We Two by Edna Lyall

Etext typed by Theresa Armao We Two By Edna Lyall CHAPTER I. Brian Falls in Love Still humanity grows dearer, Being learned the more. Jean Ingelow. There are three things in this world which deserve no quarter– Hypocrisy, Pharisaism, and Tyranny. F. Robertson People who have been brought up in the country, or in small

The Autobiography of a Slander by Edna Lyall

THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A SLANDER MY FIRST STAGE At last the tea came up, and so With that our tongues began to go. Now in that house you’re sure of knowing The smallest scrap of news that’s going. We find it there the wisest way To take some care of what we say. RECREATION. JANE

Derrick Vaughan–Novelist by Edna Lyall

This etext was prepared by Les Bowler, St. Ives, Dorset Derrick Vaughan–Novelist ‘It is only through deep sympathy that a man can become a great artist.’–Lewes’s Life of Goethe. ‘Sympathy is feeling related to an object, whilst sentiment is the same feeling seeking itself alone.’–Arnold Toynbee. Chapter I. ‘Nothing fills a child’s mind like a