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Putnam's Word Book by Louis A. Flemming

Part 15 out of 17

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suckling, n. lactation.--a. unweaned.

sudden, a. unexpected, abrupt, unlocked for.

sue, v. prosecute.

suffering, n. distress, agony, misery, pain, discomfort, torture,

sufficiency, n. enough, adequacy, competence. Antonyms:
insufficiency, inadequacy.

sufficient, a. adequate. Antonyms: insufficient, inadequate.

suffocate, v. choke, stifle, smother, asphyxiate, burke.

suffocation, n. smothering, asphyxiation.

suffrage, n. vote, assent, ballot; testimony, attestation; prayer,

sugar, n. sucrose, saccharose (cane sugar); levulose (fruit
sugar); dextrose, glucose (grape sugar); muscovado (unrefined sugar);
maltose (malt sugar); lactose (milksugar); inosite (muscle sugar);
invert sugar; cassonade (raw sugar); caramel (burnt sugar). Associated
words: sacchariferous, dextrine, sorghum, saccharify, saccharimeter,
saccharimetry, saccharin, saccharoid, saccharize.

suggest, v. allude to, hint, intimate, insinuate, propose,

suggestion, n. intimation, hint, allusion, proposal, instance,

suicide, n. self-murder, self-destruction; self-murderer,

suit, n. wooing, courtship, addresses; prosecution, action, lawsuit;
retinue, suite; petition, solicitation, entreaty, request. Associated
words: champerty, maintenance. See lawsuit.

suit, v. fit, adapt, adjust; please, gratify, satisfy; accord,
comport, agree.

suitable, a. fitting, accordant, proper, becoming, congruous,
consistent, congruent.

suite, n. retinue, staff, train of attendants.

sulky, a. sullen, morose, surly, moody.

sullen, a. morose, unamiable, sulky, intractable.

sulphur, n. brimstone.

sulphuric acid. oil of vitriol.

sum, n. amount, total, aggregate, sum total; problem, example.

sum, v. cast up, add, compute; summarize.

summary, n. recapitulation, epitome, resume, synopsis.

summer, n. Associated Words: aestival, aestivate, aestivation.

summing up. resume, recapitulation, peroration.

summit, n. top, pinnacle, zenith, apex, vertex, culmination.

summoner, n. apparitor.

sum up. summarize, recapitulate.

sun, n. Sol. Associated Words:: heliography, heliometry, solar,
solstice, solarize, anthelion, parhelion, halo, heliocentric, actinometer,
actinometry, heliacal, heliograph, equinox, astronomy, astronomer,
photosphere, helioscope, heliostat, paranthelion, maculae, Hyperion.

sun bath. insolation.

sunburnt, a. tanned, blowzy, bronzed.

Sunday, n. the Lord's day. Associated Word: dominical.

sundial, n. Associated Words: sciotheric, gnomon, gnomonics,
gnomonolcgy, style, gnomonist, dialing.

sundog, n. parhelion.

sundry, a. several, divers, various.

sunny, a. genial, pleasant, cloudless, radiant.

sunrise, n. daybreak, dawn, aurora.

sun room. solarium.

sunshade, n. parasol; awning, shade.

sun's path. ecliptic.

sun spots. faculae.

sunstroke, n. insolation, siriasis, _coup de soleil_.

sun-worship, n. heliolatry, Sabianism.

sun-worshiper, n. heliolater.

super, n. supernumerary.

superabundance, n. redundancy, excess, surfeit, superfluity,
exuberance, plethora.

superabundant, a. superfluous, redundant, excessive, plethoric.

superb, n. magnificent, grand, august, elegant.

superfluity, n. superabundance, surplusage. See superabundance.

superfluous, a. superabundant, redundant, excessive, supernumerary.

superintendent, n. overseer, guardian, supervisor, custodian,
intendant, manager, controller, principal, curator, warden.

superior, a. more excellent, surpassing, paramount, predominant.

superiority, n. predominancy, preeminence, ascendency, supremacy.

supernatural, a. miraculous, preternatural, hyperphysical.

supersede, v. replace, displace, supplant.

supine, a. negligent, heedless, listless, indolent, careless.

supplant, v. remove, displace, supersede.

supple, a. flexible, pliant, lithe. See flexible.

supplement, n. continuation, appendix, postscript, addition,

supply, v. furnish, afford, yield, replenish, recruit, stock.

support, v. prop, brace, bolster, uphold, sustain; maintain, keep,
provide for; verify, substantiate, ratify, corroborate, confirm;
vindicate, defend, maintain; second, back, aid. Antonyms: desert,
undermine, weaken, repudiate, oppose.

support, n. prop, buttress, brace, fulcrum, bolster, stanchion,
shore, staddle, supporter; maintenance, sustenance, subsistence, finding,
livelihood; base, foundation, basis; assistance, espousal, advocacy,
countenance; Caryatid. Antonyms: nonsupport, opposition, desertion,

supporter, n. advocate, adherent, defender, pillar, paraclete,
sustainer, upholder, support.

suppose, v. assume, conjecture, presume, imagine, believe, imply,

supposed, a. assumed, presumed, putative.

supposition, n. hypothesis, conjecture, surmise, assumption,
presumption, postulate.

suppositional, a. hypothetical, conjectural, supposed, assumed.

suppress, v. quell, overpower, put down; check, repress, restrain;
secrete, conceal.

suppression, n. quelling, overthrow; repression, restraint;
concealment, secretion.

supreme, a. transcendent, preeminent, superlative, paramount,

surcingle, n. girth.

sure, a. certain, inevitable; positive, confident, assured, sanguine,
convinced; unfailing, infallible, unerring, inerrable, abiding, stable,
trustworthy, reliable, dependable, secure, safe. Antonyms: uncertain,
doubtful, dubious.

sureness, n. certainty, inevitability, assurance, certitude, safety,

surety, n. sureness, certainty; security, pledge, guaranty; bondsman;
substitute, hostage; sponsor; ratification, corroboration.

surface, n. exterior, outside, superficies.

surfeit, n. fullness, repletion, satiety; superabundance, plethora.

surgeon's case of instruments. tweese.

surgery, n. aciurgy.

surly, a. morose, sullen, crabbed, unamiable, gruff, inurbane,
snarling, crusty.

surmise, v. suppose, conjecture, suspect, guess, opine.

surmise, n. supposition, conjecture, guess, suspicion.

surmount, v. overtop; conquer, overcome, vanquish.

surmountable, a. superable, conquerable. Antonyms:
insuperable, unsurmountable.

surname, n. patronymic, cognomen.

surpass, v. excel, exceed, outdo, outstrip, transcend.

surpassing, a. exceeding, superior, preeminent, transcendent,

surplus, n. surplusage, excess, overplus, residue, remainder.

surprise, v. amaze, astonish, astound.

surprise, n. amazement, astonishment.

surprising, a. astonishing, amazing, astounding, marvelous.

surrender, v. relinquish, yield, abandon, capitulate, waive, remit.

surrender, n. relinquishment, capitulation, yielding.

surround, v. enclose, encircle, encompass, environ, hem in, corral,
invest, intrench.

surrounding, a. circumambient, encompassing, encircling ambient,

surroundings, n. pl. environment, entourage.

surveying, n. survey, chorometry; geodesy. Associated Words:
theodolite, transit, perambulator.

susceptible, a. sensitive, impressionable, impressible, tender.

suspect, v. mistrust, distrust, doubt; conjecture, surmise.

suspenders, n. pl. gallowses, braces.

suspense, n. uncertainty, wavering, hesitation, irresolution.

suspension, n. pendency; delay, respite, postponement, abeyance.

suspicion, n. mistrust, misgiving, distrust; surmise, conjecture,
supposition; (Colloq.) suggestion, hint.

