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Codex Junius 11

Part 3 out of 3

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(ll. 499-511) "Then was the time fulfilled, and I had lived for
three-and-thirty winters in the world before My passion. Long
was I mindful of this multitude and of My home, that I might lead
them up from bondage to their native land, where they may have
God's judgments, and the glory of the heavenly hosts, dwelling in
joy and knowing bliss of heaven, a thousand fold. Upon the
cross, when sharp spears pierced Me, and the young man smote Me,
hanging on the tree, yea! even then I interceded for you; and I
came again unto eternal joys, and to the presence of the Holy


(ll. 512-523) Thus spake the Lord of glory, Maker of mankind,
early in the morning when the Lord God rose from death. There
was no stone so firmly fastened, though it were bound about with
iron, that might withstand His wondrous might; but the Lord of
angels went forth from His prison, and bade bright angels tell
His eleven disciples, and say especially to Simon Peter that he
might see God, Steadfast and Eternal, in Galilee, as he had done

(ll. 524-534) Then the disciples, as I have heard, were filled
with the Spirit, and went together into Galilee unto the Holy Son
of God, beholding where the Son of the Creator, the Eternal Lord,
was risen. And the disciples ran and came where the Eternal Lord
was standing, and fell upon the ground, and knelt before His
feet, giving thanks to God because once more, as it was come to
pass, they might behold the Prince of angels. And straightway
Simon Peter spake:

(ll. 535-539) "Is it Thou, O Lord God, crowned with glory? A
little while ago we saw how heathen men laid grievous bonds upon
Thee! And bitterly shall they repent, when they behold their

(ll. 540-556) But some could not believe it in their hearts. And
one, called Didymus, was dear before he laid his hand upon his
Saviour's side wherefrom His blood had fallen to the ground, a
bath of baptism. That was a glorious deed, the passion of the
Lord our God. He mounted up upon the tree, and with His great
heart shed His blood upon the cross. Wherefore at all times men
should thank their Lord by words and works, because He led us out
of bondage to our home and native land, where we may have God's
judgments and the glory of the heavenly host, and dwell in joy.
To us the radiant light of glory is revealed, to such as have
good thoughts.


(ll. 557-567) Then was the Lord Eternal forty days on earth,
followed of the people and revealed to men, before the Prince of
city-dwellers brought the Holy Spirit to the great creation, the
heavenly kingdom. The King of angels and the Lord of hosts
ascended up on high. Then came celestial melodies in holiness
from heaven. The hand of God appeared and He received the
Prince; the Lord of heaven led Him to His holy home. And round
about Him throngs of angels flew in thousands.

(ll. 568-578) And it befell, while yet the Saviour Christ abode
with men, that on the night before the last He strengthened with
His spirit His disciples, the twelve apostles. The Living God
ordained unnumbered souls. Of these was Judas, who betrayed the
Glorious Lord, our Saviour, to be a sacrifice. Little did that
undertaking prosper when he sold the Son of God for silver
treasure. The foul fiend gave him grim requital, deep in hell.

(ll. 579-596) The Son now sitteth on the right hand of the
Father; each day the Lord of hosts giveth help and healing to the
sons of men throughout the earth. Full widely is it known to
many men that He alone, by power of His glory, is Maker and Ruler
of all created things. The Holy Lord of angels sitteth with the
prophets in heaven above; the Son of glory hath His throne amid
the heavens, and by His healing leadeth us up thither to the
light, where we may sit with God on high among the angels, and
have that radiance where His holy host now dwelleth, and live in
joy. There is the blessedness of glory radiantly revealed! Let
us take thought to serve the Saviour gladly and be pleasing unto
Christ! There is more glorious life than we may ever gain on


(ll. 597-607) Now hath the Great Prince, the Almighty Lord, made
intercession for us. On the day of doom God biddeth the
archangels, with a mighty blast, to sound the trumpet over the
city-dwellings, through all the borders of the world. Then shall
men wake from the earth; the dead shall arise from the dust,
through the might of God. Longest of days shall that be,
greatest of tumults, heard afar, when the Saviour cometh, the
Lord, with clouds surrounded, descending upon earth.

