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  • 30/1/1868
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SILK-MOTH, Arrindy.

-domesticated, species of.
-history of.
-causes of modification in.
-differences presented by.
-crossing of.
-disease in.
-effects of disuse of parts in.
-selection practised with.
-variation of.
-parthenogenesis in.

SILKWORMS, variations of.
-yielding white cocoons, less liable to disease.


SIMON, on the raising of eggs of the silk-moth in China.

SIMONDS, J.B., period of maturity in various breeds of cattle. -differences in the periods of dentition in sheep. -on the teeth in cattle, sheep, etc.
-on the breeding of superior rams.

SIMPSON, Sir J., regenerative power of the human embryo.

Siredon, breeding in the branchiferous stage.

SISKIN, breeding in captivity.

Sivatherium, resemblance of the, to Niata cattle.

SIZE, difference of, an obstacle to crossing.

SKIN, and its appendages, homologous. -hereditary affections of the.

SKIRVING, R.S., on pigeons settling on trees in Egypt.

SKULL, characters of the, in breeds of dogs. -in breeds of pigs.
-in rabbits.
-in breeds of pigeons.
-in breeds of fowls.
-in ducks.

SKULL and horns, correlation of the.


SLEEMAN, on the cheetah.



SMITER (pigeon).

SMITH, Sir A., on Caffrarian cattle.
-on the use of numerous plants as food in South Africa.

SMITH, Colonel HAMILTON, on the odour of the jackal. -on the origin of the dog.
-wild dogs in St. Domingo.
-on the Thibet mastiff and the alco. -development of the fifth toe in the hind feet of mastiffs. -differences in the skull of dogs.
-history of the pointer.
-on the ears of the dog.
-on the breeds of horses.
-origin of the horse.
-dappling of horses.
-striped horses in Spain.
-original colour of the horse.
-on horses scraping away snow.
-on Asinus hemionus.
-feral pigs of Jamaica.

SMITH, Sir J.E., production of nectarines and peaches by the same tree. -on Viola amoena.
-sterility of Vinca minor in England.

SMITH, J., development of the ovary in Bonatea speciosa by irritation of the stigma.

SMITH, N.H., influence of the bull “Favourite” on the breed of Shorthorn cattle.

SMITH, W., on the intercrossing of strawberries.


SNAKES, form of the viscera in.

SNAPDRAGON, bud-variation in.
-non-inheritance of colour in.
-peloric, crossed with the normal form. -asymmetrical variation of the.

SOIL, adaptation of plums to.
-influence of, on the zones of pelargoniums. -on roses.
-on the variegation of leaves.
-advantages of change of.

SOIL and climate, effects of, on strawberries.

Solanum, non-intercrossing of species of.

Solanum tuberosum.


SOLOMON, his stud of horses.

SOMERVILLE, Lord, on the fleece of Merino sheep. -on crossing sheep.
-on selection of sheep.
-diminished fertility of Merino sheep brought from Spain.

SOOTY fowls.


SOTO, FERDINAND DE, on the cultivation of native plants in Florida.

SPAIN, hawthorn monogynous in.

SPALLANZANI, on feral rabbits in Lipari. -experiments on salamanders.
-experiments in feeding a pigeon with meat.

SPANIELS, in India.
-King Charles’s.
-degeneration of, caused by interbreeding.

SPANISH fowls.
-early development of sexual characters in. -furculum of, figured.

SPECIES, difficulty of distinguishing from varieties. -conversion of varieties into.
-origin of, by natural selection.
-by mutual sterility of varieties.

SPENCER, Lord, on selection in breeding.

SPENCER, HERBERT, on the “survival of the fittest.” -increase of fertility by domestication. -on life.
-changes produced by external conditions. -effects of use on organs.
-ascent of the sap in trees.
-correlation exemplified in the Irish elk. -on “physiological units.”
-antagonism of growth and reproduction.

SPERMATOPHORES of the cephalopoda.


SPHINGIDAE, sterility of, in captivity.

SPINOLA, on the injurious effect produced by flowering buckwheat on white pigs.