swag, n. (Slang) booty, boodle, loot, plunder, spoil.

swaggering, n. blustering, boasting, roistering.

swallow, v. ingurgitate; gulp, bolt, engorge, englut; ingulf, suck
in, absorb, submerge, engulf, overwhelm; accept, believe, credit;
appropriate, arrogate, monopolize, engross; bear, brook, tolerate, pocket.

swallowing, n. deglutition, ingurgitation, absorption. Antonym:

swamp, n. marsh, morass, slough, quagmire, bog, fen, marish.
Associated Words: paludine, paludinous, paludism, paludose, palustrine,
draco, muck, effluvium, malaria, miasma.

swamp, v. engulf, overwhelm, submerge.

swampy, a. boggy, fenny, marshy, sloughy, slumpy, queachy.

swan, n. cob (male); cygnet (young).

swap, v. (Colloq.) exchange, trade.

swarm, v. teem.

swarming, a. teeming.

swashing, a. heavy, violent, crushing.

sway, n. dominion, domination, rule.

swear, v. blaspheme, curse, imprecate, use profane language.

swearing, n. profanity, oath, blasphemy, expletive, cursing,

sweat, v. perspire; exude.

sweat, n. perspiration; exudation. Associated Words: sudoriferous,
sudoral, sudorific, sudatory, diaphoretic, diaphoresis, perspiratory,
empasm, bagnio, adiophoretic.

sweating-bath, n. sudatory, sudatorium, vapor-bath.

Swedish Parliament. Riksdag.

sweet, a. saccharine, honeyed, sugary, nectarean, ambrosial,
nectareous; dulcet, melodious, harmonious, mellifluous, silvery,
symphonious, tuneful; winsome, winning. Antonyms: bitter, acrid, tart,

sweetbread, n. pancreas.

sweeten, v. dulcify, edulcorate; purify, disinfect, fumigate,

sweetening, n. dulcification, edulcoration.

sweetheart, n. (male) lover, inamorato, beau, flame, spark, swain,
suitor; (female) ladylove, mistress, inamorata, dulcinea, darling,
flame, amaryllis.

sweets, n. pl. confectionery, sweetmeats.

sweet-smelling, a. fragrant, redolent, balmy, aromatic, savory,

swell, v. distend, dilate, expand, bloat, puff up, tumefy, intumesce;
increase, augment; heave, surge; protuberate; strut, swagger.

swell, n. swelling; augmentation, increase; protuberance, bulge;
elevation, rise.

swell, a. (Slang) fashionable, elegant, distinguished,
exquisite.--n. exquisite, fop, dandy.

swelled, a. swollen, tumid, enlarged, bloated, protuberant, turgid.

swelling, n. intumescence, turgescence, prominence, protuberance,
bump, node, blain, distention. Antonyms: subsidence, detumescence.

swelling, a. turgent, tumefacient, tumid, turgid; grandiloquent,
bombastic, grandiose.

swerve, v. deviate, deflect, diverge, turn aside.

swift, a. fleet, rapid, fast, speedy, quick.

swiftness, n. celerity, velocity, speed, rapidity, fleetness,

swill, n. hogwash, swillings, draff.

swimming, n. natation; dizziness, vertigo, giddiness; transnatation,
supernatation. Associated Words: natatorial, natant, natatorious,
natatorium, natatory.

swimming birds. Natatores.

swindle, n. See cheat.

swine, n. pl. hogs. Associated Word: porcine.

swing, v. oscillate, vibrate; sway, brandish, flourish, wave.

swing, n. swinging; free course, liberty, unrestraint, sweep.

swinging, n. oscillation, vibration.

swinging, a. oscillatory, oscillating, vibratory.

swipe, v. strike; (Slang) steal, pluck, snatch, purloin.

Swiss, n. Switzer, Helvetian.--a. Helvetic.

Swiss Federal Council. Bundesrath.

switch, v. whip, flog; shunt, shift.

swollen, a. tumid, tumefied, bloated, purled up.

sword, n. rapier, saber, scimiter, brand, curtana, claymore,
smallsword, glaive, broadsword, cutlass, Damascus blade, spadroon, creese.
Associated Words: scabbard, sheathe, unsheathe, forte, hilt, sheath,
foible, foil, fence, fencer, gladiatorial, gladiatorism, gladiature.

swordfight, n. fencing, swordplay.

sword of mercy. curtana.

sword player, n. fencer; gladiator.

sword-shaped, a. ensiform.

sycophancy, n. obsequiousness, fawning, truckling, servility,

sycophant, n. fawner, toady, flunky, lickspittle.

sycophantic, a. obsequious, fawning, adulatory, servile.

syllabus, n. compendium, abstract, synopsis.

symbolic, a. typical, emblematical.

symbolize, v. typify, emblematize.

symmetry, n. proportion, shapeliness. Antonyms: asymmetry,

sympathetic, a. compassionate, commiserating, pitiful, kind, tender.

sympathize, v. have sympathy, commiserate, condole with; agree, be in

sympathy, n. fellow-feeling, tenderness; pity, commiseration,
compassion, condolence; accord, agreement, rapport, concord. Antonyms:
antipathy, incompassion, inclemency, disagreement, incompatibility.

symptom, n. indication, mark, sign, evidence, diagnostic. Associated
words: symptomatic, rymptomatology, semeiology, semeiotic, semeiography,
pathognomonic, diagnosticate, diagnosis.

synopsis, n. syllabus, compendium, abstract, summary, epitome,

system, n. method, order. Antonyms: chaos, confusion, disorder.

systematic, a. methodical, orderly. Antonyms: unsystematic,
chaotic, immethodical.

systematize, v. methodize, classify.


Tab, n. (Colloq.) account, reckoning, check, tally, score.

table, n. tablet; schedule, synopsis, index, list; trivet
(three-legged table). Associated word: mensal.

table, v. tabulate, tabularize.

tableland, n. plateau, mesa (Southwestern U.S.).

table linen. napery.

tablet, n. lozenge, troche, trochiscus.

taboo, n. interdiction, prohibition, proscription.

taboo, v. interdict, prohibit, proscribe.

taboo, a. prohibited, forbidden, interdicted, proscribed.

tackle, n. gear, implements, equipment, rigging, apparatus.

tacky, a. sticky, adhesive; (Colloq.) dowdy, shabby, unkempt,

tadpole, n. polliwog.

taffy, n. toffy, candy; (Slang) flattery, blandishment, blarney.

tail, n. Associated Words: caudal, dock, scut, prehensile, caudate,
bicaudal, rump, uropygium.

tailless, a. acaudate, anurous.

tailor, n. Associated Word: sartorial.

tailpiece, n. appendage.

taint, v. imbue, impregnate, corrupt, infect, vitiate, sully,
besmirch, discolor, contaminate.

taint, n. infection, contamination, vitiation, defilement, pollution.

tainted, a. infected, contaminated, defiled, imbued, vitiated,

take, v. seize, grasp, clutch, procure, clasp, catch; confiscate,
appropriate, usurp, arrogate; deprehend, apprehend; require, need; select,

take back. recant, retract, recall, revoke, rescind, disavow, resume.

take in. comprise, encompass, comprehend, include, embrace.

take-in, n. (Colloq.) imposition, fraud, deception, swindle, cheat,

taken, p.p. charmed, captivated, enamored, fascinated.

take off. doff, remove, divest one's self of.

take-off, n. caricature, burlesque, travesty, parody.

take the place of. supplant, supersede, displace, substitute.

take upon one's self. assume, undertake; arrogate, usurp.

taking, a. alluring, fascinating, winning, charming, captivating.

taking, n. seizure, apprehension; reprisal; prehension.

