On the Edge of the War Zone by Mildred Aldrich

Produced by A. Langley On the Edge of the War Zone From the Battle of the Marne to the Entrance of the Stars and Stripes by Mildred Aldrich Author of “A Hilltop on the Marne” “Told in a French Garden” To The Public The Friends, Old and New, Whose Persistent And Sympathetic Demands For News

A Hilltop on the Marne by Mildred Aldrich

A HILLTOP ON THE MARNE By Mildred Aldrich Being Letters Written June 3-September 8, 1914 Note To Tenth Impression The author wishes to apologize for the constant use of the word English in speaking of the British Expedition to France. At the beginning of the war this was a colloquial error into which we all