioner at
Florentine nobles
Municipality places a tablet to the memory of my first wife characteristics
Flower garden, Mary Mitford’s
Fonblanque, Mr. Landor on
Fontebranda fountain
Fool, April, Grattan is made an
Foreign Affairs Committee at Pesth, Pulszky on Forster, Mr., on Dickens
his life of Landor
portraits prefixed to
Landor gives him all his works
Fortezza da Basso at Florence, Grand Duke at in Florentine revolution
_Fortnightly Review_
France, Central, Journey through
which portion most interesting
Franchi, book by G.H. Lewes, reading Francis, St., and Pulszky
_Fraser’s Magazine_, Mary Mitford on French hated at Rome
Frescobaldi family, at Florence
Friday receptions, my mother’s in Florence my mother’s whist parties
Friends, my mother’s, in youth and age Fun, my mother’s love of


Gabell, Miss
Gabell, Dr., of Winchester
Galileo, new edition of work of
Milan edition of
Gambling tables at Lucca Baths
Garcia, P., in 1840
Garibaldi and Dickens
Col. Peard’s judgment of
my remembrance of him
visits me at Ricorboli
his personal appearance
dispute with him, a
at Palermo
Garrow, Mr. Joseph
Landor’s letters to
his musical talent
a very exacting father
his death
Garrow, Mrs.
Garrow, Judge
Garrow, Theodosia
her position in her family
her fortune and prospects
her personal appearance
her ancestors
in Rome
her Church opinions
as an inmate
at the “Braddons,”
her appreciation of Miss Barrett
and Landor
Genoa, fishing near
La Superba
George Eliot. _See_ Lewes, Mrs.
Germany, Lewes’s in
Ghosts of memory
Gianchetti and whitebait
Gibson the sculptor
Dickens on
Giglio, Via del, at Florence
Gilchrist, Dr., dinner given by
Giotto’s tower at Florence
anecdote concerning
G.H. Lewes on
Giusti, the poet, and Grand Duke of Tuscany my first wife’s translations from
Gladstone, his age, G. Eliot on
when a High Tory
“Glass beads for savages,”
Glee, going to dinner with
Gore House
Gothard, St. over the, Lewes’s journey Gothic architecture, Mary Mitford on
Grand Duke of Tuscany
anecdote of
exit of, from Tuscany
Grand Duchess Florentini, burial of Grant, General
Granville, Lord
his receptions in Paris
Grattan, T.C., consul at Boston
letters from
his message to me
blank, no prize, Grattan
prepares new edition of _Highways and Byeways_ writes in _North American Review_
endeavours to promote peace between England and America speaks of his seared heart
pessimism as often deceptive as optimism not a fertile writer
his advice to my mother as a writer visits Washington
doubts respecting his conduct as consul writes on Ireland
proposes various travels
resolves to give up punning
his repartees
Grattan, Mrs
Graves, Miss, at Florence
Green tea and laudanum, effects of
Gregory XVI. a Camaldolese
beans annually sent to
Grey goose quill work, Grattan on
Greys, cousins of Mary Mitford
Grisi in 1840
Guidi Casa, visits to
Guizot on the French clergy
“Gush” and Mary Mitford
Gyoengyoes in Hungary, election for


Haddon Hall
Haine, Notre Dame de la
Hahnemann’s favourite pupil
Hall, Mr. Horace, and Mr. Sloane
Hall, Alfred, and family at Florence Haller, Dr., of Berlin
on Lewes’s philosophic work
Hamilton, Mr., Minister at Florence Hamilton, Captain, author of _Cyril Thornton_ his boat on lake
Handwriting, Mary Mitford’s
Hare, Landor’s friend
Harrison, American President
Harrow days, old
Hatred, Our Lady of
Hebraist, learned
Heckfield, Mary Mitford at
Heenan the pugilist
Heights, Witley
Hennell, Miss Sara, Mrs. Lewes to
Heretics, persecution of
Hermolaus, Barbarus
Hervieu, M., his portrait of my mother High Church opinions, my sister’s
_Highways and Byeways_, Grattan’s
new edition of
Hill, Herbert, Southey’s nephew
Hill, Theodosia, in _Our Village_
Hill, Frances, in _Our Village_
Hill, Joseph, Cowper’s cousin
_History of Philosophy_, G.H. Lewes’s _History of Florence_, my, G.H. Lewes’s criticism of Hoche, General, his daughter, anecdote of Hobhouse, Edward, at Florence
Hofwyl, Lewes’s at
Holland, society of, Grattan on
Holland, Lord, Minister at Florence anecdote of
saved my mother’s life
Homoeopathic cure of erysipelas
_Household Words_, my contributions to Huegel, Baron
Hume, Mr., the “Medium,” Dickens on Humour, that of George Eliot
that of Lewes, different
my mother’s sense of
Hungarian politics, Pulszky on
Hungarians, Pulszky proud of the
Huntingford, Bishop of Hereford
his handwriting
Hustings, fall of


