The value of a praying mother by Isabel C. Byrum

Produced by Joel Erickson, Michael Ciesielski, and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team. THE VALUE OF A PRAYING MOTHER BY ISABEL C. BYRUM GOSPEL TRUMPET COMPANY First Printing 1911 PREFACE. This book has a purpose: it is sent forth as precious seed, with the prayer that it will fall into “good soil” in many hearts and

How John Became a Man by Isabel C. ByrumLife Story of a Motherless Boy

HOW JOHN BECAME A MAN Life Story of a Motherless Boy By ISABEL C. BYRUM Author’s Preface In presenting this little volume, the author hopes that it may be useful in suggesting to the minds of young boys the great wrong there is in indulging in evil habits. We read, “My people are destroyed for