His Dog by Albert Payson Terhune

HIS DOG by ALBERT PAYSON TERHUNE 1922 CHAPTER I. The Derelict Link Ferris was a fighter. Not by nature, nor by choice, but to keep alive. His battleground covered an area of forty acres–broken, scrubby, uncertain side-hill acres, at that. In brief, a worked-out farm among the mountain slopes of the North Jersey hinterland; six

Further Adventures of Lad by Albert Payson Terhune

FURTHER ADVENTURES OF LAD by ALBERT PAYSON TERHUNE FOREWORD Sunnybank Lad won a million friends through my book, “LAD: A DOG”; and through the Lad-anecdotes in “Buff: A Collie.” These books themselves were in no sense great. But Laddie was great in every sense; and his life-story could not be marred, past interest, by my

Bruce by Albert Payson Terhune

Bruce by Albert Payson Terhune TO MY TEN BEST FRIENDS: Who are far wiser in their way and far better in every way, than I; and yet who have not the wisdom to know it Who do not merely think I am perfect, but who are calmly and permanently convinced of my perfection;–and this in

Black Caesar’s Clan by Albert Payson Terhune

THIS BOOK IS DEDICATED, MOST GRATEFULLY TO MY FRIEND JOHN E. PICKETT EDITOR OF “THE COUNTRY GENTLEMAN” FOREWORD A wiggling, brainless, slimy atom began it. He and trillions of his kind. He was the Coral Worm (“Anthozoa,” if you prefer). He and his tribe lived and died on the sea-bottom, successive generations piling higher on