The History of Rome; Books Nine to Twenty-Six by Titus Livius

Distributed Proofreaders THE HISTORY OF ROME; BOOKS NINE TO TWENTY-SIX Literally Translated, with Notes and Illustrations, by D. Spillan and Cyrus Edmonds. TITUS LIVIUS. BOOK IX. _Titus Veturius and Spurius Postumius, with their army, surrounded by the Samnites at the Caudine forks; enter into a treaty, give six hundred hostages, and are sent under the

History of Rome, Vol III by Titus Livius

Produced by Ted Garvin, Bill Hershey and PG Distributed Proofreaders THE HISTORY OF ROME. TITUS LIVIUS. BOOKS TWENTY-SEVEN TO THIRTY-SIX. LITERALLY TRANSLATED, WITH NOTES AND ILLUSTRATIONS, BY CYRUS EDMONDS. MDCCCL. THE HISTORY OF ROME. BOOK XXVII. _Cneius Fulvius, proconsul, defeated by Hannibal and slain; the consul, Claudius Marcellus, engages him with better success. Hannibal, raising