Ilfracombe, visit to
Royal Clarence Hotel, at
Impudence, Irish, notable case of
Independenza, Piazza, dell’, in Florence Index, the Roman Catholic
Indian hand, my first wife’s
Influenza and tragedy, Mary Mitford suffers from Inghirami Marchese
Intimates, my mother’s, in youth and age _Ion_, Sergeant Talfourd’s
Ireland in 1841
Grattan on
Irish in America, Grattan on the
Italy, my mother’s book on
takes to political thinking


James, G.P.R., Lander’s friend
Jealousy, professional, at Florence Joy, Mr., of Boston
Joyce’s Inn, dinner at
Judge Story, Grattan on


Kenyon, Mr.
and Landor
his poems, Landor on
Landor on
and Miss Mitford
Kenyon, Mr. Edward, and Miss Mitford his munificence
Keppel Street days, old
Killeries, excursion to
Kingstown, landing at
Kirkup, Seymour, and Signor Bezzi


_La Beata_, my novel, George Eliot on Lewes on
Lablache in 1840
“Lady” for wife, used by Landor
Laffarge, Madame
Lake of Como, George Eliot at
Lamartine, cited
Landor, Walter Savage
at Siena
circumstances under which he left England his character
personal appearance
last days at Florence
anecdote of
his deafness
dropped his aspirates
threw his dinner service out of window his vivacity of manner
his objection to scattering his photograph letters to Mr. Garrow
offers to let his villa at Florence his extravagant exaggerations
anger respecting Lieutenantcy of Monmouth abuses the Whigs
at a breakfast at Milman’s
and Mary Mitford
Land’s End, the
Landseer, Edwin
Langdale, Little, Wordsworth’s lines on Lanleff, Temple of
_Lascia Passare_ extraordinary
Laudanum and green tea, effects of
La Vernia
ride to
_forestieria_, &c,
night-lodging at
Layard, visit to Dickens
and G.P. Marsh
Leaf, turning over a new, Grattan on “Lenten Journey,” my
Leopoldine laws at Florence
Le Roi, Madame, anecdote of
Letters, my first wife’s in the _Athenaeum_ Lewes, G.H., my first acquaintance with
a delightful companion
his incessant care for his wife
his anxiety about Mrs. Lewes’s fatigue his fourth visit to Italy
as a _raconteur_
at the house of the American Minister his adieu to me about my novel
happier than previously
last adieu to him and Mrs. Lewes
his saying of George Eliot’s person and constitution his literary influence on George Eliot
his faith in her powers
his insistance on her superiority to him his delight in talking of her
letters from him and George Eliot
letter criticizing my novel _La Beata_ his remarks on Mrs. Browning’s death
visits Malvern
his criticism of my _Marietta_
his ill health
_Fortnightly Review_, his editing of at Tunbridge Wells
his _History of Philosophy_
in the Black Forest
at a pantomime
on crossing to Calais
on my corresponding with a London paper death of his son
no biography of
his special advantages in writing on philosophy photograph of him
Lewes, Mrs. excursion to Camaldoli
her cheerfulness under fatigue
her sensitiveness to all matters of interest passes the night in the cow-house
at La Vernia
her fourth visit to Italy
her intellectual power
consideration for others
as a companion
her Catholic tolerance
would have been an admirable confessor not happy
subsequently more so
her sense of humour
my visit to her at Witley
her growth
optimism in her case
her articulation
her love for a drinking song
her improved health
last adieu to her and Lewes
her personal appearance
her likeness to Savonarola
to Dante
her voice
and mode of speaking
her opinion of Lewes’s scientific attainments Bohemianism in Lewes pleasant to her
letters from her and Lewes
questions concerning Florentine history, letter on her remarks on my novel _La Beata_
speaks of her interest in deathbeds her handwriting
on letter-writing
her Sunday musical evenings
her poor state of health
at Venice
difficulties in composing
in the Black Forest
wishes to see Arezzo and Perugia
at Naples
as an antagonist
and my second wife
her affection for Lewes’s son
her wishes concerning her husband
after her husband’s death
on her husband’s photograph
Lewes, Charles
Liberalism, my mother’s
_Life and Mind, Problems of_, G.H. Lewes’s book on Lilies, scarlet, American
Lima, river
Lira, Tuscan
Literature, English, biographies in “Loggia,” Tuscan, picture of afternoon in a Lombard nobles
Lombardy under the Austrians
_London Quarterly_ on G.H. Lewes
Longfellow and Sir G. Musgrave
Lorraine, ramble in
Lottery, Italian, scheme of
Louis Philippe, history of reign of his hobby
Louis Philippe opens French Chambers his grief at death of Duc d’Orleans
anecdote of
his wealth
his debts
his reign, character of
Lowell, his _Biglow Papers_, read by him L.S.D, origin of our
Lucca, Scientific Congress at
Lucca Baths
journey thither from Florence
English Church at
tragedy at
_La Industriosa_
Lucca, Duke of
at the Baths
his protestantizing tendencies
his English chamberlains
opposed to duelling
by his chamberlain’s dying bed
Lucchesi, character of
Lucerne, visit to the Garrows at
“Luck of Edenhall”
“Lung’ Arno,” at Florence
Luscombe, Bishop, his preaching
anecdote of
Lydia Languish played by Madame di Parcieu


