His Own People by Booth Tarkington

Italicized text is indicated by enclosure within tildes (‘~’). HIS OWN PEOPLE by Booth Tarkington I. A Change of Lodging The glass-domed “palm-room” of the Grand Continental Hotel Magnifique in Rome is of vasty heights and distances, filled with a mellow green light which filters down languidly through the upper foliage of tall palms, so

Beasley’s Christmas Party by Booth Tarkington

Produced by Juliet Sutherland, Charles Franks and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team. BEASLEY’S CHRISTMAS PARTY BY BOOTH TARKINGTON ILLUSTRATED BY RUTH SYPHERD CLEMENTS October, 1909. TO JAMES WHITCOMB RILEY I The maple-bordered street was as still as a country Sunday; so quiet that there seemed an echo to my footsteps. It was four o’clock in

Alice Adams by Booth Tarkington

Alice Adams by Booth Tarkington Scanned by Charles Keller with OmniPage Professional OCR software ALICE ADAMS by BOOTH TARKINGTON CHAPTER I The patient, an old-fashioned man, thought the nurse made a mistake in keeping both of the windows open, and her sprightly disregard of his protests added something to his hatred of her. Every evening