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Putnam's Word Book by Louis A. Flemming

Part 4 out of 17

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cooeperate, v. concur, unite, work together; collude.

cooeperating, a. cooperative, auxiliary, concurrent; synergetic.

cooeperation, n. concurrence, working together; collusion; synergism,
synergy. Antonyms: antagonism, competition, opposition.

coot, n. (Colloq.) dolt, dunce, dullard, simpleton.

copier, n. copyist, transcriber; imitator, plagiarist. Antonym:

copious, a. plentiful, abundant, overflowing, ample, exuberant.

copper, n. _cuprum_; cauldron. Associated Words: cupreous, cupric,
cupriferous, cuprite, cuprous, speiss, chalcopyrite, chalcography,
eruginous, verdigris, chalcographer, chalcographist.

copperas, n. green vitriol, sulphate of iron, ferrous sulphate.

coppice, n. copse.

copse, n. thicket, brushwood, coppice, boscage, bosk.

copulation, n. union, conjunction; sexual union, coition. Associated
words: intromittent, infibulation, copulatory, copulate.

copy, n. transcript, reproduction, transcription, replica,
replication, facsimile, duplicate, pasticcio, counterpart, counterfeit,
imitation, apograph, estreat, exemplification, protocol, porotype;
pattern, model, original, example, precedent; manuscript.

copy, v. transcribe, reproduce, trace, duplicate; imitate, ape,
follow; exemplify.

copying machine. copygraph, polygraph.

copyist, n. transcriber, copier; imitator, plagiarist.

coquette, n. flirt.

coral, n. madrepora, madrepore.

cord, n. string, twine, torsade.

cordial, a. hearty, sincere, affectionate; strengthening,
invigorating, cheering.

cordiality, n. sincerity, heartiness, ardor, _empressement_.

cork, n. stopper, stopple, shive. Associated Words: cloop,
phelloplastics, phelloplastic, subereous, suberin, phellogen.

corn, n. maize, Indian corn; clavus.

corner, n. angle, cusp, cantle, bight, coin, quoin, coigne; nook,
recess, niche; direction, quarter.

corner, v. nonplus, pose, perplex, confuse.

cornerwise, adv. diagonally.

cornhouse, n. granary.

corporal, a. bodily, corporeal, material.

corpse, n. remains, relics, cadaver; carcass; mummy. Associated
words: cadaverous, cadaveric, necrophilism, necrophilous, carrion,
necrophobia, necrogenic, necrogenous, necrotomy, necropsy, coffin, bier,
catafalque, vespillo, cremate, cremation, crematory, crematorium, embalm,

correct, a. accurate, right, exact, precise. Antonyms: incorrect,

correct, v. rectify, amend, emend, right; reprove, discipline;
counteract, modify.

correctible, a. rectifiable.

correction, n. rectification, amendment, emendation; discipline,
punishment; counteraction.

corrective, a. rectifying, reformatory, correctory, disciplinary

correctness, n. accuracy, inerrancy, exactness, precision.
Antonyms: incorrectness, inaccuracy, inexactness, error.

correspond, v. accord, comport, tally, correlate, harmonize, agree.

correspondence, n. adaptation, agreement, congruity, concurrence,
homology; letters.

correspondent, a. conformable, congruous.

corrode, v. erode, canker; consume, wear away.

corrosion, n. erosion.

corrosive, a. erosive, eroding, corroding; vexing, carking, fretting.

corrupt, a. spoiled, tainted, addled, rotten, decaying; vitiated,
depraved, dissolute, venal, unprincipled, unscrupulous, vicious,
purchasable, mercenary.

corrupt, v. rot, spoil, deprave, vitiate, pervert, debase,
demoralize, defile, infect, pollute.

corruption, n. putrefaction, decay; pollution, vitiation: improbity,
venality, depravity, demoralization, dishonesty, bribery, subornation.
Antonyms: incorruption, honesty.

cortege, n. procession.

cosmopolitan, n. cosmopolite.

cost, n. charge, expense, price, outlay; detriment, loss.

costemonger, n. fruiterer, costardmonger, coster.

costiveness, n. constipation.

costly, a. expensive, dear, high-priced; sumptuous, rich.

cot, n. cottage, hut; pen, coop, cote; cradle, crib.

coterie, n. clique, set, circle.

cottage, n. cot, cabin, lodge, casino, bungalow, chalet, hacienda,
croft, hovel, shack, bower, shanty.

cottage cheese. smearcase.

cottager, n. cotter, cottier.

couch, n. lounge, sofa, bed.

cough, n. Associated Words: bechic, tussicular, pectoral, tussive.

council, n. aldermen, cabinet; assembly, junta, junto, camarilla,
synod, cabal.

council-chamber, n. audience-room, divan.

counsel, n. consultation; prudence, deliberation, forethought;
advice, admonition, suggestion. Associated Words: mentorial, monitorial,

counsel, v. advise, admonish.

counselor, n. adviser, mentor, monitor, admonitor; lawyer, attorney.

count, v. enumerate, number; esteem, consider, reckon, judge, think.

count, n. numbering.

countenance, n. face, visage, features; support, goodwill,
encouragement.--v. encourage, favor, approve.

counter, a. contrary, opposite, antagonistic.

counteract, v. defeat, frustrate, contravene, neutralize.

counteraction, n. frustration, contravention, neutralization.

counterbalance, v. counterpoise, countervail, equiponderate,

counterfeit, a. false, fraudulent, spurious, fictitious, sham, mock,

countermand, v. revoke, cancel, rescind, recall.--n. revocation,

counterpoint, n. polyphony.

counterpoise, v. counterbalance, balance, equiponderate.

countersign, n. watchword, password, _consigne_.

counterterm, n. antonym.

counting frame. abacus.

count out. exclude.

countrified, a. rude, uncourtly, rustic, bucolic, rural.

country, n. region, territory; nation; rural parts, farming region.
Associated Words: patriotism, patriot, patriotic, incivism, compatriot,
expatriate, expatriation, deport, deportation, repatriate, repatriation,
national, rusticate, rustication.

country, a. rural, rustic, agrestic.

countryman, n. compatriot, fellow-citizen; farmer, granger
husbandman, rustic; peasant; (country bumpkin) yokel, carl, clod,
clodhopper, churl, yahoo.

county, n. shire.

couple, n. two, pair, brace, span, couplet, team.

couple, v. join, link, connect; copulate.

couplet, n. distich.

courage, n. intrepidity, heroism, bravery, gallantry, hardihood,
fortitude, valor, fearlessness, pluck, prowess. Antonyms: See
cowardice and fear.

courageous, a. intrepid, brave, heroic, gallant, hardy, bold,
fearless, valiant, valorous, dauntless, chivalrous, plucky, daring,

courier, n. messenger, runner; estafet.

course, n. progress, passage; direction, bearing; heat, bout, round;
procedure; sequence, routine, order, succession regularity; career;

court, n. tribunal, judicatory, judicature, judiciary, forum, mall;
courtyard, quadrangle, cortile; jurisdiction; royal household, princely
retinue; assize. Associated Words: curialistic, aulic, judicial,
judiciary, forensic, docket, tipstaff, beadle, apparitor, summoner, _dies
judicus, dies non_.

court, v. woo, spark; solicit, seek, allure, attract, invite.

courteous, a. deferential, polite, debonair, gracious, urbane, civil,

courtesan, n. prostitute, harlot, demirep, _amorosa_, _bona roba_.

courtesy, n. politeness, urbanity, civility, complaisance; favor,
indulgence; curtsy.

courtly, a. elegant, dignified, polite.

courtyard, n. court, quadrangle, area, cortile, yard; patio, (Sp.

cove, n. bay, recess, bight, inlet.

covenant, n. compact, agreement, pact, concordat.

cover, v. overspread, overlay, thatch, hide, conceal, secrete;
comprise, embrace, embody, comprehend; copulate with, serve.

cover, n. lid, covering, case, canopy, awning, tilt, roof, casing,
cope, capsule, envelope; shelter, protection, defense, safeguard;
counterpane, quilt, coverlet, spread; covert, underbrush, undergrowth,
underwood, jungle, bush; plate.

