Speaking of Operations– by Irvin S. Cobb

This Etext prepared by Kirk Pearson “Speaking of Operations–” by Irvin S. Cobb Respectfully dedicated to two classes: Those who have already been operated on Those who have not yet been operated on Now that the last belated bill for services professionally rendered has been properly paid and properly receipted; now that the memory of

Europe Revised by Irvin S. Cobb

Prepared by Kirk Pearson , with help from the volunteers at the Distributed Proofreaders project. Europe Revised by Irvin S. Cobb To My Small Daughter Who bade me shed a tear at the tomb of Napoleon, which I was very glad to do, because when I got there my feet certainly were hurting me. Note

Cobb’s Anatomy by Irvin S. Cobb

Kirk Pearson kpearson@nyx.net Cobb’s Anatomy by Irvin S. Cobb To G. H. L. Who stood godfather to these contents Preface This Space To-Let to Any Reputable Party Desiring a Good Preface Contents I. Tummies II. Teeth III. Hair IV. Hands and feet Tummies Dr. Woods Hutchinson says that fat people are happier than other people.