taking back. recantation, retraction, resumption, disavowal,

tale, n. story, romance, parable, apologue, legend, fable,
narrative, myth, jeremiad (tale of sorrow).

tale-bearer, n. scandal-monger, busybody, quidnunc, tattler,
telltale, tabby, gossip.

talent, n. endowment, faculty, gift, forte, knack, genius.

talented, a. gifted, endowed, clever.

talk, v. speak, converse, confer, confabulate, consult; babble,
prattle, prate, chatter, gabble, gibber, blather; expatiate, descant,
comment, harp, rant; palaver.

talk, n. conversation, converse, colloquy, conference, confabulation,
chat, parley, _causerie_, parlance, confab; dialogue, interlocution;
soliloquy, monologue; palaver, buncombe, blarney, blandishment, flattery,
flummery; chaff, banter, raillery, persiflage, badinage, asteistn;
chatter, babble, chit chat, gibberish, jargon, twaddle, fustian,
moonshine, hanky-panky, jabbering, rhapsody, rant, grandiloquence;
expatiation, descant.

talkative, a. garrulous, loquacious, communicative, voluble,
unreserved. Antonyms: reserved, reticent, uncommunicative, silent,

talkativeness, n. garrulity, loquacity, communicativeness
multiloquence. Antonyms: reserve, reticence, taciturnity.

talker, n. conversationalist; interlocutor; chatterer, babler,
magpie, chatterbox.

tall, a. lofty, high, towering.

tally, n. mate, match, counterpart; score, account, record.

tally, v. match, conform, agree, correspond, coincide, square,
comport, accord.

tame, v. domesticate, reclaim, break; discipline, subjugate, conquer,

tame, a. docile, domesticated, gentle; prosy, dull, vapid;
submissive, subdued.

tamper, v. meddle, tinker.

tangible, a. palpable, tactile, material; substantial, evident,
perceptible, obvious.

tangle, v. snarl, entangle, interweave; embroil, insnare, entrap,
involve, perplex, enmesh. Antonyms: disentangle, unravel, extricate.

tangle, n. snarl, complication, intricacy; imbroglio, perplexity.
Antonyms: disentanglement, extrication.

tangled, a. entangled, complicated, tangly, snarled, intricate,

tank, n. reservoir, vat.

tantalize, v. torment, plague, vex, disappoint.

tap, n. stopper, plug, spigot, spile, faucet.

tap, v. broach.

tape needle. bodkin.

tapering, a. conical, taper, pyramidal, fusiform.

tapeworms, n. pl. taenia. Associated Words: taeniafuge, taeniacide,
taenioid, taeniid, proglottis, segment, cysticercus, cestode, measles.

tardy, a. slow, sluggish; dilatory, reluctant, behindhand, late.
Antonyms: punctual, prompt.

tarnish, v. dim, sully, besmirch, blacken, deface.

task, n. work, labor, assignment, stint; study, lesson, exercise.

taste, n. tasting gustation, degustation; flavor, savor, tang, race,
relish, _gout_, saporosity, sapor, gusto, gust, sapidity; liking,
fondness, appetite, appetency; tincture, infusion, dash, _soupcon_;
discernment, discrimination; foretaste, prelibation. Antonyms:
dowdiness, tawdriness, distaste vulgarity. Associated Words: gustatory,

tasteful, a. palatable, savory, relishable, toothsome, gustable,

tasteless, a. insipid, flat, unpalatable, vapid.

tastelessness, n. insipidity, vapidity.

tasty, a. tasteful, neat. Antonyms: dowdy, tawdry, meretricious,

tattle, v. tell, divulge, blab, peach.

tattler, n. tale-bearer, gossip, quidnunc, news-monger, busybody.

taunt, v. ridicule, deride, mock, reproach, revile, jeer twit, gibe.

taunt, n. ridicule, derision, jeer, reproach, gibe, quip, quirk.

taunting, a. reviling, derisive, jeering, sarcastic.

tawdry, a. gaudy, meretricious, showy, flashy, inelegant.

tax, n. assessment, toll, excise, levy, tribute, custom, duty,
impost; capitation, poll-tax; charge, exaction.

tax, v. assess; exact, demand, task.

taxable, a. assessable.

tea, n. Associated Words: theine, thea, theism, samovar, caddy,
theiform, mate, canister, cabaret, tannin.

teach, v. instruct, inform, educate, discipline, train, indoctrinate,
school, enlighten, drill, tutor, instill, inculcate, coach.

teachable, a. docile, tractable, apt, bright.

teacher, n. instructor, tutor, master, pedagogue, preceptor,
preceptress, governess, coach, usher, mentor; pl. faculty.

teaching, n. instruction, education, breeding, enlightenment,
inculcation, tuition, tutoring, indoctrination. Associated Words:
pedagogy, pedagogics, didactics, paideutics, propaedeutics, didactic,
instructive, propaedeutic, paedeutic, pedagogic, pedagogism, didacticism.

team, n. span, pair.

tear, n. rent, fissure, rip.

tear, v. rend, rip, lacerate, dilacerate, sunder, dismember; fume,
rage, rave, rant, storm.

tearful, a. lachrymose, weeping, maudlin.

tearing, n. rending, laceration, lancination, ripping, dismemberment.

tears, n. pl. Associated Words: lachrymal, lachrymation,
lachrymatory, lachrymals, lachrymiform, lachrymary.

tease, v. torment, plague, tantalize, hector, taunt, harass, badger.

teat, n. nipple, pap, dug, mammilla.

tedious, a. tiresome, wearisome, irksome, humdrum, monotonous.

tedium, n. tediousness, humdrum.

teem, v. multiply, be prolific, abound, overflow, swarm.

teeming, a. prolific, abounding, replete, overflowing, rife.

teeter, v. seesaw, titter, titter-totter.

teeth, n. pl. biters, incisors, molars, bicuspids, grinders, tusks,
wisdom teeth, eye teeth, canine teeth, fangs. Associated Words:
odontology, dentist, dentistry, dental, odontography, dentiloquy, denture,
cement, tartar, pyorrhea, gnash, alveoli, corona, dentifrice, dentilave,
pulp, dentiform, dentilation, cusp, overshot.

teething, n. dentition, odontiasis.

teetotaler, n. nephalist, total abstainer.

teetotalism, n. nephalism, abstinence (from spirituous liquors),

tell, v. mention, recount, relate, narrate, enumerate, advise,
inform, recite, disclose, bruit, divulge, proclaim, expose, apprise,
peach, communicate, acquaint, notify, reveal, discern. Antonyms:
suppress, reserve, withhold, forbear.

telling, n. notification, apprising, communication, relation,
narration, recital, divulgement.

telling, a. effective, cogent, potent, conclusive.

telltale, n. tattler.

temerity, n. audacity, boldness, presumption, recklessness,
foolhardiness, rashness.

temper, v. qualify, modify, moderate, appease; anneal.

temper, n. mood, disposition, humor; passion.

temperament, n. constitution, nature, temper, disposition.

temperance, n. sobriety, nephalism, moderation.

temperate, a. moderate; dispassionate, calm; abstemious, sober,

tempest, n. storm, tumult, commotion, disturbance.

tempestuous, a. See stormy.

temple, n. fane, church, sanctuary, tabernacle; teocalli, pagoda,
mosque, hieron, marai.

temporal, a. secular, worldly; temporary; political, civil.

temporary, a. transitory, transient, temporal, impermanent,
ephemeral, fleeting.

tempt, v. seduce, entice, decoy, allure, induce; provoke, incite,

temptation, n. seduction, allurement, enticement, attraction; decoy,
lure, bait, inducement.

tempter, n. seducer, siren, Circe.

tempting, a. enticing, alluring, seductive.

ten, n. Associated Words: decimal, decimate, decimation, denary,
decemvir, decemvirate.