covered, a. covert, screened, sheltered, protected, hidden.

covering, n. cover, wrapper, sheath, pavilion.

covert, a. secret, hidden, disguised, clandestine, stealthy.

covert, n. shelter, refuge, retreat; underwood, jungle, thicket.

covetousness, n. cupidity, avarice, greed.

cow, n. female of bovine animals; heifer (young cow); maverick.
Associated Words: bovine, Bos, moo, low, lowing, farrow, beef, neat,
moolley, vachery, chiche-vache, milch.

cow, v. overawe, daunt, intimidate, scare, dishearten.

coward, n. craven, dastard, poltroon, milksop, recreant.

cowardice, n. pusillanimity, poltroonery, dastardy, recreancy,
timidity, cowardliness.

cowardly, a. craven, pusillanimous, dastard, dastardly, poltroon,
recreant, timorous, white-livered, chicken-hearted faint-hearted,

cowboy, n. cattle herder, drover, herdsman, vaquero.

cowcatcher, n. pilot.

cow doctor. veterinarian, veterinary, veterinary surgeon.

cower, v. crouch, squat; quail, cringe.

cowlike, a. bovine.

coworker, n. colleague, coagent, collaborator, associate.

cowpox, n. vaccinia, kinepox, cowpock, kinepock.

coxcomb, n. fop, dandy, dude, popinjay, exquisite.

coy, a. shy, modest, retiring, demure, reserved.

cozy, a. snug; talkative, chatty, sociable.

crab, n. crustacean, mollusk.

crabbed, a. See cross.

crabs, n. pl. Cancer, Crustacea, Mollusca, Brachyura. Associated
words: crustacean, cancriform, cancerite, cancrine, cancroid, lobster,
carcinology, brachyurean, cancrivorous, cancrophagous, carcinoid,

crack, n. chink, crevice, cranny, fissure, rift, rime, rent, cleft,
interstice; rupture, breach, flaw; report, clap, pop, explosion, snap.

crack, v. break, chop, cleave, split, rift, snap.

crack, a. (Colloq.) first-rate, excellent, fine, capital,

cracked, a. (Colloq.) crotchety, eccentric, crazy.

crackle, v. crepitate, decrepitate.--n. crepitation, crackling.

crackling, a. crepitant.--n. crepitation, decrepitation,

crack up. (Low) extol, laud, praise, cry up.

cracksman, n. burglar.

cradle, n. baby's bed, trundle-bed; solen; _cunabula_.

craft, n. dexterity, skill; trade, handicraft; guild; guile, cunning,
subtlety, artfulness.

craftiness, n. artfulness, guile, craft, cunning.

craftsman, n. artificer, artisan, mechanic, skilled workman.

crafty, a. shrewd, artful, wily, tricky, cunning, sly, deceitful,
Machiavelian. Antonyms: guileless, artless, undesigning.

cragged, a. jagged, broken, craggy.

cram, v. compress, crowd, squeeze, press, impact.

cramp, v. restrain, confine, hinder, restrict, obstruct.

cranium, n. skull.

crank, n. winch, turning-handle; bend, turn, twist, crook, curve.

cranky, a. (Colloq.) crotchety, capricious, unreasonable,
cantankerous, cross, perverse, cross-grained, contumacious unsteady.

cranny, n. crevice, chink. See crack.

crash, n. ruin, smash, failure, collapse.

crass, a. coarse, unrefined, gross, crude.

crave, v. long for, yearn for, hanker after; beseech, entreat,

craven, a. cowardly.--n. coward.

craving, n. longing, yearning, hankering, hungering; entreaty,

crawler, n. creeper, reptile; pl. Reptilia, reptiles.

crawling, a. creeping, reptile, reptant, reptatorial,
reptatory.--n. creeping.

craze, v. madden, derange, distract; confuse, disarrange.

craze, n. craziness, distraction; fancy, freak, crotchet; mania,
passion, infatuation.

craziness, n. insanity, lunacy, dementia, delirium; monomania;
megalomania; paranoia.

crazy, a. demented, deranged, insane, delirious, dementate, mad,
lunatic, distracted, frantic, crazed, crack-brained; rickety, decrepit,
shaky, tottering, dilapidated; desirous, eager, infatuated. Antonyms:
sane, rational.

crazy person. madman, maniac, lunatic, bedlamite; monomaniac;
paranoiac; megalomaniac.

cream, n. best part, quintessence; cremor; cosmetic.

crease, n. ruck, wrinkle.

creation, n. origination, making, invention; universe, cosmos, world.

creative, a. demiurgic, inventive, cosmoplastic, omnific.

creature, n. being.

credence, n. belief, credit, acceptance.

credit, n. belief, faith, confidence; repute, good name, esteem,
honor; influence, prestige; trust, tick. Antonyms: discredit, dishonor,

creditor, n. Associated Words: bilk, subrogation.

credulous, a. unsuspecting, gullible. Antonym: incredulous.

creed, n. Associated-words: symbolics, symbolism Athanasian,
Nicene, Apostles'.

creek, n. brook, rivulet, race, runlet, streamlet, runnel, bourn,
burn; cove, bight.

creepers, n. pl. Reptilia.

creephole, n. retreat; subterfuge, expedient, makeshift excuse.

creeping, a. crawling, reptile, reptant; fawning, truckling,
obsequious, sycophantic.

creeping, n. reptation; formication.

creepingly, adv. insidiously, cunningly.

cremate, v. incremate, incinerate.

cremation, n. incremation, incineration. Associated Words:
crematory, crematorium.

crest, n. tuft; helmet; top, ridge, crown, summit; armorial bearings,
device, cognizance.

crested, a. cristate.

crestfallen, a. dejected, discouraged, disheartened, downcast.

crevice, n. cleft, fissure, rent, cranny, crack, chink.

crew, n. assemblage, throng, gang, mob, band, crowd.

crib, n. manger, rack; bin, bunker, box.

crib, v. (Colloq.) appropriate, plagiarize, steal, purloin.

cricket, n. Associated Words: stridulate, stridulation,
stridulator, stridulatory, stridulous.

crime, n. felony, atrocity, outrage, enormity; offense,
transgression, misdemeanor, malefaction, dereliction. Associated Words:
criminology, criminologist, criminality, recidivism, recidivist.

criminal, a. felonious, flagitious.

criminal, n. felon, malefactor, culprit; criminaloid.

criminate, v. incriminate, implicate, accuse.

crimination, n. incrimination.

crimp, v. curl, crisp, frizz.

crimpy, a. frizzly, crimped, wavy.

crincum, n. (Colloq.) twist, turn, freak, caprice, fancy, whim.

cringe, v. truckle, fawn, crouch.

cringing, a. truckling, fawning, servile, obsequious, slavish.

crinkle, v. curl, wrinkle.

crinkly, a. wavy, wrinkly, kinky.

cripple, v. maim, lame, disable; hough, hamstring.

crippled, a. maimed, lame, disabled, deformed, halt.

crisis, n. critical juncture; climacteric, emergency, strait,

crisp, a. brittle, friable, short; crackling, lively, brisk.
Antonyms: tenacious, tough, flexible.

critic, n. censor, reviewer, adept, judge, inspector; caviler,
carper, censurer; Zoilus.

critical, a. discriminating, fastidious; carping, censorious,
captious, caviling, zoilean; crucial, momentous, decisive, precarious,

criticism, n. critique, censure, animadversion, stricture, cavil.

croak, v. forebode, decry, complain, grumble.

croaker, n. grumbler, alarmist, decrier, pessimist.

crock, n. jar, pot; soot, smut.

crony, n. (Colloq.) bosom friend, intimate, associate, chum.

crook, n. bend, turn, curve, curvature, deflection; crosier; pothook;
artifice, trick, subterfuge, ruse.

crook, v. bend, curve, incurvate.

crooked, a. twisted, bent, devious, deformed, tortuous, sinuous,
winding, flexuous, curved, curvilinear, spiral, labyrinthial; distorted,
awry, askew, wry; dishonest, fraudulent, unscrupulous, knavish.