Macaulay, Landor on
_Macchiavelli, Life of_, Villari’s
“Macchie” in Italian landscape
Macleod, Col., at Penrith
Macready and Mary Mitford
and G.H. Lewes
plays _Ion_ for his benefit
M’Queen, Col. Potter
Madiai, the story of the
Magazines, writing in, Mary Mitford on Mahomet, Landor on
Malcontenti, Via dei, Florence
Malvern, Mr. and Mrs. Lewes’s visit Manelli, family at Florence
Manual for Confessors
_Marietta_, my novel, criticized by Lewes Mario, Jessie White
Mario, Alberto
Marriage, my first, opposition to
imprudence of
performed in Florence
Mars, Madame, in _Les Dehors Trompeurs_ Marsellaise, in 1840
Marsh, G.P., American Minister to Italy dean of the diplomatic body
his work, _Man in Nature_
letter from him
difficulty with the Italian Ministry his death
and G. Eliot
Mrs. Marsh
and G. Eliot
at Rome
Martineau, Miss, her American book
“Mason, George,” Mary Mitford inquires about Massy, Dawson
Master of Foxhounds, Irish
Mazzinists, Col. Peard on
Medical practice, and whist
_Medici, Catherine de, Girlhood of_, my book on Medici, General, his departure from Genoa Mediterranean, the
Melanie, Princess Metternich
letter from
exchange of portraits
Melbourne, Lord, his family, Landor on Member of Congress
“Memories, Palace of,” verses by my first wife Menage and Menagerie
“Mercato in,” Italian phrase
Merimee, M.
Messenger, King’s
Metternich, influence of, on my mother Princess, influence of
Mezzeria system in Tuscany
Michael Angelo, his figure representing the Apennine _Michael Armstrong_, novel by my mother
Mignaty, Signora
Mignaty, Signor
Mignet, M.
Milan, Scientific Congress at
Milk not used by Tuscans
Milman, Landor breakfasts with
Lander’s criticism on
quits incumbency at Reading
Minerva Hotel, Rome, Lewes’s at
Mitford, Mary
her personal appearance
letters from
her handwriting
an aristocratic Whig
remarks on Owen, of Lanark
and Captain Polhill
her opera
on writing in magazines
her hopes for her tragedy
her hatred of puffery
anxious to go to London for the performance of Talfourd’s _Ion_ necessity for travelling with a maid
her father
her cousins
writes a novel for Saunders and Ottley her belief in sympathies
opinions on Austria
admiration for Gothic architecture purposes a novel on Reading Abbey
her _Country Stories_
her admiration for Miss Barrett
her garden
sends wild flowers to the Sedgwicks Carey, translator of Dante, visits her
her “gush”
Misericordia, the Florentine
origin of
dress of
members of
proceedings of
anecdotes of
Modena, frontier line between it and Lucca political feeling at
under the Este dukes
“Modern Antiques” in _Our Village_
Mohl, Jules, at Madame Recamier’s
anecdote told by
his great work
character of
Madam, life of, by K. O’Meara
note from
Monasteries, sites of
Monday Popular Concerts, at the
Monmouth, Deputy Lieutenantcy of
Montalembert, Dickens’s remarks on
Mont Cenis, crossing in February
Moore, Thomas, Landor on
Monthlies, writing in, Mary Mitford on Moses, Landor on
Mountains, last look on the
Movement of mind towards Conservatism Mowatt, Mrs.
Mozzi family at Florence
Mulgrave, Lady
Municipality, Florentine, place a tablet to the memory of my first wife Municipalities, rivalry between
Murder at Florence, anecdote of a
Murder, singular method of
Murray, John, of Albemarle Street
Museum, National, at Pesth
Museum, British, George Eliot reading at Musgraves of Edenhall
Sir George
and the Holy Well
and Longfellow
walks with
Mutton, no more good