SPITZ dog.

SPOONER, W.C., cross-breeding of sheep. -on the effects of crossing.
-on crossing cattle.
-individual sterility.

SPORES, reproduction of abnormal forms by.

-in pigeons.

SPOT pigeon.

SPRENGEL, C.K., on dichogamous plants. -on the hollyhock.
-on the functions of flowers.

SPROULE, Mr., transmission of hare-lip.

SPURS, of fowls.
-development of, in hens.


SQUINTING, hereditary.

SQUIRRELS, generally sterile in captivity.

SQUIRRELS, flying, breeding in confinement.


STAG, one-horned, supposed heredity of character in. -degeneracy of, in the Highlands.

STAMENS, occurrence of rudimentary.
-conversion of, into pistils.
-into petals.


STEENSTRUP, Prof., on the dog of the Danish Middens. -on the obliquity of flounders.

STEINAN, J., on hereditary diseases.

STEPHENS, J.F., on the habits of the Bombycidae.

STERILITY, in dogs, consequent on close confinement. -comparative, of crosses.
-from changed conditions of life.
-occurring in the descendants of wild animals bred in captivity. -individual.
-resulting from propagation by buds, cuttings, bulbs, etc. -in hybrids.
-in specific hybrids of pigeons.
-as connected with natural selection.

STERNUM, characters of the, in rabbits. -in pigeons.
-in fowls.
-effects of disuse on the.

STEWART, H., on hereditary disease.

STIGMA, variation of the, in cultivated Cucurbitaceae. -satiation of the.

STOCKHOLM, fruit-trees of.

STOCKS, bud-variation in.
-effect of crossing upon the colour of the seed of. -true by seed.
-crosses of.
-varieties of, produced by selection. -reversion by the upper seeds in the pods of.

STOCKTON, HOUGH, direct action of pollen.

STOKES, Prof., calculation of the chance of transmission of abnormal peculiarities in man.

STOLONS, variations in the production of, by strawberries.

STOMACH, structure of the, affected by food.

STONE in the bladder, hereditary.

STONEHENGE, on maturity of the dog.
-inherited effects of injury.
-cross between bulldog and greyhound. -close interbreeding of greyhound.
-fleetness of racehorses.

STORER, J., pedigree of cattle.

-remarkable varieties of.
-hautbois dioecious.
-selection in.
-probable further modification of.
-variegated, effects of soil on.

STRICKLAND, A., on the domestication of Anser ferus. -on the colour of the bill and legs in geese.


STRIPES on young of wild swine.
-of domestic pigs of Turkey, Westphalia, and the Zambesi. -of feral swine of Jamaica and New Granada. -of fruit and flowers.
-in horses.
-in the ass.
-production of, by crossing species of Equidae.

Strix grallaria.

Strix passerina.


STRUTHERS, D., osteology of the feet in solid-hoofed pigs. -on polydactylism.

STURM, prepotency of transmission of characters in sheep and cattle. -absorption of the minority in crossed races. -correlation of twisted horns and curled wool in sheep.

SUB-SPECIES, wild, of Columba livia and other pigeons.

SUCCESSION, geological, of organisms.

SUCKERS, bud-variation by.

SUGAR-CANE, sterility of, in various countries. -sporting of.
-white, liability of, to disease.

SUICIDE, hereditary tendency to.

SULIVAN, Admiral, on the horses of the Falkland Islands. -wild pigs of the Falkland Islands.
-feral cattle of the Falkland Islands. -feral rabbits of the Falkland Islands.

SULTAN fowl.

Sus indicus.

Sus pliciceps (figured).

Sus scrofa.

Sus scrofa palustris.

Sus sennariensis.

Sus vittatus.

SWALLOWS, a breed of pigeons.

SWEET peas.
-crosses of.
-varieties of, coming true by seed. -acclimatisation of, in India.

SWEET William, bud-variation in.

SWINHOE, R., on Chinese pigeons.
-on striped Chinese horses.
-on the japanned peacock.

SWITZERLAND, ancient dogs of.
-pigs of, in the Neolithic period.
-goats of.

