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Dead Souls by Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol
DEAD SOULS By Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol (Trans. by D. J. Hogarth) Etext prepared by John Bickers, jbickers@templar.actrix.gen.nz. DEAD SOULS BY NIKOLAI VASILIEVICH GOGOL Translated B
The Ivory Child by H. Rider Haggard
Etext prepared by John Bickers, jbickers@ihug.co.nz Emma Dudding, emma_302@hotmail.com and Dagny, dagnyj@hotmail.com The Ivory Child by H. Rider Haggard CHAPTER I ALLAN GIVES A SHOOTING
The Firefly Of France by Marion Polk Angellotti
Etext prepared by Dagny, dagnyj@hotmail.com and John Bickers, jbickers@ihug.co.nz THE FIREFLY OF FRANCE by Marion Polk Angellotti TO THE MEMORY OF THE HEROIC GUYNEMER "THE ACE OF THE ACES"
Songs of a Savoyard by W. S. Gilbert
Songs of a Savoyard by W. S. Gilbert Scanned and proofed by David Price, email ccx074@coventry.ac.uk Songs of a Savoyard Contents: The Darned Mounseer The Englishman The Disagreeable Man T
Ensign Knightley and Other Stories by A. E. W. Mason
Team. ENSIGN KNIGHTLEY AND OTHER STORIES By A. E. W. MASON Author of "The Courtship of Morrice Buckler," "The Watchers," "Parson Kelly," etc. 1901 CONTENTS. ENSIGN KNIGHTLEY TH
The Silverado Squatters by Robert Louis Stevenson
Transcribed from the 1906 Chatto & Windus edition by David Price, email ccx074@coventry.ac.uk THE SILVERADO SQUATTERS The scene of this little book is on a high mountain. There are, indee
The Song of Roland
The Song of Roland Translated by C. K. [Charles Kenneth] Moncreiff Anonymous Old French epic, dating perhaps as early as the middle 11th century. This electronic edition was produced, edit
The Grand Old Man by Richard B. Cook
Produced by Juliet Sutherland, Charlie Kirschner, Tom Allen, and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team. THE GRAND OLD MAN OR THE Life and Public Services of The Right Honorable Wi
The Memoirs of Marguerite de Valois, V3 by Unknown
This etext was produced by David Widger [NOTE: There is a short list of bookmarks, or pointers, at the end of the file for those who may wish to sample the author's ideas before making an enti
A Book of Operas by Henry Edward Krehbiel
The HTML version of this text produced by Bob Frone can be found at Plain text adaption by Andrew Sly. A BOOK OF OPERAS THEIR HISTORIES, THEIR PLOTS, AND THEIR MUSIC BY HENRY EDWARD K
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