Naples, Scientific Congress at
under the Bourbons
compared with Torquay
the Lewes’s at
G. Eliot on quarters at
Napoleon, Louis, Dickens on
his Italian policy, Mrs. Browning on W.S. Landor writes on
Nemours, Duc de, anecdote of
his grief for his brother’s death
Nerli family at Florence
“Netto dispecchio,” query of George Eliot respecting the phrase Neuilly, body of Duc d’Orleans lying at
Niccolini, the poet, my first wife’s translations from in his old age
a disappointed man
Nicholson, Dr., of Penrith
walks with
Nicholson, Dr. Wm., of Penrith
Nihilist, opinions of a
appearance of a
Noble, name of Landor’s grandmother Northampton, Lord
_North American Review_, Grattan writes in _Northern Cobbler_, the, read by Tennyson Northernhay, at Exeter
Novels, my
Novel-writing, Mary Mitford on
Nunziatina, Via, in Florence
Nurse and child, picture of
Nymzevitch, ex-chancellor of Poland, anecdote of


Oastler, Mr.
Oberland, the
O’Connell’s health drunk at Boston
Octroi of London
Officer, Austrian and Tuscan mob, anecdote of Ogles, cousins of Mary Mitford
Old school, practitioner of the
Olney, Cowper’s residence at, Mary Mitford on Olympus for forgotten authors
O’Meara, Miss K., on Jules Mohl
Opera, Mary Mitford’s
Optimism in George Eliot
Orleans, Duke of
his death
grief of royal family for
anecdote of
Osteria, near Lucca baths, scene at _Our Village_, last volume of
Owen, Mrs., of Lanark, Miss Mitford on


