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The Man in Lonely Land by Kate Langley Bosher

Part 3 out of 3

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always been so quick to know. To go away--with just you! I had to
be so certain there was no other way of happiness." In the darkness
she shivered slightly, and Laine drew her into his arms and held her

"Perhaps"--her voice was so low he had to bend his head to hear
it--"perhaps it is because we are apart from the things that make one
forget that I have thought more about what it should mean--what
marriage should mean--than I might have done had there been no time
to think. It is forever, Winthrop, this life that we are entering.
Are we very, very sure there's love enough to last?"

"I am very sure, Claudia." He lifted her hands to his lips and
kissed them. "For me your love will make of life a--"

"Land that is not lonely?" Under her breath she laughed, to hide the
sob in her throat. "Oh, Winthrop Laine, it is what love is for! And
no one's land is lonely when there is love enough!"

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