crookedness, n. tortuousness, tortuosity, sinuosity, incurvation,
curvature, deformity, curvity, wryness, anfractuosity; dishonesty,

crop, n. harvest, fruit, product, ingathering.

crop, v. clip, lop, cut off; gather, reap, harvest, garner; browse,

cross, n. crucifix, rood, gibbet; rebated cross, gammadion, fylfot,
saltire, swastika, cross bottony. Associated Words: crucify,
crucifixion, crucifier, cruciform, crucial, cruciate, crucigerous,
crucifer, vexillum, crantara, consignation.

cross, n. hybrid, mongrel, limmer.

cross, a. athwart, transverse, intersecting; adverse, baffling,
contrary, perverse; petulant, peevish, cynical, surly, unamiable,
inaffable, crabbed, crusty, captious, fractious, churlish, vixenish,
querulous, fretful, choleric, touchy, waspish, morose, sullen,
ill-natured, irascible acrimonious, irritable; inverse, interchanged.

cross, v. intersect; traverse; run counter to, thwart, baffle,
frustrate, foil; intercross; interbreed, hybridize; cancel.

crossbarred, a. cancellated.

crossbars, n. pl. lattice, grille, cancelli.

crossbeam, n. girder, stringer.

crossbow, n. arbelest, arcubalist.

crossbreed, n. hybrid, mongrel.

crossbreeding, n. hybridization.

crossbred, a. hybrid, mongrel.

crosscut, v. intersect.

cross-examination, n. cross-questioning, inquisition.

cross-eye, n. strabismus, strabism.

cross-fertilization, n. allogamy.

crossgrained, a. intractable, contrary, perverse, refractory,
froward, stubborn.

crossing, n. hybridization.

crossing, n. intersection, decussation; cancellation; traversing;
junction; crosswalk; thwarting, frustration, contradiction, interference;

crossness, n. petulance, peevishness, cynicism, unamiability,
moroseness, irritability, asperity, ill-nature, inaffability,

crosswise, adv. across, transversely.

crotch, n. fork, crotchet, angle.

crotchet, n. whim, fancy, vagary, caprice, freak.

crotchety, a. whimsical, fanciful, vagarious, capricious.

crouch, v. squat, couch, stoop; cringe, fawn, truckle.

croup, n. cynanche.

crow, n. Associated Words: caw, corvine, corviform, corvoid.

crow, v. brag, exult, swagger, vaunt, gasconade, vapor.

crowd, v. press, shove, jostle; compress, cram, cramp, squeeze, stow,
impact; swarm, throng, troop; intrude.

crowd, n. concourse, crush, posse, multitude, number, mass, throng,
horde, host, troop, bevy, knot, assembly, confluence; populace, rabble,
commonalty, mob, proletariat, riffraff, the masses, rabblerout,

crowded, a. congested, serried, dense, compact. Antonyms:
incompact, loose.

crowding, n. congestion, compression.

crown, n. diadem, coronet, corona; tiara; wreath, garland chaplet,
coronal, laurel, bays; royalty, sovereignty; consummation, capsheaf,
summit, top, crest, vertex, vortex; krone. Associated Words: coronal,

crown, v. consummate, complete.

crowning, a. consummating, completing.

crowning, n. coronation.

crucial, a. cruciform, cross-shaped; severe, trying, ordeal

crude, a. undeveloped, inelaborate, uncouth, inartistic, unfinished.

cruel, a. pitiless, merciless, inhuman, unmerciful, fell, relentless,
ruthless, truculent, brutal, unfeeling, severe, inexorable,
incompassionate, implacable.

cruelly, n. inhumanity, implacability, severity, atrocity,

crumble, v. disintegrate, decay, molder.

crumbly, a. friable.

crumple, v. rumple, ruck, wrinkle, crush together.

crush, v. overpower, vanquish, quell, subdue, conquer, suppress;
squeeze, press, compress.

crush, n. compression; pressure, crowd.

crushing, a. overwhelming.

crush-room, n. foyer.

crust, n. incrustation.--v. incrust.

crusty, a. cross, unamiable, surly.

crux, n. puzzle, riddle.

cry, v. weep, sob, wail, bawl, squall, whimper, blubber, pule,
bewail; shout, call, exclaim, yell, scream, vociferate, clamor, ejaculate.

cry, n. exclamation, ejaculation, acclamation, outcry, clamor,
vociferation, yoicks, scream, shriek, howl, yell, proclamation; slogan,
shibboleth; halloo, whoop, hoot: crying, weeping, wail, lamentation, mewl,
plaint whimpering.

cry down. decry, disparage, dispraise, traduce.

crying, n. weeping, sobbing, wailing, wail, clamation, bawling,
puling, squalling.

crying, a. weeping, sobbing, clamant; flagrant, egregious, heinous,

cry out upon. denounce, censure, condemn.

crypt, n. catacomb; follicle.

cryptic, a. hidden, secret, occult, enigmatical.

cry to. pray to, implore, beseech.

cry up. extol, laud, praise.

cube, n. hexahedron.

cucking-stool, n. castigatory, tumbrel, trebucket, ducking-stool

cucumber, n. gherkin (small and prickly).

cud, n. rumen; quid. Associated Words: Ruminantia, ruminant,
ruminate, rumination, merycism.

cuddle, v. nestle, snuggle.

cudgel, n. club, bludgeon.

cue, n. catchword; queue, pigtail; hint, suggestion, intimation.

cuff, n. box, slap, buffet; manchette (ornamental cuff).

cuff, v. box, slap, smite, strike, buffet.

cull, n. cully, dupe, gull.

culprit, n. offender, malefactor, delinquent, criminal sinner.

cultivable, a. tillable, arable, culturable.

cultivate, v. till.

cultivation, n. tillage.

culture, n. cultivation, tillage; refinement, enlightenment,

cultured, a. refined, educated, enlightened.

cumbersome, a. burdensome, troublesome, unwieldy, unmanageable.

cunning, a. artful, crafty, sly, wily, arch, designing, deceitful,
intriguing; curious, ingenious; skillful, dexterous.

cunning, n. craft, deceit, craftiness, subtlety, wiliness.

cup, n. mug, noggin, nipperkin, beaker, bumper, tankard, jorum, tig;
pl. carousal, wassail, intoxication, orgies; cupping-glass, cupel;

cupboard, n. locker, buffet, ambry, closet.

cupidity, n. covetousness, avarice, greediness.

cupola, n. dome; lantern.

curable, a. remediable, sanable. Antonyms: incurable, irremediable.

curative, a. remedial, sanatory.

curator, n. custodian, keeper, trustee, warden.

curb, v. check, restrain, control, repress, bridle.

curb roof, gambrel roof; mansard roof.

curdle, v. coagulate, thicken, curd, clabber, lopper

curdled, a. coagulated, thickened, loppered.

curdled milk. clabber.

cure, n. spiritual charge, curacy; medical treatment, therapy;
antidote, remedy, specific; healing.

cure, v. heal, remedy.

cure-all, n. panacea, catholicon.

curiosity, n. inquisitiveness; curio, freak, rarity, _rara avis_,
wonder. Antonyms: incuriosity, uninquisitiveness.

curious, a. inquisitive; strange, rare, unusual. Antonym: incurious.

curl, n. ringlet, kink, toupet.

curl, v. crisp, crimp, crape; writhe, wreathe, twist, wind.

curling, n. crispation.

curl paper. papillote.

curly, a. curling, curled, crinkled, crinkly, wavy, kinky.

curlycue, n. (Colloq.) flourish, paraph, caper.

current, a. present, instant; circulating, rife.

curse, n. denunciation, anathema, ban, malediction, execration,
imprecation, fulmination, malison, maranatha; torment, plague, scourge,

curse, v. anathematize, execrate, fulminate, denounce, condemn.

cursed, a. accursed, execrable, abominable, odious.

curtail, v. shorten, reduce, retrench.

curtain, n. hanging, drapery, portiere, valance, purdah.

curvature, n. curve, flexure, sinuosity; cyrtosis.

