The Flaming Heart of Danko by Maxim Gorky

Long, long ago there lived a tribe of people in a place that was bounded by three sides by impenetrable forest and on the forth by the step. They were a strong, brave and cheerful people, but evil times came upon them. Other tribes came warring against them and drove them into the depth of

Through Russia by Maxim Gorky

E-text prepared by Martin Adamson – Translated by CJ Hogarth CONTENTS THE BIRTH OF A MAN THE ICEBREAKER GUBIN NILUSHKA THE CEMETERY ON A RIVER STEAMER A WOMAN IN A MOUNTAIN DEFILE KALININ THE DEAD MAN THE BIRTH OF A MAN The year was the year ’92– the year of leanness–the scene a spot

Foma Gordyeff by Maxim GorkyOr, The Man Who Was Afraid

E-text created by Martin Adamson Foma Gordyeff (The Man Who Was Afraid) by Maxim Gorky Translated by Herman Bernstein INTRODUCTORY NOTE. OUT of the darkest depths of life, where vice and crime and misery abound, comes the Byron of the twentieth century, the poet of the vagabond and the proletariat, Maxim Gorky. Not like

Creatures That Once Were Men by Maxim Gorky

jb-Note: I have made the following changes to the text: PAGE LINE ORIGINAL CHANGED TO 66 27 ‘But” But 75 17 listen listen. 75 25 then? then?” 76 1 Fool!’ Fool!” CREATURES THAT ONCE WERE MEN By MAXIM GORKY INTRODUCTORY. By G. K. CHESTERTON. It is certainly a curious fact that so many of the