Life: Its True Genesis by R. W. Wright

Produced by Distributed Proofreaders i”?Life: Its True Genesis By R. W. Wright –xOe squaredxx(C)OeOe1/2x” x-Oe.x”Oe deg.xcxx”Oe3/4x’Oexoe xcOe.xoeOe3/4x”OexOeOe’x”Oexcxf.– IYa1/2– I”a1/2 IfIEuroa1/2 cubedII1/4I+- I+-a1/2I”I?a?| a1/4I1/2 I+-a1/2I”a?. II+-I”a1/2 deg. I cubeda1/2 cubedI1/2I?I, a1/4IEuroa1/2 I”a?I, I cubeda?I,. “Whose general principle of life, each in itself after its own kind, is upon the earth.” Second Edition 1884 RESPECTFULLY DEDICATED TO