curve, v. bend, crook, turn, inflect, deflect, deviate, wind.

cushion, n. pad, bolster, pillow, pillion; pouf, pouffle.

cussedness, n. (Slang) perversity, obstinacy, doggedness, meanness.

custodian, n. curator, guardian, keeper.

custody, n. safe-keeping, care; imprisonment.

custom, n. usage, practice, conventionality; patronage; impost, duty,

customary, a. usual, wonted, habitual, conventional, accustomed.

customer, n. patron.

cut, v. gash, slash, hew, crop, reap, mow, lop, prune, clip, shear,
whittle, shave, trim, detruncate, dock, curtail, exscind, dissect,
chamfer, amputate, carve, chase, chisel, lance, bisect, cleave, razee,
slit, incise, fell, score, nurl, knurl.

cut, n. incision, gash, slash, slit, wound; slight, ignoration;
sarcasm, taunt; notch, groove, chamfret; defile, passage; kerf; slice,
piece; fashion, style, mode; engraving.

cut down. fell; retrench, curtail, reduce.

cute, a. (Colloq.) clever, sharp, ingenious, cunning, shrewd.

cut off. amputate, sever; interrupt, stop, intercept.

cut out. exscind, excise, remove; supplant; debar, exclude.

cutting, a. incisive, sharp, keen, trenchant; penetrating, nipping,
biting; sarcastic, satirical, caustic, acrimonious, mordacious; secant.

cutting, n. incision, felling, amputation, cleavage, truncation,
curtailment, celotomy, dissection, scarification, slashing, cropping;
slip, scion, clipping. Associated Words: sectile, sectility, insecable.

cutting out. excision, exsection.

cut to pieces. dissect, mutilate, dismember.

cut up. afflict, grieve, distress, harry; play pranks, play tricks,
cut capers, misbehave.

cyclone, n. tornado.

cypher, n. See cipher.

Czar, n. Tsar, Tzar. Associated Words: Czarinian Czarowitz,
Czarevna, autocrat.

Czarina, n. Tsarina, Tsaritsa.


Dabbler, n. superficialist, sciolist, smatterer, dilettante.

dabblingly, adv. superficially, cursorily.

dabster, n. (Colloq.) expert, adept, master-hand.

dagger, n. stiletto, poniard, bowie knife, dirk; obelisk.

daily, a. diurnal, quotidian.

dainty, n. delicacy, tidbit, treat, rarebit, _bonne bouche_.

dainty, a. fastidious, squeamish, finical; delicate, exquisite.

dale, n. glen, dell, dingle, vale, valley.

dalliance, n. fondling, endearments; delay, procrastination,

dally, v. dawdle, trifle; fondle, wanton; delay, postpone,

dam, n. barrier, weir, burrock.

dam, v. restrain, obstruct.

damage, v. injure, hurt, harm, despoil, scathe, deface, impair,
disfigure, damnify.

damage, n. injury, detriment, impairment, defacement, harm, hurt,

damages, n. pl. indemnity, satisfaction, reparation.

damn, v. condemn, curse, reprobate, denounce.

damnable, a. accursed, atrocious, execrable, heinous.

damnation, n. condemnation, reprobation, perdition.

damning, a. condemnatory, damnatory.

damp, a. moist, wet, humid, dank.

dampen, v. moisten, damp; check, repress, restrain, discourage,

damper, n. check, setback, wet blanket, discouragement, rebuff.

dampness, n. moisture, humidity.

dance, n. ballet, cotillion, quadrille, waltz, reel, fandango, polka,
two-step, polonaise, mazurka, schottische, allemande cancan, minuet,
courant, bolero, gavot. Associated Words: terpsichorean, Terpsichore,
choregraphy, dervish.

dancing-mania, n. epidemic chorea, choromania, cory-bantism

dander, n. (Slang) anger, resentment, ire, wrath, dudgeon.

dandified, a. foppish, coxcombical. Antonyms: slovenly, careless,

dandy, n. fop, exquisite, dude, coxcomb, popinjay, incroyable,
jackadandy. Antonym: sloven.

danger, n. jeopardy, hazard, peril, insecurity, risk, exposure,
imminence, impediment. Antonyms: safety, immunity, security, shelter,
safeguard, protection.

dangerous, a. perilous, hazardous, risky, unsafe, critical, parlous,
imminent. Antonyms: See safe.

Danish Parliament. Rigsdag (Landsthing and Folkething).

dapper, a. spruce, trim, natty, spry, nimble.

dappled, a. piebald, spotted, pied, mottled.

dare, v. venture, presume; defy, challenge, stump.

dare, n. defiance, provocation, challenge.

dare-devil, a. reckless, rash, inconsiderate, venturesome.

dark, a. unilluminated, sunless, dusky, rayless, Cimmerian, pitchy,
tenebrific, murk, murky, dingy, shadowy, shady, mirky, lowering, overcast,
gloomy, sullen, Stygian, sombre; obscure, mysterious, incomprehensible,
recondite abstruse, cabalistic, cryptic, enigmatical, occult; brunette,
swart, swarthy.

darken, v. shade, obscure, infuscate, shadow, becloud, obfuscate;
perplex, confuse; sully, tarnish, discolor.

darkness, n. obscurity, shadow, dimness, gloom, infuscation,
murkiness, obfuscation, tenebrosity; unenlightenment. Associated Words:
Erebus, Ahriman, Cimmerii.

dart, v. hurl, launch, jaculate; spring, dodge, bolt, shoot.

dash, n. collision, allision, crash; abashment, frustration;
infusion, smack, tincture, sprinkling; onset, rush, sally; energy,
animation, vigor; (Slang) parade, flourish, show, ostentation.

dashboard, n. splashboard, dasher.

dashing, a. spirited, bold, brilliant, ostentatious, gay; roaring,
rushing, headlong.

dastard, n. coward, craven, poltroon. See coward.

daub, v. smear, bedaub, besmear, soil, sully.

daughter, n. Associated Words: filial, filiation, filicide.

daunt, v. cow, intimidate, frighten, alarm, appall, dishearten,

dauntless, a. intrepid, valorous, daring, fearless.

dawn, n. daybreak, aurora, dayspring, sunrise.

day, n. daytime, nycthemeron; time, age, generation, epoch, era.
Associated Words: metemptosis, proemptosis, daily, diurnal, quotidian,
ephemeral, _sine die_, ferial, _per diem_.

day-blindness, n. nyctalopia.

day-dream, n. revery.

day scholar. extern.

day-sight, n. hemeralopia.

dazzle, v. daze, blind; bewilder, astonish, overpower.

dazzling, a. brilliant, intense, glaring.

deacon, n. Associated Words: diaconal, diaconate.

dead, a. lifeless, deceased, inanimate, defunct, extinct, departed;
inert, obtuse, impassive, callous, torpid, unfeeling, subdued.

dead body. See corpse.

deadborn a. stillborn.

deaden, v. blunt, benumb, hebetate, moderate; devitalize, subdue.

dead-house, n. morgue; ossuarium, charnel-house, mortuary, tomb.

deadly, a. fatal, mortal, lethal, lethiferous, noxious, internecine;
implacable, unrelenting.

deaf-mute, n. Associated Word: dactylology.

deal, v. distribute, apportion, dispense, allot; trade, traffic,

dealer, n. trader, dispenser, trafficker, retailer, shopkeeper,
merchant, monger, vender, tradesman, broker, mercer, commission dealer,

dealing, n. distribution, apportionment; traffic, intercourse,
barter, business, transaction, negotiation, commerce, trade.

dear, a. costly, expensive, high-priced; beloved, darling, precious.
Antonyms: cheap, inexpensive.

dearth, n. scarcity, lack, deficiency, paucity, want. Antonyms: See

death, n. decease, demise, dissolution, dying, mortality, expiration,
quietus, mort, obit, extinction; euthanasia (an easy death).
Associated-words: eschatology, thanatology, thanatopsis, necrology,
thanatophobia, necrophobia, necrolatry, requiem, necromancy, posthumous,
post-mortem, ante-mortem, euthanasian, dirge, crossbones, placebo, _in
extremis_, decedent, funeral, obit, obitual, necrologist, fatality, fatal,

deathless, a. immortal, imperishable, undying.

