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Putnam's Word Book by Louis A. Flemming

Part 13 out of 17

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inclement, tempestuous, turbulent, boisterous, wild; (Colloq.) robust,
hardy, vigorous; austere, crabbed, harsh, unfeeling.

ruin, n. bane, pest, plague.

ruin, n. wreck, destruction, undoing, dilapidation, disorganization,
perdition, ruination, subversion, shipwreck, downfall, havoc, demolition.

ruin, v. overthrow, subvert, destroy, wreck, ruinate, impoverish.

ruination, n. ruin.

ruinous, a. destructive.

rule, n. regulation, prescript, prescription, order, ruling;
standard, criterion, touchstone, brocard; maxim, law, canon; norm;
government, sway, regency, domination, authority, direction, empire,
dynasty, supremacy, administration, regime.

rule, v. govern, dominate; restrain, influence, sway, prevail,
dominate, preponderate, domineer.

ruler, n. governor, sovereign, monarch, president, king, potentate,
dynast, lord, satrap, rajah, emir, caliph, burgrave, procurator, Pharaoh,
interregent, despot, regent, dominator, arbiter, viceroy, vicegerent,
autocrat, oligarch, liege lord, protector, kaiser, czar, dey, doge, mogul,
pasha, bey, tetrarch, khedive, sultan, emperor.

ruling, a. regnant, reigning; predominant, dominative, dominant,

ruling, n. government, regnancy.

rum, a. (Slang) queer, odd, old-fashioned.

ruminate, v. meditate, muse, ponder, reflect.

rumination, n. meditation.

rummage, v. ransack.

runmy, a. (Slang) strange, odd, freakish, singular.

rumor, n. hearsay, gossip, bruit, _on dit_.

rump, n. buttocks.

rump bone. aitchbone, edgebone, natch bone.

rumple, v. crumple, wrinkle, pucker, crease.

rumple, n. crumple, pucker, wrinkle, crease.

rumpus, n. (Colloq.) disturbance, quarrel, affray, brawl, row,

run, v. sprint, lope, scamper, scud, speed, his, hasten, scour,
scuttle, flee, race, pace, gallop, trot; proceed, flow; melt, fuse;
elapse, pass; pursue, follow, tag; stampede; abscond.

run, n. running, sprint, sprinting; course, series, repetition
pressure, demand, importunity; generality.

run, n. brook, rill, streamlet, rivulet.

run after. pursue, follow, tag.

runagate, n. renegade, deserter, apostate, vagabond.

runaway, n. fugitive, absconder, deserter, truant, renegade.

runaway, a. fugitive, absconding, truant.

run away. flee, escape, desert, elope, abscond.

run away with. accompany.

run down. decline, deteriorate; decry, belittle, disparage, derogate.

rung, n. round, rime, rundle (of a ladder).

run into. collide.

runner, n. racer, sprinter; messenger, courier.

running, a. successive, consecutive; flowing, easy, cursive;
continuous; trailing.

running after. pursuit.

running away. desertion, fleeing, absconding, elopement.

running down. decline, deterioration; decrial, disparagement.

running into. collision.

running out. expiration, extension, expatiation, extinction.

run out. expire; extend, spread; expatiate, descant; become extinct.

run over. overflow.

runround, n. (Colloq.) felon, whitlow.

runt, n. dwarf, pygmy.

run through. squander, dissipate; transfix, impale, pierce.

ruption, n. breach, rupture.

rupture, n. disruption, breach; hernia.

rural, a. rustic, country, countrified, pastoral, bucolic, agrestic.

ruralism, n. ruralness, rurality, rusticity.

ruralize, v. rusticate.

ruse, n. artifice, wile, trick, stratagem, maneuver, feint, dodge.

rush, v. press, hurry.

rush, n. activity, demand.

Russia, n. Associated Words: Russian, russianize, Russification,
russify, Russophile, Russophobia, Russophobe, Duma, vodka.