SYCAMORE, pale-leaved variety of the.

SYKES, Colonel, on a pariah dog with crooked legs. -on small Indian asses.
-on Gallus sonneratii.
-on the voice of the Indian Kulm cock. -fertility of the fowl in most climates.

SYMMETRY, hereditary departures from.

Symphytum, variegated.

SYPHILIS, hereditary.

SYRIA, asses of.

Syringa persica, chinensis, and vulgaris.

TACITUS, on the care taken by the Celts in breeding animals.

Tagetes signata, dwarf variety of.

TAHITI, varieties of cultivated plants in.

TAIL, never curled in wild animals.
-rudimentary in Chinese sheep.

TAIL-FEATHERS, numbers of, in breeds of pigeons. -peculiarities of, in cocks.
-variability of, in fowls.
-curled, in Anas boschas, and tame drakes.

TAIT, LAWSON, presence of hairs and teeth in ovarian tumours.

TALENT, hereditary.

TANKERVILLE, Earl of, on Chillingham cattle.

TANNER, Prof., effects of disuse of parts in cattle.

TAPIR, sterility of the, in captivity.

TARGIONI-TOZZETTI, on cultivated plants. -on the vine.
-varieties of the peach.
-origin and varieties of the plum.
-origin of the cherry.
-origin of roses.

TARSUS, variability of the, in fowls. -reproduction of the, in a thrush.

TARTARS, their preference for spiral-horned sheep.

TAVERNIER, abundance of pigeons in Persia.

Taxus baccata.

TAYLOR, Mr., potato-grafting.

TEEBAY, Mr., reversion in fowls.

TEETH, number and position of, in dogs. -deficiency of, in naked Turkish dogs.
-period of appearance of, in breeds of dogs. -precocity of, in highly-bred animals.
-correlation of, with hair.
-double row of, with redundant hair, in Julia Pastrana. -affected in form by hereditary syphilis and by pulmonary tubercle. -developed on the palate.

TEGETMEIER, Mr., on a cat with monstrous teeth. -on a swift-like pigeon.
-on sexual colours.
-naked young of some pigeons.
-fertility of hybrid pigeons.
-on white pigeons.
-reversion in crossed breeds of fowls. -chicks of the white silk fowl.
-development of the cranial protuberance in Polish fowls. -on the skull in the Polish fowl.
-on the intelligence of Polish fowls. -correlation of the cranial protuberance and crest in Polish fowls. -development of the web in the feet of Polish fowls. -early development of several peculiarities in Spanish cocks. -on the comb in Spanish fowls.
-on the Spanish fowl.
-varieties of game-fowls.
-pedigrees of game-fowls.
-assumption of female plumage by a game-cock. -natural selection in the game-cock.
-pugnacity of game-hens.
-length of the middle toe in Cochin fowls. -origin of the Sebright bantam.
-differences in the size of fowls.
-effect of crossing in fowls.
-effects of interbreeding in fowls. -incubation by mongrels of non-sitting races of fowls. -inverse correlation of crest and comb in fowls. -occurrence of pencilled feathers in fowls. -on a variety of the goose from Sebastopol. -on the fertility of the peahen.
-on the intercrossing of bees.

TEMMINCK, origin of domestic cats.
-origin of domestic pigeons.
-on Columba guinea.
-on Columba leucocephala.
-asserted reluctance of some breeds of pigeons to cross. -sterility of hybrid turtle-doves.
-variations of Gallus bankiva.
-on a buff-coloured breed of turkeys. -number of eggs laid by the peahen.
-breeding of guans in captivity.
-behaviour of grouse in captivity.
-sterility of the partridge in captivity.

TENDRILS in Cucurbitaceae.

TENNENT, Sir J.E., on the goose.
-on the growth of the apple in Ceylon. -on the Jaffna sheep.

Teredo, fertilisation in.

TERRIERS, wry-legged.
-white, subject to distemper.

TESCHEMACHER, on a husked form of maize.

TESSIER, on the period of gestation of the dog. -of the pig.
-in cattle.
-experiments on change of soil.

