Tenterhooks by Ada Leverson

Distributed Proofreaders Tenterhooks by Ada Leverson 1912 TO ROBERT ROSS CHAPTER I A Verbal Invitation Because Edith had not been feeling very well, that seemed no reason why she should be the centre of interest; and Bruce, with that jealousy of the privileges of the invalid and in that curious spirit of rivalry which his

Love’s Shadow by Ada Leverson

LOVE’S SHADOW ADA LEVERSON First Published London, 1908. (Book One of THE LITTLE OTTLEYS) Love like a shadow flies When substance love pursues; Pursuing that that flies, And flying what pursues. SHAKESPEARE CHAPTER I Hyacinth ‘There’s only one thing I must really implore you, Edith,’ said Bruce anxiously. ‘_Don’t_ make me late at the office!’

Love at Second Sight by Ada Leverson

Team LOVE AT SECOND SIGHT by ADA LEVERSON First published London, 1916 (Book Three of THE LITTLE OTTLEYS) TO TACITUS CHAPTER I An appalling crash, piercing shrieks, a loud, unequal quarrel on a staircase, the sharp bang of a door…. Edith started up from her restful corner on the blue sofa by the fire, where