Russian peasant. muzhik, moujik.

rust, n. corrosion, aerugo, verdigris; mildew, blight, mould; pating.

rust, v. corrode; degenerate (in idleness), decline.

rustic, a. rural, country, agrestic; unpolished, countrified,
uncouth, rude, rough; coarse, plain, simple, inelegant, homely; artless,

rustic, n. countryman, farmer; boor, churl, hind, put, carl, yokel.

rusticate, v. ruralize.

rustle, n. rustling, frou-frou.

rustlings a. whispering, susurrous.

rust of plants. ferrugo.

rusty, a. seruginous; ferruginous; reasty, rancid, musty, fusty,
mildewed; discolored, stained; rubiginous.

rut, n. groove; roaring (of waves), rote.

rut, n. oestrus, heat, oestruation. Associated Word: oestrual.

ruth, n. pity, tenderness, compassion, mercy.

ruthful, a. pitiful, tender, compassionate, merciful.

ruthless, a. pitiless, cruel, truculent, relentless, implacable,
fell, hard-hearted.

ruthlessness, n. truculence, implacability, cruelty, mercilessness.

ruttish, a. lustful, salacious, lascivious.

rye, n. Associated Words: ergot, ergotism, ergotized.


sack, n. bag, pouch; pillage, plunder, rapine, havoc, devastation,

sack, v. devastate, plunder, pillage, ravage, despoil, loot, rapine,

sacred, a. consecrated, hallowed; venerable, sainted, religious;

sacredness, n. sanctity, holiness; inviolability, inviolableness.

sacrifice, n. oblation, immolation; surrender, loss, giving up;
holocaust; hecatomb.

sacrifice, v. offer, immolate; surrender, give up, forego.

sacrilege, n. desecration, profanation, violation.

sacrilegious, a. impious, profane, irreverent.

sad, a. sorrowful, pathetic, plaintive, doleful, piteous, lugubrious,
rueful, mournful, dismal, funereal, gloomy, melancholy, disconsolate,
dejected, touching; calamitous, deplorable, grievous, dire, afflictive,
wretched, saturnine, grave, sober; dull, sombre, subdued; (Colloq.) bad,
naughty, troublesome, mischievous, vexatious.

sadden, v. depress, dishearten; tone down, subdue.

saddle, n. Associated Words: pommel, cantle, girth, pillion,
stirrup, saddle-tree, croup, crutch, chapelet, tilpah, tapadero, housing,
latigo, pique, panel, sinch, saddle-bow, selliform, holster, mochila.

sadness, n. melancholy, pathos, sorrow, gravity, soberness,

safe, a. unharmed, intact, unscathed, immune; trustworthy, reliable,
sure, secure, invulnerable, impregnable. Antonyms: unsafe, endangered,

safe-conduct, n. convoy, guard, escort; pass, passport.

safeguard, n. defense, security, palladium, protection, convoy,
guard; passport.

safeguard, v. guard, defend, protect, shield.

safekeeping, n. guardianship, care, custody, charge, preservation.

safety, n. security, custody; immunity, exemption.

sagacious, a. intelligent, knowing, shrewd, discerning.

sagacity, n. intelligence, shrewdness, cleverness, ingenuity, wisdom.

sail, v. navigate, cruise, embark.--n. sailing, cruise,

sailable, a. navigable.

sailcloth, n. canvas, duck, tarpaulin, raven's-duck.

sailing, n. navigation; circumnavigation (sailing round);
orthodromics, orthodromy.

sailor, n. mariner, navigator, seaman, seafarer, tarpaulin, tar,
salt, Jacky.

sailor's song. chantey.

sailor's wages. portage.

saint, n. Associated Words: canonize, canonization, hagiology,
hagiologist, hagiolatry, hagiolater, hagiography, Hagiographa, dulia,
legend, diptych, feretory, philatory, relic, apse, reliquary, shrine,
saintism, sainthood, saintship, hagiographer, hierotheca.

sainted, a. holy, pious, saintly, consecrated; canonized.