Tetrao, breeding of species of, in captivity.

Tetrapteryx paradisea.

Teucrium campanulatum, pelorism in.

TEXAS, feral cattle in.

THEOGNIS, his notice of the domestic fowl.

THEOPHRASTUS, his notice of the peach.


THOMPSON, Mr., on the peach and nectarine. -on the varieties of the apricot.
-classification of varieties of cherries. -on the “Sister ribston-pippin.”
-on the varieties of the gooseberry.

THOMPSON, WILLIAM, on the pigeons of Islay. -feral pigeons in Scotland.
-colour of the bill and legs in geese. -breeding of Tetrao scotius in captivity. -destruction of black fowls by the osprey.

THORN, grafting of early and late.

THORNS, reconversion of, into branches, in pear trees.

THRUSH, asserted reproduction of the tarsus in a.

Thuja pendula or filiformis, a variety of T. orientalis.

THURET, on the division of the zoospores of an alga.

THWAITES, G.H., on the cats of Ceylon. -on a twin seed of Fuchsia coccinea and fulgens.

TIBURTIUS, experiments in rearing wild ducks.

TIGER, rarely fertile in captivity.

Tigridia conchiflora, bud-variation in.

TIME, importance of, in the production of races.

TINZMANN, self-impotence in the potato.

TISSUES, affinity of, for special organic substances.

TITMICE, destructive to thin-shelled walnuts. -attacking nuts.
-attacking peas.

TOBACCO, crossing of varieties of.
-cultivation of, in Sweden.

TOBOLSK, red-coloured cats of.

TOES, relative length of, in fowls.
-development of fifth, in dogs.

TOLLET, Mr., his selection of cattle.


TOMES, inheritance of dental malformations.


TONGUE, relation of, to the beak in pigeons.

TOOTH, occurrence of a molar, in place of an incisor.


TRAIL, R., on the union of half-tubers of different kinds of potatoes.

TREES, varieties of, suddenly produced. -weeping or pendulous.
-fastigiate or pyramidal.
-with variegated or changed foliage. -early or late in leaf.
-non-application of selection to.

“TREMBLEUR” (pigeons).

TREMBLEY, on reproduction in Hydra.

“TREVOLTINI” silkworms.

Trichosanthes anguina.

TRICKS, inheritance of.

Trifolium minus and repens.

TRIMORPHIC plants, conditions of reproduction in.

TRISTRAM, H.B., selection of the dromedary.

Triticum dicoccum.

Triticum monococcum.

Triticum spelta.

Triticum turgidum.

Triticum vulgare, wild in Asia.

TRITON, breeding in the branchiferous stage.


“TRONFO” pigeon.


Tropaeolum minus and majus, reversion in hybrids of.

TROUBETZKOY, Prince, experiments with pear-trees at Moscow.

TROUSSEAU, Prof., pathological resemblance of twins.

-known in 1735.

TSCHARNER, H.A. DE, graft-hybrid produced by inosculation in the vine.

TSCHUDI, on the naked Peruvian dog.
-extinct varieties of maize from Peruvian tombs.

TUBERS, bud-variation by.

TUCKERMAN, Mr., sterility of Carex rigida.

TUFTED ducks.

TULIPS, variability of.
-bud-variation in.
-influence of soil in “breaking.”

TUMBLER pigeon.
-short-faced, figured.
-skull figured.
-lower jaw figured.
-scapula and furculum figured.
-early known in India.
-history of.
-sub-breeds of.
-young, unable to break the egg-shell. -probable further modification of.

“TUMMLER” (pigeons).

TUMOURS, ovarian, occurrence of hairs and teeth in. -polypoid, origin of.

TURBIT (pigeon).

TURKEY, domestic, origin of.
-crossing of, with North American wild turkey. -breeds of.
-crested white cock.
-wild, characters of.
-degeneration of, in India.
-failure of eggs of, in Delhi.
-feral, on the Parana.
-change produced in, by domestication.

TURKEY, striped young pigs in.


TURNER (pigeon).

TURNER, C., on the hollyhock.

TURNER, W., on cells.

