Yorkshire Dialect Poems by F.W. Moorman

(1673-1915) and Traditional Poems Compiled with an Historical Introduction by F. W. Moorman (Professor of English Language, University of Leeds) London Published for the Yorkshire Dialect Society by Sidgwick and Jackson, Ltd., 1916, 1917 To The Yorkshiremen Serving their Country in Trench or on Battleship I respectfully dedicate this collection of Songs from the Homeland

Songs of the Ridings by F. W. Moorman

This etext was produced by Dave Fawthrop. Songs of the Ridings by F. W. Moorman Contents: Dedication Preface A Dalesman’s Litany Cambodunum Telling the Bees The Two Lamplighters Our Beck Lord George Jenny Storm The New Englishman The Bells of Kirkby Overblow The gardener and the Robin Lile Doad His last Sail One Year Older