Packing and Sitz baths
Paddington, Bishop Luscombe at
“Padre forestieraio” at Camaldoli
plans for his holiday
Padua “la dotta”
Paige, Mr., of Boston, Grattan on
Paige, Mrs.
“Palace of Memories,” verses by my first wife Pan, God, Mrs. Browning’s poem on
morality of
Pantomime, Lewes at a
Papal Legion, the
Parcieu, Madame de, as Lydia Languish Paris, second visit to
residence at
lodgings, cost of
society in 1840
as a permanent residence
_Paris and the Parisians_, my mother’s book, Mary Mitford on Parma, Duke of, his death
Parma, political feeling at
Partington, Mr., my uncle
Pasolini, Count and Countess
Passerini, Palazzo, at Florence
Patrick’s, Saint, day, Grattan on
_Paul the Pope and Paul the Friar_, my book on Paynter, Fred
Peard, Colonel
letters from
Pelago in the Val d’Arno
Antonio da
Penini, Browning’s son, at Siena
anecdote of
Penna de la Vernia
origin of word
appearance of
Penrith, at
my sister’s confinement at
house at
Pepe, General, his marriage
my mother’s intimacy with
Pergola Theatre at Florence, prices at habits and manners at
crush room at
Persecution of heretics
Persiani in 1840
Perugia, G. Eliot wishes to see
Pesth, museum at
ladies of
_Philosophy, History of_, Lewes’s
Philpotts, Bishop of Exeter, Landor on anecdote of
Phlebotomy _versus_ port wine
_versus_ whist
Photograph, Landor’s
Physician, Princess Metternich’s
Piastre, Landor fined one
Piazza del Duomo at Florence, cafe in Piazza dell’ Independenza at Florence
“Piazza in,” Italian phrase
Picardy, ramble in
Picnics at Florence
Pigott, Edward, and G. Eliot
Pisa, Congress at
region between it and the sea
Pistoja, mountains in the
Pitti Palace, presentations, anecdote of _versus_ Vatican
Pitti Palace, balls at
suppers at
Grand Duke at
Duchess at
Dowager Duchess at
Pitti Palace, the, at Florence
Pius IX., anecdote of
line on
Place Vendome
Plantation bitters, G.H. Lewes recommends Plowden, Mr., at the baths of Lucca
his duel with the Duke’s chamberlain Plunkett, Mr., Minister at Florence
Poem by Theodosia Trollope
Pointer, French, anecdote of
Polhill, Captain, and Mary Mitford
Police at Florence under the Grand Duke Political opinion, Parisian, in 1840
Politics, Street, in Paris
an affair of the heart
Ponte Vecchio at Florence in danger the
Ponte at baths of Lucca
Pontifical government, my first wife’s hatred of Populace, Florentine, anecdote of
violence of
“Por’ Santa Maria,” in Florence
Port wine _versus_ phlebotomy
Portugal, destruction of monasteries in, Mary Mitford on Post-mark, singular error in
Potatoes, cost of
Power, Miss, Lady Blessington’s niece Power, lost in the _President_
Prato Vecchio, town in the Apennines osteria at, 272
Pratolino, picnics at
Medician villa
view from
Premature burial, fear of
Prescott, the historian, Grattan on “President,” the, a fatal title
Pretender, Young, Mary Mitford’s story of the Priest, rescuing the
burial of, in Florence Cathedral
Priory, the, Mrs. Lewes at
_Problems of Life and Mind_, G.H. Lewes’s book on Proby, Mrs., as Mrs. Malaprop
Procter, Mr., his poetry, Mary Mitford on Proletaire, French
Promise, my, to my mother
Protestant cemetery at Florence
Provincialism, affected
_Psychology, Study of_, Lewes’s book on the Puffery, Mary Mitford on
Pulszky, Franz
his talk
his villa at Florence
letters from
our tobacco parliament
and Deak
and Baron Eotvoes
on Hungarian politics
his children
at Vienna
his multifarious occupations
visit to, at Pesth
Pulszky, Madame
Punning, Grattan abandons
“Puseyite,” my sister a


Quadruple Alliance, the
_Quarterly, London_, on G.H. Lewes
Quattro Fontane, Via della
Quincy Adams, John
Queen of the Adriatic, monograph on Queen’s health not drunk at Boston
_Queen, British_, the, steamship
Queen of the Baths, Lucca
Queen, the, should be Pope, says Landor Quotations, Landor on


Rachel, Mademoiselle, in _Cinna_
her specialties
in _Marie Stuart_
in _Adrienne_
Railways, social effect of
the Lewes’s wish to avoid
Ratcliffe, Mrs. anecdote of
Ratisbonne, M., his conversion
Ravenna, scene of a novel of mine
Reading, visits to
Reading Abbey, Mary Mitford’s project concerning Recamier, Madame, talk in her salon
and Lady Bulwer
Refinement, its connection with wealth, Mary Mitfoid on Refugees, political, in Florence
Regicides, would-be
Religion in France in 1840
Repartee, Grattan takes to
_Review, Fortnightly_
_North American_,, Grattan writes in Revolution at Florence
entirely bloodless
orders to fire on the city in the
Rialto, on the
Richie, Mrs.
Richelieu, Duc de, anecdote of
Ricorboli, my villa at
_Rienzi_, Mary Mitford’s
Ristori, Madame, in _Mirra_
_Rivals, The_, acted at Florence
Riviera, the, Whitebait on
_Rizpah_, read by Tennyson
_Road to Ruin, The_, Arthur Vansittart in “Roba usata,”
Robbins, English, clergyman at Florence Roberts, Captain of the _President_
Rogers, Landor on
at Milman’s breakfast
_Role_, Liberal, profession of
Rome “la Eterna,”
Romagna under the Pope
Romagnoli, the
Rome as a residence
takes no part in scientific congresses winter in
_Romola_, George Eliot’s, faults of merits of
Romuald, Saint
Rossi family at Florence
Rubini in 1840
Rule and example
Russells, cousins of Mary Mitford