death notice. obituary, necrology.

debar, v. preclude, exclude.

debase, v. degrade, deteriorate, abase, vitiate, corrupt, alloy,

debasement, n. degradation, abasement, deterioration, vitiation,

debatable, a. contestable, moot, disputable, mooted, controvertible.
Antonyms: incontestable, indisputable, incontrovertible.

debate, v. argue, discuss, moot, contend, controvert.

debate, n. discussion, argument, moot, dispute, controversy,
disputation, forensic.

debauch, v. vitiate, deprave, corrupt, demoralize; ravish, rape.

debauch, n. debauchery, dissipation, abandon, drunkenness saturnalia,
orgies, bacchanals, lechery; rape. Antonyms: temperance, continence,

debauched, a. dissolute, licentious, dissipated, corrupt.

debauchee, n. libertine, lecher, fornicator, rake, drunkard, satyr.

debauchery, n. lechery, libertinism, sensuality, licentiousness,

debonair, a. suave, courteous, urbane, complaisant, gracious.

debt, n. liability, due, obligation, debit. Antonyms: asset,
resource. Associated Words: garnishee, distrain, distress, debenture.

decadent, a. deteriorating, degenerating.--n. degenerate.

decay, v. decline, retrograde, deteriorate; rot, decompose, putrefy,

decay, n. deterioration, corruption, decline, decadence, senescence,
retrogradation, decomposition, caducity; putrefaction, putrescence, rot;

decayed, a. rotten, corrupt, putrefied, carious, putrescent,

decaying, a. rotting, corrupt, mouldering, decadent, putrefying,
carious. Antonym: imputrescible.

decease, n. demise, death.

deceased person. decedent.

deceit, n. deception, imposition, trickery, chicanery, artifice,
delusion, circumvention, guile, duplicity, imposture finesse,
dissimulation, cozenage, trumpery, fallacy.

deceitful, a. deceptive, illusive, insidious, fraudulent, wily,
artful, disingenuous.

deceivable, a. deceptible, gullible, credulous. Antonyms:
indeceptible, undeceivable.

deceive, v. delude, beguile, mislead, gull, impose upon, dupe,
circumvent, hoodwink, bamboozle. Antonyms: undeceive, disillusionize,

deceiver, n. impostor, charlatan, mountebank, swindler, knave,

decency, n. propriety, seemliness, decorum, modesty, Antonyms: See

decent, a. suitable, modest, decorous, seemly, respectable.
Antonyms: See indecent.

deception, n. imposition, craft, duplicity, deceit, hoax, fallacy,
ruse, imposture, artifice, illusion, prevarication, finesse,
dissimulation, cozenage, sophistry, coggery. Antonyms: guilelessness,
candor, disillusionment, fair dealing, sincerity.

deceptive, a. delusive, fallacious, deceitful, specious, insidious,
sophistical. Antonyms: guileless, candid, ingenuous, sincere, open.

decharm, v. disillusionize, disenchant, disabuse.

decide, v. determine, settle, conclude, resolve.

decided, a. unequivocal, determined, pronounced, unwavering,
positive, incontrovertible.

decision, n. determination, settlement, conclusion, verdict,
inference, deduction; firmness, resolution, constancy, steadfastness.
Antonyms: indecision, irresolution, vacillation.

decisive, a. conclusive, final, peremptory, summary.

deck, v. bedeck, bedizen, array.

declaration, n. assertion, affirmation, avowal, predication,

declare, v. affirm, assert, aver, state, asseverate, predicate.

decline, v. lean, incline, bend; languish, sink, wane, diminish,
decrease, deteriorate, retrograde; deviate, stray; shun, refuse.

decline, n. deterioration, retrogradation, diminution, retrogression,
degeneracy, declension, declination, decay; progressive emaciation,
marasmus. Antonyms: progress, advancement, improvement.

decolor, v. decolorate, decolorize.

decorate, v. embellish, adorn, beautify, ornament, garnish, enrich,
trim, bedizen, bedeck.

decorated, a. embellished, ornate, ornamented, trimmed. Antonyms:
See plain.

decoration, n. embellishment, garniture, bedizenment, adorning,
ornamentation, decking, insignia, regalia, purfling; paraphernalia.

decorative, a. ornamental, embellishing, adorning.

decoy, v. entice, lure, allure, ensnare, entrap.

decoy, n. lure, enticement, magnet, allurement.

decrease, n. decrement, diminution, reduction, decline, depreciation,
abatement, subsidence.

decrease, v. diminish, reduce, dwindle, subside, depreciate, abate,

decreasing, a. decrescent, diminishing, waning.

decrease of motion retardation.

decree, n. edict, fiat, mandate, decretal, rescript.--v. enact,
ordain, enjoin.

decrial, n. condemnation, disparagement, dispraise, detraction,
derogation, belittling.

decry, v. disparage, belittle.

dedicate, v. consecrate.

dedication, n. consecration. Associated Words: dedicate, dedicator,
dedicatorial, dedicatory, dedicatee.

deduct, v. subtract, rebate.

deduction, n. subtraction, discount; inference, conclusion,
corollary, illation.

deed, n. exploit, act, feat, perpetration, performance, stunt.

deed, n. Associated Words: defeasance, feoffment, muniment.

deep, a. profound, intricate, inexplicable, unfathomable,
incomprehensible, recondite, abstruse; abysmal; sagacious, cunning,
astute, shrewd; dark, intense; grave, grum, full-toned, guttural.
Antonyms: superficial, shallow.

deepen, v. intensify.

deer, n. Cervidae; fallow deer, red deer, mule deer, reindeer; buck
(fawn, brocket, pricket, sorel, sore, spitter); (female) doe, roe;
(male red deer) stag, hart; hind, roe (female red deer); havier
(castrated); halfer; antelope hummel; staggard. Associated Words:
venison, fumet, umbles, cervine, deerstalking, capreoline.

deerhound, n. staghound.

deface, v. mar, disfigure, mutilate.

defacement, n. disfigurement, mutilation, marring.

defamation, n. calumny, libel, lampoon, traducement, roorback. See

defamatory, a. slanderous, calumnious, libellous, vituperative,

defame, v. calumniate, malign, vilify, lampoon, vituperate, slander.

defaulter, n. delinquent, peculator, embezzler, defalcator.

defeat, n. repulse, overthrow, vanquishment, foil, rout, frustration,

defeat, v. conquer, vanquish, repulse, discomfit, rout, checkmate,
outwit, balk, foil, frustrate.

defect, n. blemish, flaw, imperfection, foible, failing, shortcoming,

defend, v. guard, protect, shield, secure, screen, shelter, fortify,
garrison, preserve, harbor, countenance; uphold, espouse, vindicate,
advocate, plead, justify, maintain.

defender, n. defendant, vindicator, advocate, champion, pleader,
asserter, upholder, guardian.

defense, n. protection, defending, maintenance; guard, protection,
palisade, rampart, bulwark, fortress, blockhouse, fortification,
earthwork, breastwork, shield, armor, stockade, buckler, redoubt, remblai,
palladium, garrison, ravelin, reliance, muniment, machicolation;
vindication, advocacy, plea, excuse. Antonyms: betrayal, exposure,
surrender, abandonment, capitulation.

defiance, n. challenge, provocation; opposition, insubmission,
contumacy, contempt, insubordination, insurgency, mutiny, rebellion,

defiant, a. disobedient, insubmissive, contumacious, bellicose,
rebellious, contumelious, refractory, cockahoop, mutinous. Antonyms:
obedient, tractable, submissive.

deficiency, n. inadequacy, insufficiency, shortage, meagreness.

deficient, a. defective, imperfect, meagre, scanty, inadequate,

defile, v. contaminate, pollute, soil, befoul, vitiate, taint,
corrupt, infect, sully.

defilement, n. contamination, pollution, vitiation, corruption.

