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The Mayor of Casterbridge, by Thomas Hardy
The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy 1. One evening of late summer, before the nineteenth century had reached one-third of its span, a young man and woman, the latter carrying a child
Elinor Wyllys by Susan Fenimore Cooper
{This e-text was prepared from the first edition of Susan Fenimore Cooper's "Elinor Wyllys: or, The Young Folk of Longbridge" (Philadelphia: Carey and Hart, 1846). "Elinor Wyllys" was also publishe
Awful Disclosures by Maria Monk
Produced by David Moynhan, Lee Dawei, Marvin A. Hodges, Charles Franks and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team. [Note from the etext editor: The original page scans used to create this text
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Part 5 by Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)
Produced by David Widger HUCKLEBERRY FINN By Mark Twain Part 5. CHAPTER XXI. IT was after sun-up now, but we went right on and didn't tie up. The king and the duke turned out by and
Martin Pippin in the Apple Orchard by Eleanor Farjeon
Martin Pippin in the Apple Orchard by Eleanor Farjeon FOREWORD I have been asked to introduce Miss Farjeon to the American public, and although I believe that introductions of this kind often
Selected English Letters (XV - XIX Centuries) by Various
Produced by Dave Morgan, Bill Hershey and PG Distributed Proofreaders SELECTED ENGLISH LETTERS (XV-XIX CENTURIES) ARRANGED BY M. DUCKITT & H. WRAGG 1913. PREFACE This antho
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
This eBook was produced by David Price, email ccx074@coventry.ac.uk Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte PREFACE A preface to the first edition of "Jane Eyre" being unnecessary, I gave none: t
Eight Cousins by Louisa M. Alcott
Prepared by David Reed haradda@aol.com or davidr@inconnect.com Eight Cousins by Louisa M. Alcott Preface The Author is quite aware of the defects of this little story, many of which we
Memories of Jane Cunningham Croly, "Jenny June" by Various
Produced by Ari J Joki and PG Distributed Proofreaders Caroline M. Morse, editor JANE CUNNINGHAM CROLY "JENNY JUNE" 1904 [Illustration: Portrait] [Illustration: Facsimile of signa
The Way to Peace by Margaret Deland
The Way to Peace by Margaret Deland TO LORIN DELAND KENNEBUNKPORT, MAINE AUGUST 12TH, 1910 I ATHALIA HALL stopped to get her breath and look back over the road climbing steeply up f
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