TURNIPS, origin of.
-reversion in.
-run wild.
-crosses of.
-Swedish, preferred by hares.
-acclimatisation of, in India.

TURNSPIT, on an Egyptian monument.
-crosses of the.

TURTLE-DOVE, white and coloured, crossing of.

Turtur auritus, hybrids of, with T. cambayensis and T. suratensis.

Turtur risorius, crossing of, with the common pigeon. -hybrids of with T. vulgaris.

Turtur suratensis, sterile hybrids of, with T. vulgaris. -hybrids of, with T. auritus.

Turtur vulgaris, crossing of, with the common pigeon. -hybrid of, with T. risorius.
-sterile hybrids of, with T. suratensis and Ectopistes migratorius.

TUSKS of wild and domesticated pigs.

Tussilago farfara, variegated.

TWIN-SEED of Fuchsia coccinea and fulgens.

TYERMAN, B., on the pigs of the Pacific Islands. -on the dogs of the Pacific Islands.

TYLOR, Mr., on the prohibition of consanguineous marriages.

UDDERS, development of the.

Ulex, double-flowered.

Ulmus campestris and effusa, hybrids of.

UNIFORMITY of character, maintained by crossing.

UNITS of the body, functional independence of the.

UNITY or plurality of origin of organisms.

UREA, secretion of.

USE and disuse of parts, effects of.
-in rabbits.
-in ducks.

UTILITY, considerations of, leading to uniformity.

VALENTIN, experimental production of double monsters by.


VAN BECK, BARBARA, a hairy-faced woman.

VAN MONS, on wild fruit-trees.
-production of varieties of the vine. -correlated variability in fruit-trees.
-production of almond-like fruit by peach-seedlings.

Vanessa, species of, not copulating in captivity.

-causes of.
-law of, equable.
-necessity of, for selection.
-of selected characters.
-of multiple homologous parts.

VARIATION, laws of.
-continuity of.
-possible limitation of.
-in domestic cats.
-origin of breeds of cattle by.
-in osteological characters of rabbits. -of important organs.
-analogous or parallel.
-in horses.
-in the horse and ass.
-in fowls.
-in geese.
-exemplified in the production of fleshy stems in cabbages, etc. -in the peach, nectarine, and apricot.
-individual, in wheat.

VARIEGATION of foliage.

VARIETIES and species, resemblance of. -conversion of, into species.
-domestic, gradually produced.

VARRO, on domestic ducks.
-on feral fowls.
-crossing of the wild and domestic ass.

VASEY, Mr., on the number of sacral vertebrae in ordinary and humped cattle. -on Hungarian cattle.

VAUCHER, sterility of Ranunculus ficaria and Acorus calamus.

VEGETABLES, cultivated, reversion in. -European, culture of, in India.

VEITH, Mr., on breeds of horses.

Verbascum, intercrossing of species of. -reversion in hybrids of.
-self-sterility of.
-contabescent, wild plants of.
-villosity in.

Verbascum austriacum.

Verbascum blattaria.

Verbascum lychnitis.

Verbascum nigrum.

Verbascum phoeniceum.
-variable duration of.

Verbascum thapsus.

VERBENAS, origin of.
-white, liability of, to mildew.
-scorching of dark.
-effect of changed conditions of life on.

VERLOT, on the dark-leaved barberry.
-inheritance of peculiarities of foliage in trees. -production of Rosa cannabifolia by bud-variation from R. alba. -bud-variation in Aralia trifoliata.
-variegation of leaves.
-colours of tulips.
-uncertainty of inheritance.
-persistency of white flowers.
-peloric flowers of Linaria.
-tendency of striped flowers to uniformity of colour. -non-intercrossing of certain allied plants. -sterility of Primulae with coloured calyces. -on fertile proliferous flowers.
-on the Irish yew.
-differences in the Camellia.
-effect of soil on the variegated strawberry. -correlated variability in plants.


VERTEBRAE, characters of, in rabbits. -in ducks.
-number and variations of, in pigeons. -number and characters of, in fowls.
-variability of number of, in the pig.



