The Far Horizon by Lucas Malet

E-text prepared by Suzanne Shell, Danny Wool, Lorna Hanrahan, Mary Musser, Charles Franks, and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team THE FAR HORIZON BY LUCAS MALET (MRS. MARY ST. LEGER HARRISON) BY THE SAME AUTHOR _The Wages of Sin_ _A Counsel of Perfection_ _Colonel Enderby’s Wife_ _Little Peter_ _The Carissima_ _The Gateless Barrier_ _The History of

Deadham Hard by Lucas Malet

Proofreading Team DEADHAM HARD A Romance BY LUCAS MALET (MARY ST. LEGER HARRISON) Author of “Sir Richard Calmady,” “The Wages of Sin,” etc. 1919 “Youth has no boundaries, age has the grave.”–BULGARIAN PROVERB TO MY DEAR FRIEND ACROSS THE OCEAN C. E. O. VEVEY 1899 LONDON 1919 CONTENTS BOOK I THE HOUSE OF THE TAMARISKS