Sagro Eremo, the, at Camaldoli
rule there
ride up to
inmates of
Sainte-Beuve, cited
Saint Francis, sisters of the Order Saint Patrick’s Day, Giattan on
Sams or Sands? Miss Mitford asks
Sanctuaries, Tuscan
San Carlo Theatre at Naples, George Eliot at San Gallo gate at Florence
Sainta Maria Maggiore in Rome
San Niccolo gate of Florence
Sanscrit dictionary, if wanted
Sardine fishing
_Saturday Review_, George Eliot on
Saunders and Ottley publish novel for Mary Mitford Savonarola in George Eliot’s _Romola_
likeness of George, Eliot to
Savoy, tour in
Saws, Tuscan, for children
Sayers the pugilist
Sciatica, attack of
Scientific Congresses, Italian
Scrivelsby Manor
Seal, old, Landor loses his
Sedgwick Miss, Mary Mitford on
Theodore asks for English wild flowers Segni, the historian
Serchio, river
upper valley of
Servite Monastery on the Apennines
Sestri di Ponente, fishery at
whitebait at
Sevestre, Lady
Sir Thomas
Shaftesbury, Lord
Shakespeare’s superstition, Mary Mitford on Shedden, Mr.
Shinner, Elizabeth, her death
Sicily and South Italy, Col. Peard on departure of volunteers for
Siena, Mrs. Browning at
always Conservative
_Siren, A_, my novel
advice of Lewes concerning
Sledges on Mont Cenis
Sloane, Mr. at Florence
and Grand Duke
his Friday dinners
Smith, Sydney
his manner in the pulpit
Sophie, Austrian Archduchess
Sorrows, two greatest of my life
Soult, English frenzy about
at the Chamber of Deputies
Southampton, Landor goes to
Southey, Landor on his marriage
Landor on
Spain, destruction of monasteries, Mary Mitford on “Specchio, netto di,” query of George Eliot concerning Standing to write
Stanley, Ed., Landor on
State prisons in Austria
Sterne quoted
Stephens, Mr., preacher
Stewart, Miss Rosa
Stisted, Mrs.
was Queen of the Baths
her harp playing
brings her husband’s body from Rome Colonel
his death
and bunal
“Stornelli,” Tuscan
my first wife’s translations from
Story, Judge, Grattan on
Story, the Misses, at Penrith
Sugaring jam tart, Lewes on
Sultana, my first wife’s grandmother Sunshine, George Eliot’s, in London
Superstition, local
Suppers at the Pitti Palace
Supreme Court, American, Judge Story of the Surrey, G. Eliot’s home in
Switzerland, Baden in, cured my sciatica travel in
Sympathies, Mary Mitford’s belief in Szecseny, in Hungary, election for