definite, a. positive, specific, express, explicit, specified, exact,
precise. Antonyms: See indefinite.

definition, n. explanation, description; lexigraphy.

deformed, a. misshapen, disfigured, crippled.

deformity, n. malformation, disfigurement, unshapeliness distortion.
Associated Words: orthopedy, orthopraxy, orthopedic, orthopedist.

defraud, v. See cheat.

deft, a. dexterous, adroit, expert, skillful, apt, clever.

defy, v. challenge, dare; spurn, flout, scorn.

degeneracy, n. decline, degeneration, retrogression, deterioration.

degenerate, v. deteriorate, retrograde, decline.

degeneration, n. deterioration, decline, retrogradation, degeneracy,

degradation, n. abasement, debasement, disgrace, humiliation.

degrade, v. abase, debase, disgrace, pervert, humiliate, dishonor.

degraded, a. debased, low, shameful.

deiflcation, n. apotheosis.

deify, v. apotheosize.

deign, v. condescend, vouchsafe.

delay, n. deferring, deferment, procrastination, postponement,
respite, reprieve; retardation, retention, obstruction; dawdling,
lingering, dalliance. Antonyms: dispatch, promptness, expedition, haste.

delay, v. postpone, defer, procrastinate, suspend, reprieve, retard,
impede, hinder, obstruct; linger, tarry, dawdle, dally. Antonyms:
dispatch, hasten, expedite, facilitate.

delegate, v. depute, commission.

delegate, n. deputy, proxy, vicar, commissioner, legate, envoy,
appointee, surrogate.

deleterious, a. hurtful, noxious, pernicious.

deliberate, a. intentional, premeditated, prepense, done on purpose.
Antonyms: accidental, unconscious, unpremeditated, unintentional.

deliberation, n. consideration, discussion, consultation.

delicacy, n. daintiness, fineness, frailty, refinement,
fastidiousness, discrimination, sensitiveness; dainty, tidbit, junket.
Antonyms: indelicacy, coarseness, indiscrimination.

delicate, a. graceful, fine, exquisite, minute, slender; refined,
sensitive, fastidious, dainty; critical, ticklish. Antonyms: See

delicious, a. luscious, palatable, savory, exquisite, delightful.
Antonyms: unpalatable, nauseous, distasteful fulsome.

delighted, a. charmed, overjoyed, enraptured.

delightful, a. charming, enchanting, rapturous, beatific, ravishing,
delectable, pleasurable, delicious, congenial, enjoyable.

delirious, a. irrational. Antonyms: rational, lucid, sane.

delirium tremens. _mania a potu_, oenomania, the horrors (Colloq.).

deliverance, n. rescue, salvation, redemption; extrication,

delivery, n. rescue, release, liberation, deliverance, extrication;
surrender, conveyance, transfer, transmission.

delusion, n. illusion, deception, phantasm, hallucination, mockery,
ruse. Antonyms: disillusionment, disenchantment, reality, actuality,

demand, n. exaction, requisition, requirement, order, request.

demeanor, n. deportment, carriage, behavior, bearing, mien.

demerit, n. fault, wrongdoing, misconduct, delinquency.

demolish, v. See destroy.

demon, n. devil, fiend, Mara. Associated Words: demoniac,
demonocracy, pandemonium, demonology, sabbat, demonophobia, polydemonism,
demonism, exorcise, exorcism, exorcist.

demon worship. demonolatry.

demoralize, v. deprave, debase, corrupt, vitiate.

demure, a. sedate, sober, staid, decorous.

den, n. cavern, cave, lair; retreat, haunt, squalid resort.

denial, n. negation, rejection, disclaimer, disavowal, controverting,
abjuration, disacknowledgment, refusal, abnegation, renunciation.
Antonyms: affirmation, acceptance, avowal, confession.

denote, v. signify, imply, indicate, betoken.

denouncing, n. denunciation.

dent, n. indentation.--v. indent.

denunciation, n. condemnation, arraignment, accusation, fulmination,
malediction, stigmatizing.

denunciatory, a. condemnatory, comminatory, fulminatory

deny, v. gainsay, contradict; disavow, disown, abjure, renounce,

department, n. division, section, part, category; district, precinct,
branch, province; station, sphere, capacity.

departure, n. deviation; retirement, withdrawal.

depend, v. lean, rely, trust.

dependable, a. trustworthy, trusty, reliable. Antonyms:
untrustworthy, unreliable.

dependant, n. retainer, vassal, minion, subject, feudatory, adherent,
satellite; corollary, consequence, concomitant.

dependence, n. suspension, dependency; reliance, trust; mainstay,
support; contingency.

dependent, a. conditioned, contingent. Antonyms: independent,

depict, v. portray, delineate, describe, picture.

depiction, n. portrayal, delineation, description, picture.

deplore, v. lament, deprecate, bewail, regret, rue, bemoan.

deportment, n. behavior, conduct, demeanor.

deposit, n, deposition, sediment, precipitate, alluvium, alluvion,
diluvium. Associated Words: alluvial, diluvial.

depositary, n. trustee, guardian, fiduciary.

depository, n. storehouse, magazine, depot, warehouse, promptuary.

depot, n. depository, warehouse; station.

depredation, n. pillage, sacking, rapine, spoliation, plunder.

depredator, n. plunderer, pillager, despoiler, robber.

depressed, a. dejected, dispirited.

depression, n. cavity, hollow, indentation, concavity, dent;
dejection, discouragement, despondency, vapors, gloom; inactivity,

deprive, v. dispossess, strip, divest, despoil.

depth, n. profundity; extent, measure, intensity; deep, abyss;
astuteness, shrewdness, acumen, discernment. Associated Words:
bathometer, bathymetry, bathymetric.

derelict, a. abandoned, forsaken; lost, adrift; careless, negligent,
remiss, delinquent.

deride, v. scoff, ridicule, mock, taunt, jeer, scout, jibe.

derision, n. ridicule, mockery, jeering.

derogatory, a. disparaging, detracting.

descendants, n. pl. progeny, posterity, offspring.

descent, n. descension; incursion, raid, foray; derivation, lineage,
extraction, parentage, birth; declivity, slope, decline; dismounting;
bathos; escarpment, scarp.

describe, v. delineate, depict.

description, n. delineation, depiction, portrayal; class, species,
sort, character.

desecrate, v. profane, pollute, secularize.

desecration, n. profanation, secularization.

desert, n. merit, meed, due.

desert, n. wilderness, wild. Associated Words: oasis, mirage,
caravan, caravansary, eremic.

desert, a. waste, unproductive, barren, desolate, infertile,
inarable. Antonyms: fertile, arable.

desert, v. forsake, abandon, leave, run away from.

deserted, a. forsaken, desolate, abandoned, derelict.

deserter, n. renegade, turncoat, delinquent, backslider, apostate,
recreant, poltroon, rat, traitor.

desertion, n. abandonment. Antonyms: See faithfulness.

desert wind. simoon.

deserve, v. merit.

deserved, a. merited, condign. Antonyms: undeserved, unmerited.

deserving, a. meritprious, worthy, meedful. Antonyms: undeserving,

design, n. sketch, draught, outline, plan; scheme, intention,
purpose, project, intent, aim. Associated Words: teleology, teleologist,

designing, n. artful, wily, crafty, subtle, politic, Machiavelian
disingenuous. Antonyms: See undesigning.

desire, n. longing, craving, will, aspiration, hankering, appetency,
cupidity, impulse; request, petition, quest, entreaty; velleity;
pruriency. Antonyms: apathy, antipathy, aversion, inappetency.
Associated Words: desiderative, desideratum, orectic, optative.

desire, v. want, crave, long for, lust, covet, yearn, aspire,

desolate, a. dreary, waste; broken-hearted, inconsolable, solitary;

desolate, v. devastate, depredate, despoil, sack, lay waste.

despair, n. hopelessness, desperation, inconsolableness.

desperate, a. irretrievable, hopeless, incurable, remediless,
outrageous, atrocious, monstrous, heinous.

desperation, n. despair, hopelessness, recklessness.

despicable, a. contemptible, abject.

