At Last by Charles Kingsley

Transcribed by David Price, email AT LAST: A CHRISTMAS IN THE WEST INDIES TO HIS EXCELLENCY THE HON. SIR ARTHUR GORDON, GOVERNOR OF MAURITIUS My Dear Sir Arthur Gordon, To whom should I dedicate this book, but to you, to whom I owe my visit to the West Indies? I regret that I could

Andromeda and Other Poems by Charles Kingsley

Transcribed by David Price, email ANDROMEDA AND OTHER POEMS Contents: Andromeda Hypotheses Hypochondriacae Trehill Well In an Illuminated Missal The Weird Lady Palinodia A Hope The Poetry of a Root Crop Child Ballad Airly Beacon Sappho The Bad Squire Scotch Song The Young Knight A New Forest Ballad The Red King The Outlaw Sing

All Saints’ Day and Other Sermons by Charles Kingsley

SERMONS*** Credit Transcribed by David Price, email ALL SAINTS’ DAY AND OTHER SERMONS “Inheriting the zeal And from the sanctity of elder times Not deviating;–a priest, the like of whom If multiplied, and in their stations set, Would o’er the bosom of a joyful land Spread true religion, and her genuine fruits.” The excursion–Book

Alexandria and her Schools by Charles Kingsley

ALEXANDRIA AND HER SCHOOLS {1} PREFACE I should not have presumed to choose for any lectures of mine such a subject as that which I have tried to treat in this book. The subject was chosen by the Institution where the lectures were delivered. Still less should I have presumed to print them of my