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  • 1712
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John Bull as a Constable.

CHAP. XIV.–How John rose out of his Bed on a cold Morning to prevent a Duel between Esq. South and Lord Strutt; how, to his great surprise, he found the Combatants drinking Geneva in a Brandy Shop, with Nic.’s favourite Daughter between them; how they both fell upon John, so that he was forced to fight his way out.

CHAP. XV.–How John came with his Constable’s Staff to rescue Nic.’s Daughter, and break the Esquire’s China Ware.

CHAP. XVI.–Commentary upon the Spanish Proverb, “Time and I against any Two;” or Advice to Dogmatical Politicians exemplified in some New Affairs between John Bull and Lewis Baboon.

CHAP. XVII.–A Discourse of the delightful Game of Quadrille. How Lewis Baboon attempted to play a Game Solo in Clubs, and was bested; how John called Lewis for his King, and was afraid that his own Partner should have too many tricks; and how the Success and Skill of Quadrille depends upon calling a right King.