The Wouldbegoods by E. Nesbit

THE WOULDBEGOODS by E. NESBIT BEING THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF THE TREASURE SEEKERS TO My Dear Son Fabian Bland CONTENTS 1. The Jungle 2. The Wouldbegoods 3. Bill’s Tombstone 4. The Tower of Mystery 5. The Waterworks 6. The Circus 7. Being Beavers; or, The Young Explorers (Arctic or Otherwise) 8. The High-Born Babe 9.

The Story of the Treasure Seekers by E. Nesbit

This etext was created by Jo Churcher, Scarborough, Ontario ( The Story of the Treasure Seekers by E. Nesbit Being the adventures of the Bastable children in search of a fortune TO OSWALD BARRON Without whom this book could never have been written The Treasure Seekers is dedicated in memory of childhoods identical but for

The Story of the Amulet by E. Nesbit

The Story of the Amulet by E. Nesbit TO Dr Wallis Budge of the British Museum as a small token of gratitude for his unfailing kindness and help in the making of it CONTENTS 1. The Psammead 2. The Half Amulet 3. The Past 4. Eight Thousand Years Ago 5. The Fight in the Village
The Railway Children by E. Nesbit

The Railway Children by E. Nesbit

They were not railway children to begin with. I don’t suppose they had ever thought about railways except as a means of getting to Maskelyne and Cook’s, the Pantomime, Zoological Gardens, and Madame Tussaud’s.

The Phoenix and the Carpet by E. Nesbit

The Phoenix and the Carpet E. Nesbit TO My Dear Godson HUBERT GRIFFITH and his sister MARGARET TO HUBERT Dear Hubert, if I ever found A wishing-carpet lying round, I’d stand upon it, and I’d say: ‘Take me to Hubert, right away!’ And then we’d travel very far To where the magic countries are That

The Incomplete Amorist by E. Nesbit

Produced by Juliet Sutherland, Beth Trapaga and PG Distributed Proofreaders THE INCOMPLETE AMORIST By E. NESBIT Illustrated by CLARENCE F. UNDERWOOD 1906 To Richard Reynolds and Justus Miles Forman “Faire naitre un desir, le nourrir, le developper, le grandir, le satisfaire, c’est un poeme tout entier.” –_Balzac_. CONTENTS BOOK I. THE GIRL Chapter I. The

The Enchanted Castle by E. Nesbit

The Enchanted Castle by E. Nesbit To Margaret Ostler with love from E. Nesbit Peggy, you came from the heath and moor, And you brought their airs through my open door; You brought the blossom of youth to blow In the Latin Quarter of Soho. For the sake of that magic I send you here

Many Voices by E. Nesbit

This etext was prepared by David Price, email from the 1922 Hutchinson and Co. edition. MANY VOICES Contents: The Return For Dolly–Who does not Learn her Lessons Questions The Daisies The Touchstone The December Rose The Fire Song A Parting The Gift of Life Incompatibilities The Stolen God–Lazarus to Dives Winter Sea-shells Hope The

In Homespun by E. Nesbit

Edited by Charles Aldarondo IN HOMESPUN BY E. NESBIT LONDON 1896 THESE tales are written in an English dialect–none the less a dialect for that it lacks uniformity in the misplacement of aspirates, and lacks, too, strange words misunderstanded of the reader. In South Kent villages with names ending in ‘den,’ and out away

Five Children and It by E. Nesbit

FIVE CHILDREN AND IT E. NESBIT TO JOHN BLAND My Lamb, you are so very small, You have not learned to read at all. Yet never a printed book withstands The urgence of your dimpled hands. So, though this book is for yourself, Let mother keep it on the shelf Till you can read. O