tenacious, a. retentive; cohesive, tough; pertinacious, persistent.

tenacity, n. retentiveness; cohesiveness, toughness; pertinacity,

tend, v. conduce, contribute; attend, accompany, guard; incline,

tendency, n. drift, inclination, proclivity, proneness, propensity,
bent, predisposition.

tender, a. delicate, fragile, sensitive, susceptible; pathetic,
touching, plaintive; sympathetic, pitiful, compassionate, kind.
Antonyms: tough, strong.

tender, n. attendant; offer, proposal, overture, proposition.

tender, v. offer, present, proffer, propose.

ten dollars. eagle.

tent, n. pavilion, tabernacle, marquee, tilt, wigwam, tepee; pl.

tenth, n. tithe, tithing; decimal.

ten thousand. myriad. Associated Word: myriarch.

ten years. decade, decennium, decennary. Associated Words:
decennial, decennially.

terms, n. pl. stipulations, conditions; terminology, nomenclature.

terrace, n. esplanade, plateau.

terrible, a. dreadful, formidable, shocking, horrible, frightful,
dire, grewsome, nefarious; (Colloq.) severe, extreme, excessive,

terrify, v. appall, intimidate, daunt, horrify, alarm, shock,

territory, n. province, region, district.

terror, n. alarm, consternation, dismay, panic, fright, affright.

test, n. trial, ordeal; standard, touchstone, criterion; crucible.

test, v. try, prove, assay.

testicles, n. pl. testes. Associated Words: castrate, castration,
testicular, emasculate, alter, geld, spade, eunuch, varicocele, scrotum,
orchitis, suspensory, orchotomy, sarcocele, hydrocele, parorchis,
orchialgia, orchic, spermatic, semen, monorchism, epididymis,
gubernaculum, gonad.

testify, v. depose, attest, asseverate, verify.

testimonial, n. credential, certificate, voucher.

testimony, n. attestation, deposition, corroboration; witness,

testy, a. irritable, choleric, captious.

tetter, n. ringworm, herpes, fret.

text, n. passage, pericope; subject, topic, theme.

texture, n. fabric, web; grain, structure, contexture.

thankful, a. grateful.

thankfulness, n. gratitude. Antonyms: unthankfulness, ingratitude.

thankless, a. unthankful, ungrateful; unacceptable, unappreciated.

thanks, n. pl. gramercy (many thanks).

theater, n. playhouse; odeon, lyceum; arena, stage, scene, field.

theatrical, a. dramatic, histrionic, scenic; stagy, artificial.

theft, n. See stealing.

theory, n. hypothesis.

thick, a. dense, coagulated, crass, gross, inspissate, inspissated,
grumous, incrassated; compact, turbid, roily, feculent, muddy; (Colloq.)
intimate, confidential.

thicken, v. coagulate, condense, inspissate, curdle, concrete,

thickening, a. inspissant.

thickening, n. inspissation, condensation, coagulation, incrassation.

thicket, n. shrubbery, copse, chaparral, grove, boscage, bosk,
spinny, coppice.

thick-headed, a. pachycephalic, pachycephalous; dull, stupid,

thicklip, n. blobberlip.

thickness, n. denseness, density, compactness; grossness, crassitude,
consistence; intimacy. Associated Words: pachometer, pachymeter.

thick-skinned, a. pachydermatous; obtuse, dull, unimpressible.

thick-tongued, a. pachyglossal, crassilingual.

thief, n. robber, pilferer, filcher, peculator; embezzler, defaulter,
peculator; plagiarist; poacher; shoplifter; kleptomaniac.

thievery, n. theft, larceny; embezzlement, peculation; shoplifting.

thievish, a. light-fingered, pilfering, predatory; stealthy,

thill, n. shaft (of a vehicle).

thin, a. emaciated, slender, poor, wasted, peaked, gaunt, scrawny,
lank, spare, meager, haggard, scraggy; tenuous, delicate, fine; incompact;
dilute, rare, rarefied, subtile, attenuated; sheer, flimsy, sleazy,
unsubstantial, gossamery, gauzy, diaphanous, transparent; sparse, scanty;
inadequate, insufficient, superficial.

thin, v. dilute, reduce, attenuate, rarefy, diminish, subtilize.

thing, n. object, article.

things, n. pl. (Colloq.) clothes, furniture, appurtenances,
belongings, goods, luggage, accessories, chattels, effects, traps,
impedimenta (Mil.), paraphernalia.

think, v. meditate, cogitate, ponder, contemplate, brood, reflect,
muse, consider, speculate, ruminate, opine, deem, apprehend, excogitate,
infer, surmise, mull.

thinkable, a. conceivable, cogitable, imaginable, presumable.

thinking, a. rational, pensive, reflective, contemplative,
cogitative, introspective.

thinking, n. cogitation, meditation, contemplation, thought.

thinness, n. emaciation, slenderness, gauntness, spareness,
meagerness; tenuity, delicacy, fineness; incompactness; rarity, subtilty,
subtilization; inadequacy, sparseness, scantiness.

thinning, n. dilution, reduction, attenuation, rarefaction,
subtilization. Associated Words: attenuant, diluent.

thin-skinned, a. leptodermic; sensitive, impressible, irritable.

third, a. tertiary.

thirst, n. dryness, aridity, drought. Antonym: adipsy. Associated
words: slake, quench, dipsetic, adipsous.

thirty years. Associated Words: tricennial, tricennially.

thorn, n. spine, prickle, brier; torment, plague, infliction.

thornless, a. spineless, inermis.

thorny, a. spiny, briery, prickly; vexatious, troublesome, annoying.

thorough, a. complete, profound. Antonyms: superficial, cursory,
partial, sciolistic.

thought, n. reflection, cogitation, revery, musing, meditation,
consideration, abstraction, imagination, brown study, contemplation,
deliberation, introspection, retrospection, lucubration, rumination,
preoccupation, excogitation; idea, concept, surmise, inference.

thoughtful, a. contemplative, meditative, reflective, cogitative,
wistful, pensive, preoccupied, abstracted; considerate, heedful,
circumspect, wary.

thoughtless, a. inconsiderate, careless, unmindful, remiss, rash,
inadvertent, indiscreet, heedless, unreasoning.

thousand, n. Associated Words: millennium, millennial, chiliad,
chiliasm, chiliarchy, chiliarch, chiliast, millenary, millesimal.

thrash, v. thresh.

thread, n. filament, fibre, stamen, staple, pile, raveling, lint,
warp, woof, thrum.--v. thrid.

threadbare, a. napless, pileworn, seedy, trite, hackneyed.

threat, n. menace, threatening, commination, fulmination,

threaten, v. menace; augur, forebode, portend; impend, be imminent.

threatening, a. imminent, ominous, impending, minatory, fulminating.

three, n. trio, trinity, triad, ternary, ternion; triplets.
Associated Words: thrice, treble, trialogue, triarchy, triplicate,
triplication, triplicity, trinal, triarchy, tripartition, tripod,
triptych, trisect, trisection, trireme, triumvirate, trilogy, triform,
triformity, trilling, trilemma.

three-colored, a. tricolored.

three-flowered, a. trifloral, triflorous.

threefold, a. triple.

three-forked, a. trisulcate, trifurcated.

three hundred years. tricentenary. Associated Words: tercentenary,
tricentenary, tri-centennial.

three languages. Associated Word: trilingual.

three-leaved, a. trifoliate, trifoliated.

three-legged stand. trivet, tripod.

three letters. triphthong, trigraph.

three months. trimester. Associated Words: trimestral, trimestrial,

three-parted, a. tripartite.

three-pointed, a. tricuspidate, tricuspid.

three-pointed spear. trident.

three-sided, a. triangular, trilateral.

three-sided figure. triangle.