despise, v. contemn, disdain.

despiteful, a. malicious, spiteful, resentful.

despondency, n. melancholy, depression, dejection.

despondent, a. disheartened, discouraged, dejected, depressed.

despot, n. tyrant, autocrat.

despotic, a. autocratic, tyrannical, absolute, despotical.

despotism, n. absolutism, autocracy, tyranny.

destine, v. doom, preordain, appoint, foredoom.

destiny, n. fate, doom, lot, fortune.

destitute, a. devoid, deficient, lacking; needy, very poor.

destitution, n. privation, need, want, poverty, deficiency,

destroy, v. annihilate, undo, demolish, raze, desolate, devour, sack,
dismantle, eradicate, exterminate, ruin. Antonyms: conserve, preserve,
perpetuate, spare.

destroyer, n. iconoclast, annihilator, vandal, hun, destructionist,

destruction, n. annihilation, demolition, eradication, ruin,
perdition, havoc, vandalism, subversion, desolation, devastation,
iconoclasm. Antonyms: conservation preservation, perpetuation.

destructive, a. ruinous, iconoclastic, vandal, vandalic, internecine,
deleterious, pernicious, annihilative.

desultory, a. fitful, irregular, cursory, unsystematic.

detach, v. disconnect, disjoin, sever, disunite, isolate, segregate.

detachment, n. disconnection, separation, disunion, isolation,

detail, v. particularize, enumerate.

details, n. pl. minutiae, particulars.

detention, n. restraint, custody, confinement, arrest.

deter, v. hinder, prevent, dissuade, restrain.

deteriorate, v. decline, degenerate, retrograde; corrupt, vitiate,
debase, degrade.

deterioration, n. decline, degeneration, retrogression; vitiation,
corruption, debasement.

detest, v. loathe, despise, abominate, abhor, hate, execrate.

detestable, a. abominable, loathsome, execrable, abhorrent.

detestation, n. abomination, execration, loathing, abhorrence,

deuced, a. (Low) devilish, excessive, extreme.

devastate, v. desolate, sack, despoil, ravage, plunder.

devastation, n. desolation, sacking, despoliation, ravage, havoc.

develop, v. mature, evolve; unfold, disentangle, unravel. Antonyms:
atrophy, blast, blight.

development, n. unfoldment, progression, evolution; hypertrophy
(excessive development). Antonyms: atrophy, undevelopment, abortion,

deviate, v. swerve, deflect, digress, stray, wander, diverge.
Antonym: continue.

deviation, n. swerving, deflection, digression, divergence.

device, n. contrivance, invention, expedient, wile, maneuver,
artifice, trickery; symbol, motto, legend, cognizance.

devil, n. Satan, Lucifer, Apollyon, Belial, Beelzebub, deuce,
dickens, Mephistopheles, Asmodeus, Abaddon; demon, fiend. Associated
words: diabolology, Satanic, demoniac, exorcise, exorcism, diabolism,
Izedi, Izedism, demonology.

devilish, a. demoniac, diabolical, fiendish, infernal; atrocious,

devil-may-care, a. reckless, defiant.

deviltry, n. devilry, diablerie, devilment, fiendishness.

devious, a. wandering, circuitous, mazy, winding, tortuous,
roundabout; erring, sinful.

devise, v. contrive, invent, scheme, concoct, excogitate; bequeath.

devoted person. devotee, zealot.

devotion, n. consecration, dedication; zeal, allegiance, attachment,
love; worship, adoration; religion, holiness, devoutness; fetishism,

devotional, a. reverential, devout.

devour, v. consume.

devout, a. pious, reverent, devotional, godly, holy, religious.
Antonyms: irreverent, irreligious, impious, unholy.

dexterity, n. expertness, skill, adroitness, aptitude, readiness.

dexterous, a. expert, adroit, skillful.

dialing, n. gnomonics.

dialogue, n. colloquy, duologue, interlocutory, interlocution,
collocution. Associated Words: interlocutor, interlocutory, collocutor.

diarrhea, n. flux; lientery; (of cattle) scour.

diatribe, n. philippic, tirade, invective, screed.

dice, n. die, cube. Associated Word: cleromancy.

dicker, v. trade, barter, negotiate, exchange.--n. barter,
trade, exchange, chaffering.

dictate, n. command, admonition, prescription, impulse.

dictator, n. despot, autocrat.

dictatorial, a. imperious, dogmatical, overbearing.

diction, n. language, phraseology.

dictionary, n. lexicon, vocabulary, wordbook, glossary; gazetteer,
gradus, onomasticon, idioticon, thesaurus. Associated Words:
lexicography, lexicographer, lexicographic.

dido, n. trick, antic, caper, prank.

die, v. expire, perish, decease; wither, fade, vanish, recede, wane,
subside, languish.

die, n. dice; stamp.

differ, v. be unlike; disagree. Antonyms: agree, concur.

difference, n. dissimilarity, unlikeness, distinction, variation,
contrast, discrepancy, discrimination, disparity, diversity,
dissimilitude, incompatibility, inequality, heterogeneity, variety;
dissension, variance. See disagreement. Antonyms: uniformity,
similarity, agreement consonance, correspondence, indiscrimination,
promiscuity, identity.

different, a. dissimilar, unlike, contrary, opposite, contrasted,
variant, diversified, manifold, various, diverse, sundry, incompatible,
heterogeneous, nondescript, miscellaneous unclassifiable, unique.
Antonyms: similar, like, same.

differentiate, v. discriminate.

differentiation, n. discrimination.

difficult, a. arduous, onerous, complicated, intricate, hard;
uncompliant, intractable, perverse, fastidious, exacting. Antonyms:
facile, light, easy.

difficulty, n. obstacle, impediment, obstruction; arduousness,
hardness; controversy, disagreement, objection, cavil; predicament,
quandary, dilemma. Antonyms: ease, facility, extrication, release.

diffidence, n. timidity, bashfulness.

diffident, a. bashful, timid, shy.

diffuse, a. copious, full, verbose, prolix.

dig, v. delve, excavate, scoop; thrust, poke, punch, jab; exhume
(dig up).

dig, n. thrust, punch, poke; grind (student).

digest, v. codify, systematize, methodize, classify.

digest, n. pandect, summary, code, system, abridgment.

digestion, n. eupepsia. Antonyms: indigestion, dyspepsia.
Associated Words: peptics, pepsin, peptic, pepticity, chyme, chyle,
digestible, digestibility, indigestible, indigestibility.

digging, n. excavation; exhumation (digging up). Associated
words: fossorial, fodient.

diggings, n. pl. (Slang) region, locality.

dignified, a. stately, majestic, august, imposing, decorous.
Antonyms: See undignified.

dignify, v. exalt, grace, ennoble, honor, elevate.

dignity, n. exaltation, eminence; stateliness; honor, preferment.

digress, v. deviate, depart, wander, turn aside.

digression, n. deviation, divergence; episode, incident.

dike, n. levee, embankment.

dike warden. dikereeve.

dilapidated, a. ramshackle, dismantled.

dilate, v. expand, distend; expatiate.

dilation, n. expansion, dilatation, distention; expatiation.

dilemma, n. predicament, quandary, difficulty, strait, pickle.
Antonyms: extrication, release.

diligence, n. assiduity, sedulousness, sedulity, perseverance,
stagecoach (France).

diligent, a. sedulous, industrious, assiduous, persevering.
Antonyms: See lazy.

dillydally, v. dawdle, dally, fritter, trifle, loiter.

dillydallying, n. dawdling, loitering, trifling, dalliance.

dilute, v. attenuate, thin, weaken, reduce.

diluter, n. diluent, attenuant.

dilution, n. attenuation, thinning, reduction.

dim, a. obscure, indistinct, faint, sullied, blurred. Antonyms:
bright, vivid, intense, clear.

dim, v. bedim, obscure, darken, dull, eclipse, blur, tarnish.

diminish, v. decrease, reduce, abate, lessen, contract, curtail.

diminution, n. reduction, decrease, abatement, decrement.

dim-sighted, a. purblind, moonblind.

