Literary Love-Letters and Other Stories by Robert Herrick

Produced by Eric Eldred, Charles Bidwell, Charles Franks and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team. LITERARY LOVE-LETTERS AND OTHER STORIES by ROBERT HERRICK TO G. H. P. LITERARY LOVE-LETTERS: A MODERN ACCOUNT NO. I. INTRODUCTORY AND EXPLANATORY. (_Eastlake has renewed an episode of his past life. The formalities have been satisfied at a chance meeting, and

A Selection From The Lyrical Poems Of Robert Herrick

From The Lyrical Poems Of Robert Herrick Arranged with introduction by Francis Turner Palgrave PREFACE ROBERT HERRICK – Born 1591 : Died 1674 Those who most admire the Poet from whose many pieces a selection only is here offered, will, it is probable, feel most strongly (with the Editor) that excuse is needed for an