three-toothed a. trident, tridentate.

three years. triennium. Associated Words: triennial, triennially.

threshold, n. doorsill.

thrift, n. frugality, economy, thriftiness, providence; prosperity.

thriftless, a. wasteful, improvident, extravagant, prodigal.

thrifty, a. sparing, economical, provident, frugal; thriving,
prosperous; luxuriant.

thrilling, a. moving, exciting, sensational.

thrive, v. flourish, prosper.

thriving, a. flourishing, thrifty, prosperous.

throat, n. pharynx, fauces; gullet, esophagus. Associated Words:
guttural, gutturalize, gargle, faucal, laryngeal, glottis, pharyngeal,
pharyngotomy, larynx.

throb, n. beating, pulsation, palpitation.--v. palpitate,
pulsate, beat.

throbbing, a. pulsating, palpitant, palpitating.

throne, n. sovereignty. Associated Words: enthrone, dethrone,
dorsal, abdicate, abdication, interregnum, accession, accede.

throw, v. pitch, hurl, fling, cast, toss, sling, heave; overturn,
prostrate, floor.

throw away. squander; reject, decline, refuse.

throw by. discard.

throw in. inject; contribute.

throwing, n. Associated Words: missile, putting.

throwing out. ejection, expulsion; eviction; ejaculation.

throwing overboard. jettison.

throw off. expel; reject, discard, abandon.

throw out. expel, evict, oust, reject; emit; discharge, excrete,
eject, egest, void, ejaculate, eliminate. Antonym: retain.

throw up. resign; vomit, puke, disgorge.

thrush, n. aphtha.

thrust, n. push, shove, allonge, stab, protrusion.

thrust, v. push, force, impel, shove, stab, pierce, protrude.

thug, n. ruffian, rough, assassin.

thunder, n. Associated Words: brontology, Thor, brontorneter,
brontograph, fulmineous, fulminatory, isobront, keraunophobia.

thunder, n. fulmination, denunciation.--v. fulminate, denounce.

thunder, v. detonate, roll, boom.

thundering, n. fulmination.--a. fulminatory.

thunderstruck, n. dumfounded, astounded, amazed.

thwart, v. frustrate, baffle, foil, balk, contravene.

tickle, v. titillate; please, delight, gladden.

tickling, n. titillation.--a. titillative.

ticklish, a. difficult, critical, delicate.

tidbit, n. delicacy, dainty, junket.

tide, n. Associated Words: ebb, flood, flow, marigray, marigram.

tidy, a. orderly, neat, trim.

tie, v. secure, fasten, bind, tether, leash. tie, n. knot,
fastening; bond, obligation; (R.R.) sleeper, crosstie.

tight, a. taut, tense; snug, close-fitting; (Colloq.) close,
penurious, stingy, parsimonious; (Colloq.) stringent; (Slang) tipsy,
boozy, fuddled, intoxicated, drunk.

tighten, v. straiten.

tile, n. Associated Words: tegular, mosaic, tessellated, parquetry.

till, v. cultivate.

tillable, a. arable, cultivable.

tilt, v. slant, slope, incline, tip, cant.

time, n. duration; while, spell, season, interval, interim, lapse,
interregnum, period; season, opportunity, leisure; tense; (Mus.)
measure, tempo; perpetuity; usance; age, date, eon, epoch, era, term.
Associated Words: horology, horography, horometry, chronology,
chronological, anachronism, anachronistic, synchronology, synchronal,
synchronous, synchronism, synchronize, synchroncity, chronometry,
gnomonics, contemporaneous, coexistent, coexistence, contemporary,
contemporaneity, simultaneous, simultaneousness, concurrence, coincident,
coincidence, gnomon, coincide, isochronal, isochronism, isochronon,
isochronous, anachronous, prochronism, chronogram, chronic, coeval,

timely, a. seasonable, punctual, opportune. Antonyms: untimely,

timepiece, n. time-keeper, chronometer, horologe, clock, watch,
hourglass, chronograph, chronoscope, clepsydra, gnomon, repeater, sundial,

time-server, n. temporizer, trimmer.

time-serving, a. temporizing, trimming.

timid, a. timorous, shy, diffident, meticulous, faint-hearted,

timidity, n. diffidence, shyness, timorousness, cowardice.

tin, n. _stannum_; latten, prillion. Associated Words: stannary,
stannic, stanniferous, stannous, shadd.

tin mine. stannary.

tinsel, a. glittering, meretricious, specious, flashy.

tinsel, n. spangle, pinchbeck, glitter, tawdriness.

tinsmith, n. whitesmith, tinner.

tintype, n. ferrotype, stannotype.

tip, v. incline, lean, cant, tilt; careen, capsize, keel, overturn,
upset.--n. end, apex, extremity.

tiptop, n. (Colloq.) pinnacle, apex.

tirade, n. diatribe, invective, billingsgate, screed.

tire, v. fatigue, weary, jade, fag, bore, irk, tucker, exhaust.

tiresome, a. irksome, wearisome, fatiguing, tedious; toilsome,

tissue, n. fabric, stuff, cloth, texture; web, network, fabrication.

toad-eater, n. toady.

toads, n. pl. Associated Words: ranine, ranivorous.

toadstool, n. fungus. See Fungi.

toady, n. sycophant, toad-eater, flatterer, fawner.

tobacco, n. Associated Words: tobacconist, nicotine, nicotinism,
canaster, cavendish, plug, cud, quid, fumacious, carotte, capa, perique,
mundungus, humidor.

toe, n. digit.

together, adv. unitedly, jointly, concertedly, simultaneously.

toil, n. labor, drudgery; toils, snare, trap.--v. labor, moil,

token, n. sign, symbol, index, indication.

tolerable, a. sufferable, endurable; passable, mediocre, so-so,

tolerance, n. endurance, toleration, sufferance. Antonym:

tolerant, a. indulgent, forbearing, charitable. Antonym:

tolerate, v. endure, suffer, brook; allow, permit, admit.

toleration, n. tolerance, endurance, sufferance; allowance,

tomb, n. sepulchre, crypt, vault, ossuary; mausoleum (a magnificent

tomboy, n. (Colloq.) hoiden, romp.

tombstone, n. monument; cenotaph (honoring one buried elsewhere).
Associated Words: sepulchral, epitaph, lapidary.

tomfoolery, n. (Colloq.) folly, trifling, monkey-tricks, mummery.

tone, n. sound, note; cadence, modulation; force, vigor, energy.

tone down. subdue, moderate, soften.

toneless, a. aspirated, surd, atonic, unintonated.

tongue, n. Associated Words: lingual, glossal, sublingual, fur,
tchick, barb, papillae, lick, lap, hyoid, lincture, aglossal, fraenum,
fourchette, raphe.

tonguy, a. (Colloq.) voluble, fluent, loquacious, garrulous.

tonic, n. invigorant, roborant.

tool, n. implement, utensil, instrument; cat's-paw, puppet, hireling.
Associated Words: ratten, cocobola, kit.

tooth, n. (little tooth) denticle, dentile. Associated Words:
denticulation, serration, serrature. See teeth.

toothache, n. odontalgia. Associated Word: odontalgic.

toothless, a. agomphious, edentate, edentulous.

toothless animals. Edentata.

toothsome, n. palatable, delicious, savory, gustable.

top, n. summit, crest, apex, vertex, pinnacle, zenith, culmination,
capsheaf, meridian.

top, v. surmount, overtop, surpass.

toper, n. drunkard, sot, inebriate, guzzler.

topic, n. subject, theme; division, head, subdivision.

topknot, n. crest.

top-shaped, a. turbinate, turbinated.

torch, n. flambeau (flaming torch), cresset.

torment, n. pain, anguish, distress, torture; bane, infliction,
scourge, thorn.

