The Education of Henry Adams

The Education of Henry Adams by Henry Adams THE EDUCATION OF HENRY ADAMS CONTENTS EDITOR’S PREFACE PREFACE I. QUINCY (1838-1848) II. BOSTON (1848-1854) III. WASHINGTON (1850-1854) IV. HARVARD COLLEGE (1854-1858) V. BERLIN (1858-1859) VI. ROME (1859-1860) VII. TREASON (1860-1861) VIII. DIPLOMACY (1861) IX. FOES OR FRIENDS (1862) X. POLITICAL MORALITY (1862) XI. THE BATTLE OF

Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres by Henry Adams

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Democracy An American Novel by Henry Adams

Democracy An American Novel by Henry Adams First published anonymously, March 1880, and soon in various unauthorized editions. It wasn’t until the 1925 edition that Adams was listed as author. Henry Adams remarked (ironically as usual), “The wholesale piracy of Democracy was the single real triumph of my life.”–it was very popular, as readers tried