Georgian Poetry 1918-19 by Various

Produced by Keren Vergon, Clytie Siddall and PG Distributed Proofreaders GEORGIAN POETRY 1918-1919 EDITED BY SIR EDWARD MARSH TO THOMAS HARDY EIGHTH THOUSAND THE POETRY BOOKSHOP 35 Devonshire Street Theobalds Road W.C.1 MCMXX PREFATORY NOTE This is the fourth volume of the present series. I hope it may be thought to show that what for

Georgian Poetry 1916-17 by Various

Produced by Clytie Siddall, Keren Vergon, and PG Distributed Proofreaders Published November 1917 GEORGIAN POETRY 1916-1917 TO EDMUND GOSSE FOURTH THOUSAND THE POETRY BOOKSHOP 35 DEVONSHIRE ST. THEOBALDS RD. LONDON W.C.1 MCMXVIII PREFATORY NOTE This third book of ‘Georgian Poetry’ carries to the end of a seventh year the presentation of chosen examples from the

Counter-Attack and Other Poems by Siegfried Sassoon

Produced by John M. Wyrwas COUNTER-ATTACK AND OTHER POEMS BY SIEGFRIED SASSOON With An Introduction By Robert Nichols TO ROBERT ROSS Dans la treve desolee de cette matinee, ces hommes qui avaient ete tenailles par la fatigue, fouettes par la pluie, bouleverses par toute une nuit de tonnerre, ces rescapes des volcans et de l’inondation