VESPUCIUS, early cultivation in Brazil.

VIBERT’S experiments on the cultivation of the vine from seed.

Viburnum opulus.

Vicia sativa, leaflet converted into a tendril in.

VICUNAS, selection of.

VILLOSITY of plants, influenced by dryness.

VILMORIN, cultivation of the wild carrot. -colours of tulips.
-uncertainty of inheritance in balsams and roses. -experiments with dwarf varieties of Saponaria calabrica and Tagetes signata. -reversion of flowers by stripes and blotches. -on variability.

Vinca minor, sterility in.

-parsley-leaved, reversion of.
-graft-hybrid produced by inosculation in the. -disease of, influenced by colour of grapes. -influence of climate, etc., on varieties of the. -diminished extent of cultivation of the. -acclimatisation of the, in the West Indies.

Viola, species of.

Viola lutea, different coloured flowers in.

Viola tricolor, reversion in.

VIRCHOW, Prof., on the growth of bones. -on cellular prolification.
-independence of the elements of the body. -on the cell-theory.
-presence of hairs and teeth in ovarian tumours. -of hairs in the brain.
-special affinities of the tissues. -origin of polypoid excrescences and tumours.

VIRGIL, on the selection of seed corn. -of cattle and sheep.

VIRGINIAN Islands, ponies of.

VISION, hereditary peculiarities of.
-in amphibious animals.
-varieties of.
-affections of organs of, correlated with other peculiarities.

Vitis vinifera.

Viverra, sterility of species of, in captivity.

VOGEL, varieties of the date palm.

VOGT, on the indications of stripes on black kittens.

VOICE, differences of, in fowls.
-peculiarities of, in ducks.
-inheritance of peculiarities of.

VOLZ, on the history of the dog.
-ancient history of the fowl.
-domestic ducks unknown to Aristotle. -Indian cattle sent to Macedonia by Alexander. -mention of mules in the Bible.
-history of the increase of breeds.

VON BERG, on Verbascum phoeniceum.

VOORHELM, G., his knowledge of hyacinths.

VROLIK, Prof., on polydactylism.
-influence of the shape of the mother’s pelvis on her child’s head.

WADE, drooping eyelids transmitted.

WADERS, behaviour of, in confinement.

WAGNER, MORITZ, oriental dogs.

WAHLENBORG, on the propagation of Alpine plants by buds, runners, bulbs, etc.


WALES, white cattle of, in the tenth century.

WALKER, A., on intermarriage.
on the inheritance of polydactylism.

WALKER, D., advantage of change of soil to wheat.

WALKER, R., reversion in cattle.

WALLACE, A.R., on the multiple origin of the dog. -on a striped Javanese horse.
-on the conditions of life of feral animals. -artificial alteration of the plumage of birds. -on polymorphic butterflies.
-on reversion.
-on the limits of change.

WALLACE, Dr., on the sterility of Sphingidae hatched in autumn.

WALLACHIAN sheep, sexual peculiarities in the horns of.

WALLFLOWER, bud-variation in.

WALLICH, Dr., on Thuja pendula or filiformis.

-thin-shelled, attacked by tomtits. -grafting of.

WALSH, B.D., on attacks of insects.
-on galls.
-his “Law of equable variability.”

WALTHER, F.L., on the history of the dog. -on the intercrossing of the zebu and ordinary cattle.

WARING, Mr., on individual sterility.

WATERER, Mr., spontaneous production of Cytisus alpino-laburnum.

WATERHOUSE, G.R., on the winter-colouring of Lepus variabilis.

WATERTON, C., production of tailless foals. -on taming wild ducks.
-on the wildness of half-bred wild ducks. -assumption of male characters by a hen.

WATSON, H.C., on British wild fruit-trees. -on the non-variation of weeds.
-origin of the plum.
-variation in Pyrus malus.
-on Viola amoena and tricolor.
-on reversion in Scotch kail.
-fertility of Draba sylvestris when cultivated. -on generally distributed British plants.

WATTLES, rudimentary, in some fowls.

WATTS, Miss, on Sultan fowls.

