The Beautiful Necessity by Claude Fayette Bragdon

Proofreading Team THE BEAUTIFUL NECESSITY Seven Essays on Theosophy and Architecture by CLAUDE BRAGDON, F.A.I.A. MCMXXII “Let us build altars to the Beautiful Necessity” –EMERSON By the Same Author: Episodes From An Unwritten History The Golden Person In The Heart Architecture And Democracy A Primer Of Higher Space Four Dimensional Vistas Projective Ornament Oracle CONTENTS

Four-Dimensional Vistas by Claude Fayette Bragdon

Produced by PG Distributed Proofreaders FOUR-DIMENSIONAL VISTAS by Claude Bragdon New York “_Perception has a destiny_.” _Emerson_. INTRODUCTION There are two notable emancipations of the mind from the tyranny of mere appearances that have received scant attention save from mathematicians and theoretical physicists. In 1823 Bolyai declared with regard to Euclid’s so-called axiom of parallels,

Architecture and Democracy by Claude Fayette Bragdon

Proofreading Team ARCHITECTURE AND DEMOCRACY BY CLAUDE BRAGDON F.A.I.A. 1918 PREFACE This book can lay no claim to unity of theme, since its subjects range from skyscrapers to symbols and soul states; but the author claims for it nevertheless a unity of point of view, and one (correct or not) so comprehensive as to include