Zuleika Dobson by Max BeerbohmOr, an Oxford love story

This Etext prepared by Judy Boss, of Omaha, NE ZULEIKA DOBSON OR AN OXFORD LOVE STORY by Max Beerbohm NOTE to the 1922 edition I was in Italy when this book was first published. A year later (1912) I visited London, and I found that most of my friends and acquaintances spoke to me of

Yet Again by Max Beerbohm

This e-text was prepared by Tom Weiss (tom@iname.com) Yet Again by Max Beerbohm Till I gave myself the task of making a little selection from what I had written since last I formed a book of essays, I had no notion that I had put, as it were, my eggs into so many baskets–The Saturday

The Works of Max Beerbohm

This etext was prepared by Tom Weiss (tom@iname.com) with thanks to G. Banks for proofreading. I have transliterated the Greek passages. Here are some approximate translations (with thanks to a nameless Radlettite and www.perseus.tufts.edu): –philomathestatoi ton neaniskon: some of the youths most eager for knowledge –Ne^pios: childish –hexeis apodeiktikai: things that can be proven (Aristotle,

Seven Men

I have removed spaces that preceded semicolons, exclamation points, question marks, and closing quotation marks. I have removed spaces that followed opening quotation marks. I have converted paragraph formatting and ellipses to PG standard. In this plain ASCII version, I have converted emphasis and syllable stress italics to capitals, removed foreign italics, and removed accents.

Enoch Soames by Max BeerbohmA Critical Heritage

Enoch Soames A Memory of the Eighteen-nineties By MAX BEERBOHM When a book about the literature of the eighteen-nineties was given by Mr. Holbrook Jackson to the world, I looked eagerly in the index for Soames, Enoch. It was as I feared: he was not there. But everybody else was. Many writers whom I had

And Even Now by Max Beerbohm

This e-text was prepared by Tom Weiss (tom@iname.com) AND EVEN NOW by MAX BEERBOHM TO MY WIFE I offer here some of the essays that I have written in the course of the past ten years. While I was collecting them and (quite patiently) reading them again, I found that a few of them were