(ll. 608-615) Then will He separate the fair and foul, the good
and evil, into two companies. And the righteous shall mount to
their rest at the right hand of God, they shall be blithe as they
enter the city, the kingdom of God. With His right hand the Lord
of creation shall bless them, and say before all:

(ll. 615-618) "Ye are welcome! Enter now the heavenly kingdom,
into the light of glory. There shall ye rest for ever without

(ll. 619-625) But the guilty souls that have sinned shall stand
and tremble when the Son of God shall judge them by His wondrous
might; they shall hope they may ascend to that fair city with the
angels, as the others did. But the Eternal Lord shall speak to
them, and say before them all:

(ll. 626-627) "Descend now quickly, ye accursed, into the house
of pain. I know you not."

(ll. 628-646) And straightway at these words helI's captives,
cursed spirits, shall drag them down by thousands, leading them
thither to the home of fiends, and thrust them deep down in the
narrow pit. Never may they return, but there they needs must
suffer torturing pain, imprisonment, and bonds, and the cold
ground, endure the depths of hell and devils' discourse, black
fiends with hate reviling them for sin, because they often have
forgot the Lord, Eternal God, who should have been their hope.
Wherefore let us resolve while in the world to serve the Saviour
gladly by God's grace, be mindful of the spirit's joy, and how
the blessed sons of God abide on high in radiant glory.

(ll. 647-655) There is a golden gate adorned with gems,
enwreathed with joy, for those who enter in God's kingdom, and
win the light of glory. About the walls stand radiant angel
spirits and blessed souls who pass from earth to heaven. There
are martyrs pleasing unto God, and patriarchs with holy voices
praising God, the King within His city, saying:

(ll. 656-658) "Thou art the Lord of men, the Heavenly Judge and
Prince of angels! Thou hast led the sons of earth unto this
blessed home!"

(ll 659-662) So the thanes about their Prince shall praise the
Lord of glory. There shall be song and splendour round His
throne. For He is King indeed, and Lord of all things in the
eternal creation!


(ll. 663-673) He is the Lord, the Prince of angels, who died for
us; and, in the fullness of His mercy, the Maker of mankind once
fasted forty days. And it came to pass that the Accursed Fiend,
who was driven out of heaven and sank to hell, tempted the Lord
of all creation, bringing in his arms great stones, and bidding
Him make loaves to stay His hunger, "if Thou have so much power."
But the Eternal Lord made answer unto him:

(ll. 674-675) "Knowest thou not, accursed, it was written...."

((LACUNA of indeterminate length.))

(ll. 676-678) "....save Me alone? But Thou, O Lord of victory,
hast ordained the light for living souls, reward unending in the
heavenly kingdom, and holy joys."

(ll. 679-682) Then the malicious, evil spirit in derision lifted
Him up in his hands, and set Him upon his shoulder, and ascended
a high mountain, and placed the Lord God on a peak thereof:

(ll. 683-688) "Gaze now full widely over the dwellers of earth.
The world and the inhabitants thereof will I give into Thy hand.
Take now from me the city and the shining home which I will give
Thee in the heavenly kingdom, that Thou mayest truly be the King
of men and angels, as Thou hast thought."

(ll. 689-709) Then answered the Eternal Lord: "Depart, thou
cursed Satan, into the house of pain; for thee is punishment
prepared, and not God's kingdom. By most high might I bid thee
bring no hope to such as dwell in hell, but tell them now of
this, thy greatest woe, that thou hast met the Maker of creation,
the Lord of men. Get thee behind Me! Know, accursed fiend, how
measureless and wide and dreary is the pit of hell! Measure it
with thy hands, take hold upon its bottom. Go, then, until thou
knowest all the circle of it; measure it first from above even
unto the abyss. Measure how broad the black mist stretches.
Then shalt thou know more clearly that thou strivest against God,
when thou hast measured with thy hands how high and deep is hell,
the grim grave-house, within. Go quickly, that thou measure, ere
two hours are past, the home allotted thee."

(ll. 710-728) Then vengeance came upon the fiend. Satan, the
cursed monster, fled away and sank to hell. And first he
measured with his hands its torment and its woe. The black flame
leaped against the evil spirit; and he beheld the captives as
they lay in hell. And there rose a howling throughout hell, when
their eyes fell on the fiend. God's foes had striven... the
black evil spirit, so that he stood upon the floor of hell, and
it seemed to him that from the pit to the doors of hell was an
hundred thousand miles in reckoning, as the Almighty Lord had
bidden him, for his sin, to measure all his torment. And he
remembered as he stood in the depths of hell! The foul fiend
with his eyes gazed through the loathsome den, until its
overwhelming horror, the host of devils... then mounted up...
With words of malice the accursed fiends began to speak and say:

(ll. 728-730) "Lo! thus may evil be upon thee always! Thou didst
not wish for good!"


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