torment, v. persecute, hector, tease, tantalize, harry; torture,
grill, rack, distress.

torn, a. rent, lacerated, ripped.

tornado, n. hurricane, cyclone, whirlwind.

torpid, a. numb, benumbed, unfeeling; lethargic, dull, hebetate,
sluggish, stupid.

torpidity, n. numbness, lethargy, inactivity, hebetude.

touch, v. meet, impinge; graze.

touch, n. touching, contact, contiguity, juxtaposition, osculation,
tangency; taction, tact, palpation; dash, sprinkling, _soupcon_,
infusion; animadversion, censure, stricture, reflection, slur. Associated
words: tactile, tactility, tactual, palpable, impalpable, palpability,

touchiness, n. irascibility, petulance, irritability.

touching, a. pathetic, affecting, moving, tender.

touching, prep. respecting, concerning, regarding.

touchstone, n. criterion, test; basanite, Lydian stone.

touchwood, n. punk, tinder, agaric, spunk.

touchy, a. irascible, irritable, petulant, testy, choleric, snappish.

tough, a. tenacious, unyielding; cohesive, adhesive; obdurate,
refractory, stubborn; (Colloq.) difficult, arduous, hard.

tour, n. journey, trip, excursion, expedition.

tousled, a. (Colloq.) disordered, disheveled.

toweling, n. crash.

tower, n. steeple, campanile, minaret, spire, belfry, turret, cupola,
dome; tourelle, barbican, pylon, martello tower; castle, citadel, donjon,
keep, fortress.

tower, v. overtop, rise above.

toy, n. gimcrack, plaything, trinket, kickshaw, bauble, teetotum,

trace, n. vestige, sign, impression.

track, n. trace, vestige, footprint, footmark, foil; spoor; wake,

tract, n. Associated Words: colporteur, colportage.

trade, n. commerce, barter, traffic, business; handicraft.
Associated Words: technical, technology, technicals, technicality,
technological, polytechnic, polytechnics, vocational, Mercury.

trade, v. exchange, barter, traffic, swap (Colloq.).

trader, n. trafficker, dealer, merchant, tradesman, monger.

tradesman, n. trader, merchant; artisan, craftsman, mechanic,
journeyman, handicraftsman.

trading, a. commercial, mercantile; venal, corrupt, jobbing.

trail, n. train; track, wake, spoor, footmark, foil, trace.

trailing, a. procumbent, prostrate. Antonyms: upright, erect.

train, n. retinue, suite, attendants; series, chain.

train, v. discipline, nurture, drill; accustom, habituate,

trained, a. skilled, practiced, disciplined, competent. Antonym:

training, n. discipline, nurture, drilling, exercise.

traitorous, a. perfidious, treasonable, recreant, faithless.

tramp, v. march, trudge, plod.

tramp, n. vagrant, vagabond, landloper, walleteer, nomad, hobo,

trample, v. crush; scorn, spurn, disregard.

transaction, n. procedure, affair, deal, business.

transform, v. transfigure, metamorphose; transmute.

transformation, n. transfiguration, metamorphosis; transmutation.

transgress, v. violate, infringe, disregard.

transgression, n. violation, infringement, infraction.

transient, a. fleeting, transitory, temporary, impermanent.

translate, v. construe, render, interpret.

translation, n. rendering, interpretation.

transmogrify, v. (Colloq.) transform, metamorphose.

transparency, n. diaphaneity, translucency. Antonyms: opacity,

transparent, a. diaphanous, translucent, pellucid. Antonyms:
opaque, intransparent.

trap, n. snare, toil, gin, springe, pitfall; artifice, stratagem.

trap, v. entrap, ensnare, trapan, catch.

trapdoor, n. hatchway.

trappings, n. pl. decorations, paraphernalia, frippery, gear,
rigging, ornaments; caparisons, accouterments.

traps, n. pl. See things.

trash, n. rubbish, refuse, trumpery.

trashy, a. trumpery, rubbishy, waste.

travel, v. journey, itinerate, peregrinate.

travel, n. journey, tour, peregrination.

traveler, n. wayfarer, itinerant, voyager, pilgrim, tourist,
peregrinator, passenger.

traveler's handbook. itinerary.

traveling, a. wayfaring, itinerant, wandering, peripatetic.

traveling man. drummer, agent, traveling salesman.

traveling preacher. itinerant.

travesty, n. burlesque, parody, caricature, take-off.

tray, n. salver, waiter, plateau, server.

treacherous, a. traitorous, perfidious, faithless.

treachery, n. treason, perfidy, disloyalty, Punic faith.

treasury, n. exchequer; repository. Associated Words: treasurer,
fiscal, treasure-trove.

treat, v. regale, feast; negotiate; behave toward, deal with.

treatise, n. disquisition, dissertation, monograph; thesis.

treaty, n. covenant, agreement, compact, concordat, pact, protocol.

tree, n. (young) sapling, seedling; (with top cut off) pollard,
bolling; (small) staddle. Associated Words: dendrology, sylviculture,
arboriculture, arboriculturist, sylviculturist, dendrologist, arboreal,
arbor, arboreous, arborescence, arborescent, arborist, arborization,
dendrography, dendrophilous, sylvan, topiary work, thicket, copse,
coppice, grove, plashing, sawyer, dendromoeter, rampick, spinny, dendrite,
dendriform, dendroid, dendrolite, lichen, motte.

trellis, n. lattice, lattice-work, espalier, _treillage_.

tremble, v. quake, quiver, shudder, dodder, quaver, totter, vibrate,

trembling, n. tremor, quivering, quaver, trepidation, rigor,

trembling, a. doddering, shaking, infirm, quivering.

trench, n. ditch, gutter, trough, moat, channel.

trend, n. tendency.

trespass, v. encroach upon, infringe, intrude.

trial, n. test, experiment, proof, essay, examination; probation;
ordeal, crucible, criterion; effort, exertion, endeavor; adversity,
hardship, tribulation, affliction. Associated Words: empiricism,
empirical, empiric, probationer, probationary, tentative.

trick, n. ruse, artifice, stratagem, sleight, hoax, maneuver, wile,
feint, chicane; antic, prank, caper; trait, peculiarity.

trick, v. deceive, cheat, defraud, cozen, impose upon; dress,
decorate, set off, adorn.

trickery, n. deception, chicanery, artifice, duplicity,
Machiavelianism, circumvention, indirection.

trickle, v. dribble, drip, percolate, distill.

trickster, n. rogue, cheat, impostor, scoundrel.

tricky, a. trickish, knavish, unprincipled, treacherous.

trifle, n. triviality, bagatelle, doit.

trifle, v. dawdle, dally, pother, fribble, quiddle.

trifler, n. fribbler, dawdler, dallier, piddler, quiddler.

trifling, a. trivial, paltry, piddling, insignificant, piffling,

trifling, n. piddling, frivolity, piffle, dalliance, quibbling,

trim, a. spruce, smart; neat, tidy.

trim, v. adjust, arrange; decorate, adorn, garnish, embellish,
bedeck, trick; prune, clip, lop; (Colloq.) rebuke, reprove, reprimand,
rate, scold.

trimming, n. embellishment, garnish, decoration; (Colloq.)
chastisement, scolding, reproof.

trinket, n. bauble, gimcrack, knickknack, gewgaw, gaud; bijou;
pl. trinkets, trinketry; bijoutry.

trip, n. jaunt; lapse, slip, stumble, misstep. Associated Words:
itinerary, itinerancy, viatic, viaticum.

triplet, n. trilling.

trite, a. hackneyed, banal, commonplace.

triumph, n. victory, conquest; exultation, ovation.

triumph, v. overcome, prevail, succeed; exult, rejoice.

triumphant, a. exultant, jubilant; victorious.

