The Virginian by Owen WisterA Horseman Of The Plains

The Virginian, A Horseman Of The Plains, by Owen Wister Etext prepared by Bill Brewer, THE VIRGINIAN A Horseman Of The Plains by OWEN WISTER To THEODORE ROOSEVELT Some of these pages you have seen, some you have praised, one stands new-written because you blamed it; and all, my dear critic, beg leave to

The Jimmyjohn Boss and Other Stories by Owen Wister

Etext prepared by Bill Brewer, The Jimmyjohn Boss and Other Stories By Owen Wister To Messrs. Harper & Bothers and Henry Mills Alden whose friendliness and fair dealing I am glad of this chance to record Owen Wister Preface It’s very plain that if a thing’s the fashion– Too much the fashion–if the people

Philosophy 4 A Story of Harvard University by Owen Wister

Scanned, edited and proofread by Daniel P. B. Smith PHILOSOPHY 4 A STORY OF HARVARD UNIVERSITY BY OWEN WISTER I Two frowning boys sat in their tennis flannels beneath the glare of lamp and gas. Their leather belts were loosened, their soft pink shirts unbuttoned at the collar. They were listening with gloomy voracity

Padre Ignacio by Owen WisterOr, the Song of Temptation

PADRE IGNACIO Or The Song of Temptation BY OWEN WISTER I At Santa Ysabel del Mar the season was at one of those moments when the air rests quiet over land and sea. The old breezes were gone; the new ones were not yet risen. The flowers in the mission garden opened wide; no wind

Mother by Owen Wister

MOTHER By OWEN WISTER TO MY FAVOURITE BROKER WITH THE EARNEST ASSURANCE THAT MR. BEVERLY IS NOT MEANT FOR HIM NOTE IN 1901, this story appeared anonymously as the ninth of a sequence of short stories by various authors, in a volume entitled A House Party. It has been slightly remodelled for separate publication. June

Lin McLean by Owen Wister

LIN McLEAN By OWEN WISTER DEDICATION MY DEAR HARRY MERCER: When Lin McLean was only a hero in manuscript, he received his first welcome and chastening beneath your patient roof. By none so much as by you has he in private been helped and affectionately disciplined, an now you must stand godfather to him upon

Lady Baltimore by Owen Wister

LADY BALTIMORE BY OWEN WISTER To S. Weir Mitchell With the Affection and Memories of All My Life To the Reader You know the great text in Burns, I am sure, where he wishes he could see himself as others see him. Well, here lies the hitch in many a work of art: if its

A Straight Deal by Owen WisterOr the Ancient grudge

A STRAIGHT DEAL OR THE ANCIENT GRUDGE By Owen Wister To Edward and Anna Martin who give help in time of trouble Chapter I: Concerning One’s Letter Box Publish any sort of conviction related to these morose days through which we are living and letters will shower upon you like leaves in October. No matter