din, n. clamor, noise, racket, uproar, hubbub, clangor, hullabaloo.

dinner, n. Associated Words: prandial, post-prandial, croupier,
ante-prandial, dine, diner.

dinner pail. blickey (Local U.S.).

dint, n. indentation, dent; force, power.

dip, v. plunge, immerse, duck, souse, douse, dive; lade.

direct, a. straight, undeviating; diametrical. Antonyms: indirect,
circuitous, roundabout.

direct, v. point, aim; guide, pilot, lead, steer, regulate, govern,
control, manage, conduct, superintend, instruct; address, superscribe.

direction, n. guidance, government, administration, management,
superintendence, oversight; instruction, order, command; address,

directly, adv. diametrically; immediately.

dirge, n. requiem, coronach, trental, threnody.

dirt, n. earth, soil; squalor, filth, muck, foulness.

dirt-eater, n. geophagist.

dirt-eating, n. geophagism, chthonophagia, pica.

dirty, a. defiled, unclean, foul, nasty, filthy, soiled, begrimed,
grimy, squalid, uncleanly, loathsome, bedraggled, daggletailed, besmeared,
sullied; sordid, groveling, despicable, vile, contemptible, abject.

dirty, V. soil, befoul, begrime, besmirch, sully, tarnish, besmear,

disable, v. incapacitate, disqualify, cripple, maim.

disabled, a. disqualified, crippled, maimed, incapacitated, _hors de

disadvantage, n. inconvenience, detriment, hindrance, drawback,

disadvantageous, a. inconvenient, detrimental, unfavorable,
inexpedient, prejudicial.

disagree, v. be at variance, differ, contend, dissent, contradict,
quarrel, altercate, spar.

disagreeable, a. unpleasant, distasteful, offensive, fulsome,
uncongenial, contrary, incongruous, inconformable, inconsistent.

disagreeing, a. incompatible.

disagreement, n. difference; quarrel, bickering, dispute,
altercation, sparring, squabble, contention, controversy, dissent,

disappear, v. vanish, evanesce, recede, be lost to view.

disappearance, n. vanishing, evanescence.

disappoint, v. dissatisfy, frustrate, balk, foil, baffle, defeat.

disappointment, n. frustration, dissatisfaction, balking, defeat,

disapproval, n. disapprobation, dislike, disfavor.

disaster, n. calamity, mishap, catastrophe, casualty.

disastrous, a. calamitous, deplorable, unfortunate, ill-fated

disband, v. demobilize, disorganize.

disbandment, n. demobilization, disorganization.

discern, v. perceive, discriminate, distinguish. See see.

discernible, a. perceptible, visible, noticeable, discoverable,
apparent, manifest.

discerning, a. acute, sharp-sighted, shrewd.

discernment, n. insight, penetration, judgment, discrimination.

discharge, v. absolve, acquit, exculpate, release, exonerate, free;
dismiss, cashier, remove; excrete, exude, void, eject, emit, expel; pay,
liquidate; fulfill, perform; fire, shoot, volley; annul, rescind,
invalidate, abrogate, cancel. Antonyms: retain, hold.

discharge, n. firing, burst, blast, volley, fusillade, salvo;
acquittance, exoneration, quittance, release; fulfillment, observance,
performance; dismissal; liquidation, payment evacuation, emission,
ejection, exudation, excretion voiding; quietus.

discharged, a. dismissed, acquitted; emeritus.

disciple, n. adherent, follower.

disciplinarian, n. martinet (strict disciplinarian).

discipline, n. correction, chastisement, punishment; submission
regulation; martinetism. Antonyms: laxity, unrestraint, indulgence.

disclaim, v. disown, deny, disavow, renounce, repudiate.

discomfiture, n. disconcertion, abashment, confusion, frustration,

discommode, v. inconvenience, incommode, trouble.

discomposure, n. agitation, perturbation, confusion.

disconnect, v. detach, dissever, disjoin, separate.

disconnected, a. detached, separate, isolated, incoherent.

disconnection, n. detachment, disunion, separation, incoherence.

disconsolate, a. inconsolable, broken-hearted.

discontent, n. dissatisfaction, discontentment. Antonyms:
contentment, satisfaction.

discontented, a. dissatisfied, restless, malcontent, disgruntled

discord, n. dissonance, discordance, inharmony, variance, dissension.
Antonyms: harmony, agreement, consonance

discordant, a. inharmonious, dissonant, jarring, unmelodious
strident; at variance, contradictory, repugnant absonant.

discount, n. deduction, allowance, rebate.

discourage, v. dishearten, dispirit, depress, deter, dampen, unnerve,
oppose, dissuade.

discouragement, n. depression, dejection; opposition, dissuasion,
intimidation, determent, damper, obstacle, difficulty, barrier.

discouraging, a. depressing, disheartening, dissuasive.

discourse, n. dissertation, address, disquisition, oration, harangue,

discourteous, a. uncivil, rude, disrespectful, abrupt, unmannerly,
boorish, inurbane.

discourtesy, n. rudeness, incivility, inurbanity, impoliteness.

discover, v. ascertain, detect, unearth, descry, discern, disclose,
ferret out.

discovery, n. ascertainment, detection, unearthing, disclosure.

discredit, n. disesteem, disrepute, unpopularity.

discreet, a. prudent, circumspect, wary, judicious.

discretion, n. prudence, circumspection, wariness; choice, liberty,
will. Antonyms: indiscretion, imprudence, compulsion, constraint,

discretional, a. optional, discretionary, elective. Antonyms:
compulsory, obligatory.

discriminating, a. distinguishing, differential, discriminative.

discrimination, n. difference, distinction, discernment, judgment.
Antonyms: indiscrimination, promiscuity, undiscernment.

discuss, v. debate, argue, canvass, agitate, moot, deliberate.

discussion, n. debate, argument, canvass, agitation, consideration,
symposium, forensic.

disdain, n. scorn, contumely, superciliousness, contempt.

disdainful, a. contemptuous, scornful, contumelious, supercilious.

disease, n. ailment, disorder, malady, complaint, affection,
distemper; plague, pestilence, pest; epidemic, endemic. Antonyms:
health, vigor. Associated Words: nosology, nosography, etiology,
nosogeny, pathology, pathologist, pathological, pathogeny, therapeutics,
symptomatology, diagnosis, pathognomonic, diagnostics, semeiology,
semeiography, clinic, polyclinic, prognosis, contagion, infection,
contagious, infectious, zoonosology, enantiopathy, loimography, loimology,
quarantine, pathogene, germ, microbe, bacteria, bacillus, incubation.

diseased, a. morbid, unhealthful.

disembowel, v. eviscerate, gut.

disembowelment, n. evisceration.

disengage, v. extricate, disembarrass, disentangle, detach,

disfavor, n. disapproval.

disfigure, v. deface, mar, blemish.

disfigurement, n. disfiguration, defacement; blemish, deformity.

disgrace, n. reproach, discredit, dishonor, shame, infamy,
degradation, disrepute, ignominy, obloquy, odium, opprobrium, scandal,
debasement, abasement.

disgrace, v. dishonor, humiliate, shame, degrade, debase, abase,
discredit, tarnish, sully.

disgraceful, a. ignominious, shameful, dishonorable, discreditable,
opprobrious, scandalous, disreputable, infamous.

disgruntled, a. (Colloq.) dissatisfied, displeased.

disguise, v. mask, dissemble, dissimulate, cloak, shroud, masquerade.

disguise, n. mask, blind, cloak, masquerade.

disguised, a. veiled, masked, incognito.

disgust, n. aversion, abhorrence, repulsion, repugnance.

disgust, v. revolt, offend, nauseate.

disgusting, a. fulsome, revolting, loathsome, repulsive, noisome,
mawkish, nauseating, sickening, abhorrent, repugnant.

dish, n. vessel, utensil, receptacle.

dished, a. ruined, spoiled, undone; baffled, upset, disappointed

disheveled, a. disarranged, disorderly, uncombed, frowzy.

dishonest, a. unscrupulous, corruptible, deceitful, fraudulent.

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