WEBB, JONAS, interbreeding of sheep.

WEBER, effect of the shape of the mother’s pelvis on her child’s head.

WEDDERBURN, Mr., correlation of teeth and hair.

WEEDS, supposed necessity for their modification, coincidently with cultivated plants.

WEEPING varieties of trees.

WEEPING habit of trees, capricious inheritance of.

WEEVIL, injury done to stone-fruit by, in North America.

WEIJENBERGH, on parthenogenesis.

WEIR, H., large litter of pigs.

WEIR, JENNER, on the japanned peacock. -mare and quagga.
-wildness of mule siskins.

WEISMANN, Prof., reversion from unnatural conditions. -isolation.
-dimorphic butterflies.
-causes of variability.

WELSH cattle, descended from Bos longifrons.

WEST Indies, feral pigs of.
-effect of climate of, upon sheep.

WESTERN, Lord, change effected by, in pigs. -in the sheep.

WESTPHALIA, striped young pigs in.

WESTWOOD, J.O., on peloric flowers of Calceolaria.

WETHERELL, Mr., on inheritance of mutilations.

WHATELY, Archbishop, on grafting early and late thorns.

WHEAT, specific unity or diversity of. -Hasora.
-presence or absence of barbs in.
-Godron on variations in.
-varieties of.
-effects of soil and climate on.
-deterioration of.
-crossing of varieties of.
-in the Swiss lake-dwellings.
-selection applied to.
-increased fertility of hybrids of, with Aegilops. -advantage of change of soil to.
-differences of, in various parts of India. -continuous variation in.
-red, hardiness of.
-natural selection in.
-varieties of, found wild.
-effects of change of climate on.
-ancient variety of.

WHITBY, Mrs., on the markings of silkworms. -on the silk-moth.

WHITE, Mr., reproduction of supernumerary digits after amputation. -time occupied in the blending of crossed races.

WHITE, GILBERT, vegetable diet of dogs.

WHITE and white-spotted animals, liability of, to disease.

WHITE flowers, most truly reproduced by seed.

WICHURA, MAX, on hybrid willows.
-analogy between the pollen of old-cultivated plants and of hybrids.

WICKING, Mr., inheritance of the primary characters of Columba livia in cross-bred pigeons.
-production of a white head in almond tumblers.

WICKSTED, Mr., on cases of individual sterility.

WIEGMANN, spontaneous crossing of blue and white peas. -crossing of varieties of cabbage.
-on contabescence.

WIGHT, Dr., sexual sterility of plants propagated by buds, etc.

WILCKENS, Dr., effect of previous impregnation. -alpine breeds.
-drooping ears.
-correlation of hair and horns.

WILDE, Sir W.R., occurrence of Bos frontosus and longifrons in Irish crannoges.
-attention paid to breeds of animals by the ancient Irish.

WILDER, Dr. B., on the brain of dogs. -supernumerary digits.

WILDMAN, on the dahlia.

WILDNESS of the progeny of crossed tame animals.

WILKES, Capt., on the taming of pigeons among the Polynesians.

WILKINSON, J., on crossed cattle.

WILLIAMS, Mr., change of plumage in a Hamburgh hen.

WILLIAMS, Mr., intercrossing of strawberries.

WILLIAMSON, Capt., degeneration of dogs in India. -on small Indian asses.

WILLIAMSON, Rev. W., doubling of Anemone coronaria by selection.

WILLOWS, weeping.
-reversion of spiral-leaved weeping. -hybrids of.
-galls of.

WILLUGHBY, F., notice of spot pigeons. -on a fantail pigeon.
-on tumbler pigeons.
-on the turbit.
-on the barb and carrier pigeons.
-on the hook-billed duck.

WILMOT, Mr., on a crested white Turkey-cock. -reversion of sheep in colour.

WILSON, B.O., fertility of hybrids of humped and ordinary cattle in Tasmania.

WILSON, Dr., prepotency of the Manx over the common cat.

WILSON, JAMES, origin of dogs.

WILSON, Mr., on prepotency of transmission in sheep. -on the breeding of bulls.

