The Story of My Heart by Richard Jefferies

THE STORY OF MY HEART AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY by RICHARD JEFFERIES CHAPTER I THE story of my heart commences seventeen years ago. In the glow of youth there were times every now and then when I felt the necessity of a strong inspiration of soulthought. My heart was dusty, parched for want of the rain of

Pageant of Summer by Richard Jefferies

The Pageant of Summer by Richard Jefferies. Scanned and Proofed by David Price, email THE PAGEANT OF SUMMER I. GREEN rushes, long and thick, standing up above the edge of the ditch, told the hour of the year as distinctly as the shadow on the dial the hour of the day. Green and thick

Hodge and His Masters by Richard Jefferies

Proofreaders HODGE AND HIS MASTERS BY RICHARD JEFFERIES Author of ‘The Gamekeeper at Home,’ ‘Wild Life in a Southern County,’ ‘The Amateur Poacher,’ ‘Round About A Great Estate,’ Etc. PREFACE The papers of which this volume is composed originally appeared in the _Standard_, and are now republished by permission of the Editor. In manners, mode