The Passing of New France by William Wood

This etext was produced by Gardner Buchanan. CHRONICLES OF CANADA Edited by George M. Wrong and H. H. Langton In thirty-two volumes Volume 10 THE PASSING OF NEW FRANCE A Chronicle of Montcalm By WILLIAM WOOD TORONTO, 1915 CHAPTER I MONTCALM IN FRANCE 1712-1756 ‘War is the grave of the Montcalms.’ No one can tell

Chronicles of Canada: Volume 8, The Great Fortress by William Wood

Louisbourg was no mere isolated stronghold which could be lost or won without affecting the wider issues of oversea dominion. On the contrary, it was a necessary link in the chain of waterside posts which connected France with America by way of the Atlantic, the St Lawrence, the Great Lakes, and the Mississippi.

Elizabethan Sea Dogs by William WoodA Chronicle of Drake and his Companions

Produced by Suzanne Shell, Graeme Mackreth and PG Distributed Proofreaders ELIZABETHAN SEA-DOGS A CHRONICLE OF DRAKE AND HIS COMPANIONS BY WILLIAM WOOD _1918, Yale University Press_ Printed in the United States of America PREFATORY NOTE Citizen, colonist, pioneer! These three words carry the history of the United States back to its earliest form in ‘the

Captains of the Civil War, A Chronicle of the Blue and the Gray by William Wood

LIBRARY OF ST. GREGORY’S UNIVERSITY; THANKS TO ALEV AKMAN. Scanned by Dianne Bean. CAPTAINS OF THE CIVIL WAR A CHRONICLE OF THE BLUE AND THE GRAY BY WILLIAM WOOD PREFACE Sixty years ago today the guns that thundered round Fort Sumter began the third and greatest modern civil war fought by English-speaking people. This war