Cartrefi Cymru (Welsh Homes) by Owen M. Edwards

this text differ from those in modern usage. Later editions of Cartrefi Cymru did modify some of the spellings. However, the transcription comes from the first edition and the text has been reproduced as it appears in that edition.] CARTREFI CYMRU GAN OWEN M. EDWARDS. CYNHWYSIAD. I.–DOLWAR FECHAN,–CARTREF EMYNYDDES. Ymysg bryniau Maldwyn y mae Dolwar

A Short History of Wales by Owen M. Edwards

This etext was produced from the 1922 T. Fisher Unwin Ltd. edition by David Price, email A SHORT HISTORY OF WALES by Owen M. Edwards INTRODUCTION This little book is meant for those who have never read any Welsh history before. It is not taken for granted that the reader knows either Latin or