The Slim Princess by George Ade

Produced by Rick Niles, John Hagerson, Amy Petri and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team. THE SLIM PRINCESS * * * * * _By_ GEORGE ADE 1907 * * * * * “The Slim Princess” has been elaborated and rewritten from a story printed in _The Saturday Evening Post_ of Philadelphia late in 1906 and copyright,

More Fables by George Ade

Produced by PG Distributed Proofreaders MORE FABLES by GEORGE ADE author of FABLES in SLANG ILLUSTRATED by CLYDE J. NEWMAN 1900. Table _of_ Contents _The_ Fable _of_ How Uncle Brewster was _Too_ Shifty _for the_ Tempter _The_ Fable _of the_ Grass Widow _and the_ Mesmeree _and the_ Six Dollars _The_ Fable _of the_ Honest Money-Maker