Tablet, monumental, to my first wife
Taffy, Lady Bulwer’s dog
Talfourd, Sergeant, Mary Mitford’s friend his _Ion_
franks Mary Mitford’s letters
Tamburini, in 1840
Taylor, Jeremy
Telesio, works of
Tennyson, visit to
his reading
Teste, at the Chamber
“Testor inferos,”
Thackeray, W.M., his dictum about humour Theatres in London and abroad, G.H. Lewes on Theatricals, private, at Florence
Thibeaudeau, President
Thiers, M.
anecdote of
flatters the masses
and Lady Bulwer
Thorn, Colonel
_Three Clerks, The_, my brother’s novel, Mrs. Browning on Three Mile Cross, Miss Mitford’s residence _Three Peers, The_, by Lady S–, Lady Bulwer on Tiber, river
Tirley, Sir John, married to my sister _Times_, the, on Italian politics
Tito in George Eliot’s _Romola_, merit of Token, meaning of the term
Torquay, Landor at
compared with Naples
Torrens, Mr., as Sir Lucius o’Trigger Tory, process of becoming a
Mary Mitford becomes a
Tours in France
Townsend, C.H.
Traditions of Landor in Florence
Travel, books of
Treguier in Brittany
Trewhella, Mr.
Trooper, Austrian, falls in streets of Florence Trollope, Beatrice, my daughter, poem on, by her mother her mother’s worship of
early discipline of
Trollope, Cecilia, my sister, winters in Rome Trollope, General Sir Charles, at Venice his membership of the Congress at Venice Trollope, Theodosia, my first wife, her death her intellectual and moral qualities
influence of race on
Mrs. Browning on her multiform faculty her musical talent
her talent for language
poem by
her landscape painting
her opinions
her hatred of the Pontifical Government her social preferences
her rule of life
as a daughter-in-law
Trollope, Frances, my mother, winters in Rome as Mrs. Malaprop
serious illness of, was wrongly treated was my inseparable companion
her intense power of enjoyment
her last days
my brother Anthony’s mistaken judgment of portrait of, for Princess Metternich
attacked by erisypelas
her death
my promise to her, the keeping of
Trollope, Anthony, my brother, in Ireland walk at the Killeries
his standing for Beverley, Dickens on his criticism on Mrs. Browning
his _Three Clerks_, Mrs. Browning on dines with G.H. Lewes
with Carlyle
comes to see me at Baden
his letter to my wife
his autobiography, a passage in
his mistaken judgment of my mother Trollope, T. Adolphus, early literary work a born rambler
taste for sermons
offends Wordsworth
first book
early habits of rambling
book on Brittany
second visit to Paris
preparation of house at Penrith
visit to Ireland
plans and consultations
acquaintance with Dickens
building a house
_Daily News_ correspondent
first marriage, opposition to
imprudence of
first meeting with future wife
with her at Venice
first marriage
book on _Tuscany in 1849 and 1859_ acts Sir Anthony Absolute
three Thespian avatars
literary work at Florence
writes novels good and bad
knowledge of Italian
visits Pesth
visits to Landor
visits Camaldoli with Lewes and his wife talk with her
receives her and Lewes
visits them at Witley
visit to Tennyson, at Black Down
my conversatism
attack of sciatica
closeness of association with my mother my political opinions
sorrows come upon me
keeping my promise to my mother
end of first life
beginning of second life
Troops, Tuscan, and the Revolution
Tuckerman, Mr., American writer
Tuileries, _bal monstre_ at
suspected conspiracy at
Tunbridge Wells, G.H. Lewes at
Turrite Cava, gorge of
Tuscan cities, wedding trip among
Stornelli, my first wife’s translations from Tuscans, not progressive
Tuscany and Papal States
condition of, in 1840
Duke of, his justice
Grandducal, disliked at the Vatican Tyrol, ramble in


Upper Arno, the valley of the


Van Buren politics, Grattan on
Vansittart, Arthur
Varchi, the historian
Vatican, Dickens on the
Vein, opening of a
Venice as a residence
autumn at
Scientific Congress at
magnificent reception of the Congress under the Austrians
George Eliot at
glass and child
Venetian ambassadors, reports of
Verey’s in Regent Street, Dickens at Dickens’s “God speed” dinner at
Via Nazionale in Rome
Vienna Exhibition
Mr. E. Kenyon at
Villa, the, at Lucca Baths
_Village, Our_, last volume of
Villages on hills around Baths of Lucca mode of keeping time at
Villani, the historian
Villari, Professor Pasquale
“Villino Trollope,” at Florence
my study in the
Vincent, Sir Francis, at Florence
Visconti, Mademoiselle
Visits, two important
Vol-au-vent, true pronunciation of
Volterra, copper mines near, and Mr. Sloane Volunteers, Colonel Peard on, 223


Wackerbarth, Mr., High Church curate
Walker and Wood, Memoirs of Bradford Walter, Madame
Ward, Baron, his extraordinary career anecdote of
Warwickshire, Landor goes to
Washington, Grattan’s visit to
Watts, portrait of Lady Holland by
Webster, Mr., of Boston, Grattan on Mrs. Wellington Street, No. 20, visits to
West India, Book on, Anthony’s
Whig, aristocratic
Whigs, the, Landor on
Whist and medical practice
White, Linda
Whitebait and Gianchetti
Whittaker, Mr., Mary Mitford’s publisher Wife, my second, and G. Eliot
Wills, Mr., dinner with
Winchester, Dr. Gabell of
Wise, Mr.
Wiseman, Cardinal, in Casa Sloane
Witley, the Heights
Wood, Mr., of Bradford
and Walker, Messieurs
“Woonderful,” favourite word with Landor Wordsworth, visit to
his recitation of his own lines
manner of reciting
his eldest son’s misfortune
Work the great consoler, Lewes on


Ximenes, Palazzo, in Florence


York Street, in
return to
house in given up
“Young Backwoodsman,” Mary Mitford asks about “Young Pretender, the,” Mary Mitford’s story of


Zandt, Baroness