The Eulogies of Howard by William Hayley

Produced by Jonathan Ingram and PG Distributed Proofreaders THE EULOGIES OF HOWARD. A VISION. —-to tell of deeds Above heroic. MILTON. M.DCC.XCI. THE EULOGIES OF HOWARD It was my chance to be conversing with a Friend of the benevolent and indefatigable HOWARD, when our country was first afflicted with the public intelligence of his death.

Poems on Serious and Sacred Subjects by William Hayley

Jonathan Ingram, Graham Smith and the PG Online Distributed Proofreading Team. POEMS ON SERIOUS AND SACRED SUBJECTS, PRINTED ONLY AS PRIVATE TOKENS OF REGARD, FOR THE PARTICULAR FRIENDS OF THE AUTHOR. ….nec pia cessant In tumulo officia. MILTONI MANSUS. A Christian’s kindness ends not in the tomb. Chichester: PRINTED AT THE PRIVATE PRESS OF W.

Ballads by William Hayley

Produced by Jonathan Ingram, Robert Prince and Distributed Proofreaders BALLADS, BY WILLIAM HAYLEY, ESQ. FOUNDED ON ANECDOTES RELATING TO ANIMALS, WITH PRINTS, DESIGNED AND ENGRAVED BY WILLIAM BLAKE. 1805. PREFACE Three words of Horace may form an introduction to the following pages, the very words, which that amiable physician and poet, the late Dr. Cotton