The Works of Lord Byron: Letters and Journals, Volume 2

receive a handsome gratuity.” The subject-matter of this book, then unknown to the public, Ashe professes to embody in ‘The Spirit of “The Book;” or, Memoirs of Caroline, Princess of Hasburgh, a Political and Amatory Romance’ (3 vols., 1811). The letters, which purport to be written from Caroline to Charlotte, and contain (vol. ii. pp.

Byron’s Poetical Works, Vol. 1 by Byron

Produced by Jonathan Ingram, Clytie Siddall and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team THE WORKS OF LORD BYRON. A NEW, REVISED AND ENLARGED EDITION, WITH ILLUSTRATIONS. POETRY, VOLUME 1. EDITED BY ERNEST HARTLEY COLERIDGE, M.A. 1898 PREFACE TO THE POEMS. The text of the present issue of Lord Byron’s Poetical Works is based on that of