The Way of the World by William Congreve

The Way of the World by William Congreve

Audire est operae pretium, prcedere recte Qui maechis non vultis.–HOR. Sat. i. 2, 37. – Metuat doti deprensa.–Ibid. TO THE RIGHT HONOURABLE RALPH, EARL OF MOUNTAGUE, ETC. My Lord,–Whether the world will arraign me of vanity or not, that I have presumed to dedicate this comedy to your lordship, I am yet in doubt; though,

The Old Bachelor by William Congreve

The Old Bachelor by William Congreve Quem tulit ad scenam ventoso Gloria curru, Exanimat lentus spectator; sedulus inflat: Sic leve, sic parvum est, animum quod laudis avarum Subruit, and reficit. HORAT. Epist. I. lib. ii. To the Right Honourable Charles, Lord Clifford of Lanesborough, etc. My Lord,–It is with a great deal of pleasure that

The Double-Dealer by William Congreve

THE DOUBLE-DEALER–A COMEDY by William Congreve Interdum tamen et vocem Comoedia tollit.–HOR. Ar. Po. Huic equidem consilio palmam do: hic me magnifice effero, qui vim tantam in me et potestatem habeam tantae astutiae, vera dicendo ut eos ambos fallam. SYR. in TERENT. Heaut. TO THE RIGHT HONOURABLE CHARLES MONTAGUE, ONE OF THE LORDS OF THE

Love for Love by William Congreve

Prepared by David Price, email LOVE FOR LOVE–A COMEDY Nudus agris, nudus nummis paternis, Insanire parat certa ratione modoque. – HOR. TO THE RIGHT HONOURABLE CHARLES, EARL OF DORSET AND MIDDLESEX, LORD CHAMBERLAIN OF HIS MAJESTY’S HOUSEHOLD, AND KNIGHT OF THE MOST NOBLE ORDER OF THE GARTER, ETC. My Lord,–A young poet is liable

Incognita by William CongreveOr, Love and Duty reconcil’d

Scanned and proofed by David Price INCOGNITA: OR, LOVE & DUTY RECONCIL’D by William Congreve TO THE HONOURED AND WORTHILY ESTEEM’D MRS. KATHARINE LEVESON. Madam, A Clear Wit, sound Judgment and a Merciful Disposition, are things so rarely united, that it is almost inexcusable to entertain them with any thing less excellent in its