trivial, a. trifling, frivolous, insignificant, unimportant.

triviality, n. unimportance, paltriness.

troop, n. company, battery, squad, band, throng, crowd.

trouble, v. vex, disturb, distress, inconvenience, incommode, pester,

trouble, n. tribulation, adversity, reverses, affliction, calamity,
misfortune; vexation, annoyance, inconvenience, worry, disturbance;
torment, plague, thorn, bane.

troublesome, a. vexatious, burdensome, afflictive, harassing,
galling, wearisome.

trounce, v. (Colloq.) flog, castigate, whip.

trousers, n. pl. pants, pantaloons, breeches; trews; spatterdashes,
garnashes; knickerbockers.

trout, n. Associated Word: truttaceous.

truce, n. armistice.

truckle, v. cringe, knuckle, submit, yield.

true, a. correct, exact, accurate, veritable, authentic, real,
genuine, actual; veracious, truthful; loyal, stanch, steadfast,
unwavering; incorruptible, trustworthy, faithful, honorable. Antonyms:
See untrue.

trueblue, a. (Colloq.) incorruptible, loyal, true.

truism, n. axiom.

trump, v. impose, palm off, obtrude, deceive.

trumpery, n. falsehood, deception; rubbish, trash.--a.
worthless, deceptive, trashy.

trumpet, n. horn; shophar (Heb.). Associated Words: fanfare,

trump up, v. devise, fabricate.

trunk, n. body, bole, stock; proboscis; chest, coffer.

truss, v. pack, compress; skewer.

trust, n. credence, confidence, belief, reliance, affiance, faith;
credit, tick; assurance, confidence; duty, commission, charge. Antonyms:
distrust, doubt. Associated Words: fiduciary, fiducial.

trust, v. depend upon, rely upon; give credit to, tick; intrust,

trustee, n. fiduciary, regent.

trustful, a. unsuspicious, confiding, credulous, confident.

trusty, a. trustworthy, faithful, reliable.

truth, n. veracity, truthfulness; accuracy, precision, exactness,
correctness; verity, fact; truism, axiom; fidelity, constancy, loyalty,
fealty, steadfastness; candor, frankness, ingenuousness. Antonyms: See

truthful, a. veracious, undissembling, ingenuous, veridical.

try, v. test, examine, prove; attempt, essay, endeavor; purify,
refine; hear, adjudicate, adjudge; strive, seek, strain.

try, n. attempt, essay, trial, experiment. See trial.

trying, a. severe, distressing, hard, irksome, afflictive, ordeal.

trysting-place, n. rendezvous.

tub, n. firkin, keeler, keelfat, keeve, vat, piggin.

tube, n. pipe; valinch.

tubular, a. tubiform, fistular, cannular.

tuft, n. knot, bunch, clump; tussock, crest.

tug, n. trace; pull, effort.

tumble, v. heave, toss, roll, pitch; topple.

tumble-down, a. (Colloq.) dilapidated, ramshackle.

tumbler, n. acrobat, contortionist.

tumor, n. sarcoma; myoma; carcinoma; lipoma. Associated Words:
oncology, oncotomy.

tumult, n. commotion, hurly-burly, turbulence.

tumultuous, a. disorderly, turbulent, noisy, riotous.

tune, n. air, melody; order, harmony, unison, concord, accord.

tune, v. attune, modulate, harmonize.

tuneful, a. melodious, harmonious.

tuneless, a. inharmonious, discordant, dissonant.

tunnel, n. funnel; subway.

turf, n. sward, sod, greensward; peat.

turmoil, n. commotion, uproar, tumult, turbulence, agitation.

turn, v. revolve, spin, gyrate, rotate, wheel, veer, shift, swivel;
deflect, inflect; reverse, revert; divert, avert; invert; resort, apply.

turn, n. bend, winding, meander, curve, detour, deflection, crook,
sweep; favor, kindness, service, accommodation.

turn aside. divert, avert, deflect, parry.

turned away. averted.

turning, n. rotation, revolution, spinning, gyration; eversion,
extroversion; flexure, flexion, incurvation; deviation, deflection;

turning, a. revolving, rotary, rotating, gyratory, winding,

turning aside. averting, deviation, diversion, deflection, parry.

turning back. retroversion, retroflexion.

turning inward. introversion.

turning over or backward. inversion, reversal.

turning point. crisis; pivot. Associated Words: pivotal, critical.

turning upside down. inversion, reversal.

turning wrong side out. extroversion, eversion.

turnip-shaped, a. napiform.

turnkey, n. warder.

turn upside down. invert, reverse.

turtle, n. tortoise; terrapin.

tussle, n. struggle, contest, scuffle, conflict.

twaddle, n. flummery, balderdash, fustian, moonshine.

twelve, n. dozen. Associated Words: dodecagon, dodecahedral,
dodecahedron, duodecimal, duodecimfid, duodecimo, duodecuple, duodenary.

twenty, n. score. Associated Words: vicenary, vigesimal,
vigesimation, icosahedron.

twenty years. Associated Word: vicennial.

twig, n. spray, branch, sprig, switch.

twilight, n. dusk, evening. Associated Words: crepuscular,

twine, v. entwine, encircle, wreathe.

twinkle, v. blink, wink; flash, sparkle, scintillate.

twinkling, n. sparkling, scintillation, flash, twinkle.

twist, v. contort, writhe, squirm, convolve, pervert, coil, wrench,

twisted, a. contorted, awry, tortuous, coiled, perverted.

twisting, n. contortion, convolution, writhing, torsion, wrench,
distortion, perversion.

twit, v. taunt, upbraid, reproach.

twitch, n. jerk; twitching, vellication.--v. jerk, snatch,

twitter, n. chirp, chirrup.

two, n. couple, pair, brace, doublet, dyad, team, span, twain; twins.
Associated Words: dual, duality, double, dualism, duplex, duplicate,
duplication, bifarious, binary, dimidiate, dimidiation, duet, dialogue,
duarchy, bisect, bisection, halve.

two bodies. Associated Word: bicorporal.

two colors. Associated Words: dichromatic, dichromatism, dichromic.

two-faced, a. Janus-faced, bifacial.

two fingers. Associated Word: bidigitate.

twofold, a. double, duplicate.

two-footed, a. biped.

two-footed animal. biped.

two-forked, a. bifurcated, bifurcate, dichotomous.

two-handed, a. bimanous; ambidextrous.

two-handed animals. Bimana.

two-headed, a. bicephalous.

two hundred years. Associated Words: bicentenary, bicentennial.

two languages. Associated Words: bilingual, diglot, bilingualism,

two-legged, a. biped.

two letters. Associated Words: biliteral, biliteralism, diphthong,
digraph, duoliteral.

two months. Associated Word: bi-monthly.

two parties. Associated Words: bipartisan, bipartisanship.

two parts. Associated Words: bipartible, bipartite, bipartition,
bipartient, bisect, bisection.

two poles. Associated Words: bipolar, bipolarity.

two-sided, a. double-faced, bilateral.

two weeks, fortnight. Associated Words: bi-weekly, fortnightly.

two years. Associated Words: biennial, biennially.

type, n. symbol, token, representation; model, exemplar, phototype,
archetype. Antonyms: antitype, variant, monstrosity.

typesetter, n. compositor; typograph (machine).

typhoid fever. enteric fever.

typical, a. emblematical, prefigurative, representative, indicative.
Antonyms: atypical, abnormal, variant, unique.

typify, v. represent, prefigure.

typographer, n. printer.

typography, n. printing.

tyrannical, a. despotic, arbitrary, autocratic, imperious, absolute,
dictatorial, domineering, oppressive, tyrannic.

tyrannize, v. domineer, persecute, oppress.

tyranny, n. despotism, absolutism, oppression, rigor, severity.

tyrant, n. despot, autocrat; oppressor, persecutor, usurper.

tyro, n. novice, neophyte, pupil, beginner.


