The Gentleman by Alfred OllivantA Romance of the Sea

Produced by Suzanne Shell, William Flis, Jerry Fairbanks, Mary Musser, Charles Franks and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team. THE GENTLEMAN A ROMANCE OF THE SEA BY ALFRED OLLIVANT AUTHOR OF “BOB, SON OF BATTLE” AND “REDBOAT CAPTAIN” 1908 TO THE NAVY CONTENTS JULY 1805 BOOK I _THE LITTLE TREMENDOUS_ I THE DEATH OF BLACK DIAMOND

Bob Son of Battle by Alfred Ollivant

Bob Son of Battle by Alfred Ollivant CONTENTS PART I THE COMING OF THE TAILLESS TYKE Chapter I. The Gray Dog Chapter II. A Son of Hagar Chapter III. Red Wull Chapter IV. First Blood PART II THE LITTLE MAN Chapter V. A Man’s Son Chapter VI. A Licking or a Lie Chapter VII. The