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The History of England from the Accession of James II, Vol. 4 by Thomas Babington Macaulay

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made in December 1696, the Prince of Wales was not again
mentioned in the negotiations.

FN 810 Prior MS.; Williamson to Lexington, July 20/30. 1697;
Williamson to Shrewsbury, July 23/Aug 2

FN 811 The note of the French ministers, dated July 10/20 1697,
will be found in the Actes et Memoires.

FN 812 Monthly Mercuries for August and September, 1697.

FN 813 Life of James, ii: 565.

FN 814 Actes et Memoires des Negociations de la Paix de Ryswick;
Life of James, ii. 566.

FN 815 James's Protest will be found in his Life, ii. 572.

FN 816 Actes et Memoires des Negociations de la Paix de Ryswick;
Williamson to Lexington, Sept 14/24 1697; Prior MS.

FN 817 Prior MS.

FN 818 L'Hermitage, July 20/30; July 27/Aug 6, Aug 24/Sept 3, Aug
27/Sept 6 Aug 31/Sept 10 1697 Postman, Aug. 31.

FN 819 Van Cleverskirke to the States General, Sept. 14/24 1697;
L'Hermitage, Sept. 14/24; Postscript to the Postman, of the same
date; Postman and Postboy of Sept. 19/29 Postman of Sept. 18/28.

FN 820 L'Hermitage, Sept 17/27, Sept 25/Oct 4 1697 Oct 19/29;
Postman, Nov. 20.

FN 821 L'Hermitage, Sept 21/Oct 1 Nov 2/12 1697; Paris Gazette,
Nov. 20/30; Postboy, Nov. 2. At this time appeared a pasquinade
entitled, A Satyr upon the French King, written after the Peace
was concluded at Reswick, anno 1697, by a Non-Swearing Parson,
and said to be drop'd out of his Pocket at Sam's Coffee House. I
quote a few of the most decent couplets.

"Lord! with what monstrous lies and senseless shams
Have we been cullied all along at Sam's!
Who could have e'er believed, unless in spite
Lewis le Grand would turn rank Williamite?
Thou that hast look'd so fierce and talk'd so big,
In thine old age to dwindle to a Whig!
Of Kings distress'd thou art a fine securer.
Thou mak'st me swear, that am a known nonjuror.
Were Job alive, and banter'd by such shufflers,
He'd outrail Oates, and curse both thee and Boufflers
For thee I've lost, if I can rightly scan 'em,
Two livings, worth full eightscore pounds per annum,
Bonae et legalis Angliae Monetae.
But now I'm clearly routed by the treaty."

FN 822 London Gazettes; Postboy of Nov. 18 1697; L'Hermitage,
Nov. 5/15.

FN 823 London Gazette, Nov. 18. 22 1697; Van Cleverskirke Nov.
16/26, 19/29.; L'Hermitage, Nov. 16/26; Postboy and Postman, Nov.
18. William to Heinsius, Nov. 16/26

FN 824 Evelyn's Diary, Dec, 2. 1697. The sermon is extant; and I
must acknowledge that it deserves Evelyn's censure.

FN 825 London Gazette, Dec. 6. 1697; Postman, Dec. 4.; Van
Cleverskirke, Dec. 2/12; L'Hermitage, Nov. 19/29.

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