Ubiquitous, a. omnipresent.

ubiquity, n. omnipresence.

udder, n. mamma. Associated Words: escutcheon, garget.

ugly, a. repulsive, unsightly, loathsome, hideous, grewsome,
frightful; (Colloq.) crossgrained, ill-natured, unamiable, inaffable,
surly, refractory, vicious, indocile, spiteful, sullen, morose; uncomely,
hard-visaged, homely, ill-favored, hard-featured.

ulcer, n. fester, gathering, imposthume, pustule, ulceration.
Associated Words: sanies, sanious.

ulcerate, v. suppurate, fester, maturate.

ultimate, a. final, farthest, extreme.

ultimately, adv. finally.

ultra, a. extreme.

umbrage, n. resentment.

umpire, n. referee, judge, arbitrator, arbiter.

unabated, a. undiminished, unassuaged.

unable, a. incapable.

unabundant, a. scarce, deficient, rare.

unacceptable, a. objectionable, unwelcome, undesirable.

unaccountable, a. incomprehensible, inexplicable, inscrutable.

unaccustomed, a. unfamiliar, unwonted, unused.

unacquainted, a. unfamiliar, strange.

unadulterated, a. unsophisticated, unalloyed, pure.

unadvised, a. imprudent, unwise, indiscreet, inconsiderate.

unaffected, a. unmoved, untouched, unimpressed; artless, naive,
sincere, natural, unfeigned.

unafraid, a. undaunted, unappalled, unabashed, undismayed.

unalterable, a. immutable, unchangeable.

unambitious, a. unenterprising, indifferent.

unamiable, a. cross, ungracious, surly, unfriendly, irascible.

unanimity, n. unison, accord, agreement.

unanswerable, a. irrefutable, incontrovertible.

unappeasable, a. insatiate, insatiable, unquenchable, implacable.

unappreciable, a. imperceptible.

unapproachable, a. inaccessible, distant.

unarmed, a. defenseless, unguarded, unprotected.

unasked, a. unsolicited, voluntary, free-will.

unassailable, a. impregnable, invincible, secure, invulnerable.

unassorted, a. mixed, promiscuous, indiscriminate.

unatonable, a. inexpiable, irremissible.

unattainable, a. unachievable, impracticable, impossible.

unauthentic, a. spurious, supposititious, uncanonical, apocryphal,

unavailing, a. futile, nugatory, ineffectual, abortive, vain,

unavoidable, a. inevitable, unpreventable, ineludable.

unaware, a. unconscious, unmindful, insensible.

unbearable, a. intolerable, insufferable, unendurable.

unbecoming, a. inappropriate, unseemly, unsuitable, indecorous.

unbegotten, a. self-existent.

unbelief, n. incredulity, skepticism, doubt, infidelity, distrust,

unbelievable, a. incredible, implausible, fabulous.

unbeliever, n. doubter, skeptic, infidel, free-thinker, nullifidian.

unbelieving, a. incredulous, doubtful, skeptical, nullifidian.

unbend, v. relax.

unbending, a. inflexible, unyielding, rigid, unpliant, resolute,

unbiased, a. unprejudiced, impartial, unjaundiced, neutral,

unbidden, a. unasked, uninvited; spontaneous, voluntary, volitional.

unblamable, a. blameless, inculpable, irreprehensible, innocent.

unblushing, a. shameless, unabashed, brazen-faced, indecent,

unbosom, v. confess, reveal, divulge.

unbounded, a. illimitable, boundless, unlimited, limitless,
immeasurable, vast, infinite, immense.

unbreakable, a. infrangible; inviolable (said of a promise or vow).

unbreakableness, n. infrangibility; inviolability.

unbreathable, a. irrespirable.

unbridled, a. unrestrained, uncurbed, uncontrolled, licentious,

unbroken, a. whole, intact; inviolate, inviolated; undisturbed,
sound, profound; wild, untamed.

unburnable, a. incombustible, asbestic, incremable.

unbury, v. exhume, disentomb, disinter.

unburying, n. exhumation, disentombment, disinterment.

uncanny, a. weird, eerie.

uncanonical, a. apocryphal, unauthentic.

unceasing, a. incessant, perpetual, perennial, ceaseless.

unceremonious, a. informal, unconstrained; bluff, blunt.

uncertain, a. distrustful, hesitating; dubious, precarious,
problematical, insecure; equivocal, ambiguous, indefinite, irresolute,
inconstant, fickle, variable, capricious; fallible.

uncertainty, n. distrust, hesitation, doubt, dubiousness, dubiety,
incertitude; irresolution, variableness, inconstancy, capriciousness;
ambiguity, indefiniteness; contingency, fortuity; fallibility; suspense.

unchangeable, a. immutable, invariable, changeless, stereotyped,
unalterable, unmodifiable, permanent, constant.

unchanging, a. unvarying, permanent.

uncharitable, a. illiberal, intolerant, ungenerous, bigoted,

unchaste, a. incontinent, impure, lewd, wanton, immoral.

unchastity, n. incontinence, wantonness, lechery, licentiousness,
lewdness, impurity.

unchecked, a. unbridled, unrestrained, unhampered, untrammeled,

unchurch, v. excommunicate.

uncivil, a. discourteous, rude, churlish, boorish, brusque, impolite.

uncivilized, a. savage, barbarous, unreclaimed, benighted.

unclassifiable, a. nondescript.

uncle, a. Associated Word: avuncular.

unclean, a. soiled, dirty, foul, filthy, nasty, uncleanly; tref
(Jewish); polluted, defiled, impure.

uncommon, a. unusual, singular, rare, unique, queer, strange, odd,
anomalous, exceptional, abnormal, variant, nondescript, extraordinary,
noteworthy, remarkable, aberrant.

uncommunicative, a. reserved, taciturn, reticent, secretive.

uncompelled, a. voluntary, spontaneous, gratuitous, unconstrained,

uncomplaining, a. resigned, patient, forbearing, long-suffering,

uncomplimentary, a. unflattering, frank, derogatory, blunt.

uncompromising, a. inflexible, irreconcilable, intransigent, firm.

unconcern, n. indifference, nonchalance, apathy, disinterestedness.

unconcerned, a. indifferent, nonchalant, cool, apathetic,

unconditional, a. absolute, unqualified, unrestricted, _carte

uncongenial, a. disagreeable, unpleasant.

unconnected, a. disconnected, separate, isolated, abrupt, incoherent.

unconquerable, a. invincible, insuperable, impregnable, indomitable,

unconscionable, a. unreasonable, inordinate, exorbitant, excessive.

unconscious, a. unaware, insensible; comatose; ingenuous, artless,

unconsciousness, n. insensibility; coma.

unconstrained, a. spontaneous, uncompelled, voluntary, natural.

uncontradictable, a. incontrovertible, indisputable, incontestable.

uncontrollable, a. ungovernable, irrepressible.

unconvincing, a. inconclusive.

uncouple, v. disconnect, detach, disjoin, loose.

uncourtly, a. rude, gawky, ungraceful, awkward, inelegant.

uncouth, a. awkward, clumsy, rude, ungainly, loutish, gawky,

uncover, v. disclose, reveal, expose, show.

unction, n. anointing; unguent, ointment; fervor, emotion, fervency,

uncultivated, a. untilled, fallow.

uncultured, a. unlettered, ignorant; philistine.

undaughterly, a. unfilial.

undecaying, a. imperishable, amaranthine, perennial, undying,
fadeless; imputrescible, incorruptible.

undeceive, v. disabuse, disillusionize, disillusion.

undeceiving, n. disillusion, disillusionment.

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