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The Bushman by Edward Wilson Landor

Part 6 out of 6

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I am happy that this work will become the medium of informing the
Colonists of Western Australia of one of the most promising events
that has ever happened to that country.

The ship-timber of the Colony, a trial cargo of which arrived in
England this month (October, 1847), has just been admitted into the
Royal Navy. A highly favourable report has been made upon it by the
Government surveyors, and it is pronounced admirably adapted for
kelsons, stern-posts, great beams for steam-frigates, and other heavy
work. If a company be formed, on good principles, and under proper
management, a timber trade for the supply of the Navy will be found
most lucrative.

The principal portion of the labour should be performed by Chinamen,
to be obtained from Sincapore.

For this great boon, the Colonists are indebted to LORD AUCKLAND, the
First Lord of the Admiralty, for his ready acquiescence in agreeing
to receive the timber, by way of experiment; to Mr. G. H. Ward, the
Secretary, for the kind attention he has paid to every request made
to him on the subject, notwithstanding that he has been sufficiently
pestered to have wearied the patience of the most amiable of mankind;
and, above all, to our late Governor, MR. HUTT, and his brother, the
Honourable Member for Gateshead, who have been indefatigable in their
exertions to promote the weal of the Colony.


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