The Happiest Time of Their Lives by Alice Duer Miller

Online Distributed Proofreading Team THE HAPPIEST TIME OF THEIR LIVES BY ALICE DUER MILLER Author of “Come Out of the Kitchen,” “Ladies Must Live,” “Wings in the Nights,” etc. 1918 TO CLARENCE DAY, JR. … and then he added in a less satisfied tone: “But friendship is so uncertain. You don’t make any announcement to

The Beauty and the Bolshevist by Alice Duer Miller

Produced by Melissa Er-Raqabi, Joshua Hutchinson and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team. THE BEAUTY AND THE BOLSHEVIST By ALICE DUER MILLER _Author of_ “_ The Charm School_” “_Ladies must Live_” “_Come out of the Kitchen_” _etc_. Illustrated 1920 ILLUSTRATIONS “I beg your pardon. Is this a private raft?” “Mr. Moreton, the Newport boat leaves at

Ladies Must Live by Alice Duer Miller

Distributed Proofreading Team LADIES MUST LIVE by ALICE DUER MILLER Author of “Come Out of the Kitchen,” etc. 1917 CHAPTER I Mrs. Ussher was having a small house party in the country over New Year’s Day. This is equivalent to saying that the half dozen most fashionable people in New York were out of town.

Are Women People? by Alice Duer Miller

Proofreading Team ARE WOMEN PEOPLE? A BOOK OF RHYMES FOR SUFFRAGE TIMES By ALICE DUER MILLER AUTHOR OF “BLUE ARCH,” “THE MODERN OBSTACLE.” ETC. TO V.B.W. SLAVE-DRIVER AND FRIEND Introduction Father, what is a Legislature? A representative body elected by the people of the state. Are women people? No, my son, criminals, lunatics and women