The Maid of Orleans

Translated by Anna Swanwick DRAMATIS PERSONAE. CHARLES THE SEVENTH, King of France.QUEEN ISABEL, his Mother.AGNES SOREL.PHILIP THE GOOD, Duke of Burgundy.EARL DUNOIS, Bastard of Orleans.LA HIRE, DUCRATEL, French Offers.ARCHBISHOP OF RHEIMS.CRATILLON, A Burgundian Knight.RAOUL, a Lotharingian Knight.TALBOT, the English General,LIONEL,…

Wilhelm Tell by Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller

Etext prepared by Dagny, Emma Dudding, and John Bickers, Wilhelm Tell by Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller Translator: Theodore Martin INTRODUCTORY NOTE Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller was born at Marbach, Wurtemberg, Germany, November 10, 1759. His father had served both as surgeon and soldier in the War of the Austrian Succession,

The Thirty Years War, Complete by Frederich Schiller

This eBook was produced by David Widger, THE WORKS OF FREDERICK SCHILLER Translated from the German Illustrated HISTORY OF THE THIRTY YEARS’ WAR IN GERMANY. PREFACE TO THE SIXTH EDITION. The present is the best collected edition of the important works of Schiller which is accessible to readers in the English language. Detached poems

Die Jungfrau von Orleans by Friedrich Schiller

Friedrich Schiller Die Jungfrau von Orleans Eine romantische Tragˆdie PERSONEN Karl der Siebente, Kˆnig von Frankreich Kˆnigin Isabeau, seine Mutter Agnes Sorel, seine Geliebte Philipp der Gute, Herzog von Burgund Graf Dunois, Bastard von Orleans La Hire Du Chatel, kˆnigliche Offiziere Erzbischof von Reims Chatillon, ein burgundischer Ritter Raoul, ein lothringischer Ritter Talbot, Feldherr der