WINGS, proportionate length of, in different breeds of pigeons. -of fowls, effects of disuse on.
-characters and variations of, in ducks. -diminution of, in birds of small islands.

WING-FEATHERS, number of, in pigeons. -variability of, in fowls.

WOLF, recent existence of, in Ireland. -barking of young.
-hybrids of, with the dog.

WOLF-DOG, black, of Florida.

WOLVES, North American, their resemblance to dogs of the same region. -burrowing of.

WOODBURY, Mr., crossing of the Ligurian and common hive bees. -variability of bees.

WOODWARD, S.P., on Arctic Mollusca.

WOOD, WILLOUGHBY, reversion from a cross. -on Mr. Bates’ cattle.

WOOLER, W.A., on the young of the Himalayan rabbit. -persistency of the coloured calyx in a crossed polyanthus.

WOUNDS, healing of.

WRIGHT, J., production of crippled calves by short-horned cattle. -on selection in cattle.
-effect of close interbreeding on pigs. -deterioration of game-cocks by close interbreeding.

WRIGHT, STRETHILL, on the development of the hydroida.

WYMAN, Dr., on Niata cattle, and on a similar malformation in the codfish. -on Virginian pigs.
-browsing under water.

XENOPHON, on the colours of hunting dogs.

XIMENES, Cardinal, regulations for the selection of rams.

“YAHU,” the name of the pigeon in Persia.

YAKS, domestication of.
-selection of white-tailed.

YAM, development of axillary bulbs in the.

YARRELL, Mr., deficiency of teeth in hairless dogs. -on ducks.
-characters of domestic goose, resembling those of Anser albifrons. -whiteness of ganders.
-variations in gold-fish.
-assumption of male plumage by the hen-pheasant. -effect of castration upon the cock.
-breeding of the skylark in captivity. -plumage of the male linnet in confinement. -on the dingo.

YELLOW fever, in Mexico.

YEW, fastigiate.

YEW, Irish, hardy in New York.

YEW, weeping.
-propagation of, by seed.

YOLK, variations of, in the eggs of ducks.

YOUATT, Mr., history of the dog.
-variations of the pulse in breeds of dogs. -liability to disease in dogs.
-inheritance of goitre in dogs.
-on the greyhound.
-on King Charles’ spaniels.
-on the setter.
-on breeds of horses.
-variation in the number of ribs in the horse. -inheritance of diseases in the horse.
-introduction of Eastern blood into English horses. -on white Welsh cattle.
-improvement of British breeds of cattle. -rudiments of horns in young hornless cattle. -on crossed cattle.
-on Bakewell’s long-horned cattle.
-selection of qualities in cattle.
-degeneration of cattle by neglect. -on the skull in hornless cattle.
-disease of white parts of cattle.
-displacement of long-horned by short-horned cattle. -on Angola sheep.
-on the fleece of sheep.
-correlation of horns and fleece in sheep. -adaptation of breeds of sheep to climate and pasture. -horns of Wallachian sheep.
-exotic sheep in the Zoological Gardens. -occurrence of horns in hornless breeds of sheep. -on the colour of sheep.
-on interbreeding sheep.
-on Merino rams in Germany.
-effect of unconscious selection on sheep. -reversion of Leicester sheep on the Lammermuir Hills. -on many-horned sheep.
-reduction of bone in sheep.
-persistency of character in breeds of animals in mountainous countries. -on interbreeding.
-on the power of selection.
-slowness of production of breeds.
-passages in the Bible relating to the breeding of animals.

YOUNG, J., on the Belgian rabbit.

YULE, Capt., on a Burmese hairy family.

ZAMBESI, striped young pigs on the.

ZAMBOS, character of the.

ZARCO, J.G., introduction of rabbits into Porto Santo by.

Zea altissima.

-domestication of the.
-fertile crossing of, with European cattle.

ZEBRA, hybrids of, with the ass and mare.

Zephyranthes candida.

Zinnia, cultivation of.

ZOLLINGER on Malayan penguin ducks.

ZOOSPORE, division of, in Algae.