Saint Vitus's dance. chorea. Associated Word: choreic.

salable, a. vendible, marketable. Antonyms: unsalable,

salacious, a. lascivious, lecherous, concupiscent. See lustful.

salad, n. Associated Word: acetarious.

sale, n. vendition, market; auction; handsel.

salient, a. prominent, conspicuous, noticeable, striking.

saliva, n. spittle, sputum, spit. Associated Words: salivate,
salivation, insalivate, insalivation, salivant, salivary, ptyalism,
salival, salivous, expectorant, drool, drivel, ptyalogogue, sialogogue,

sally, n. spring, leap; sortie; witticism, jest, frolic, escapade.

saloon, n. grogshop, barroom, groggery, dramshop.

sal soda. carbonate of soda.

salt, n. chloride of sodium.

salt, n. seasoning, flavor, savor, taste; piquancy, wit, sense,
humor; old sailor.

saltness, n. salinity, salineness, saltiness.

salt of wisdom. alembroth.

saltpetre, n. potassium nitrate, nitre, nitrate of potash.

salt spring. saline.

salt works. salina.

salty, a. saline, brackish, saltish, salt, briny, saliferous.

salute, v. address, greet, hail, welcome, accost.--n.

salvation, n. redemption. Associated Word: soteriology.

salve, n. ointment, cerate, embrocation, emollient, balm, unguent.

salve, v. anoint, embrocate, heal; remedy, cure.

sal-volatile, n. carbonate of ammonia, salts of hartshorn, smelling

same, a. identical, invariable, uniform, analogous, similar,
cognate; isomeric, isonomic. Antonyms: See different.

sameness, n. identity, identicalness, similarity, correspondence,
uniformity, analogy, parity, invariability, parallelism; monotony;

sample, n. specimen, example, illustration, exemplification,
instance, pattern.

sanction, n. confirmation, ratification, authorization, penalty,

sanction, v. confirm, ratify, approve, countenance.

sanctity, n. godliness, saintliness, inviolability, sacredness.

sanctuary, n. shrine, sanctum, adytum; Holy of Holies; church,

sand, n. sandy soil; quicksand, syrtis; arena (Med.). Associated
words: dune, downs, arenicolous, burst, sabulosity (sandiness),
psammophilous, ammophilous, medano, eschar, os, kame, arenarious.

sand, n. (Slang) grit, pluck, nerve, courage, fearlessness,
audacity, spirit.

sand bath. arenation, psammotherapy, inhumation, saburration.

sandglass, n. hourglass.

Sandwich islands. Associated Word: Kanacka (native).

sandy, a. sabulous, gritty, arenaceous, arenose.

sane, a. underanged, rational, sound, lucid, _compos mentis_.

sanguinary, a. bloody, murderous; cruel, truculent, bloodthirsty.

sanitarium, n. sanatorium, health retreat.

sanity, n. saneness, rationality.

sap, v. mine, undermine, subvert; exhaust, drain, unsettle.

saphead, n. (Slang) simpleton, sap, dolt.

sappy, a. juicy, lush, succulent; (Low) silly, foolish,

sapwood, n. alburnum.

sarcastic, a. satirical, taunting, ironical, derisive, sneering.

sash, n. girdle.

Satan, n. devil, Belial, Apollyon, Abaddon, Asmodeus, Prince of
Darkness, Archfiend, the Evil One, the Tempter, the Arch Enemy.

satchel, n. handbag, valise.

satiate, v. surfeit, pall, glut, overfeed, cloy, gorge.

satiety, n. satiation, surfeit, cloyment, over-fullness.

satire, n. irony, sarcasm, ridicule, lampoon, pasquinade.

satirical, a. bitter, sarcastic, ironical, caustic, mordacious.

satirize, v. lampoon, ridicule, lash.

satisfaction, n. gratification; contentment, complacency, content,
comfort; reparation, indemnification, requital, reimbursement, recompense;
atonement, amends. Antonyms: dissatisfaction, discontent.

satisfactory, a. sufficient, satisfying, conclusive, gratify, ing,

satisfy, v. gratify, content, appease, satiate, suffice; indemnify,

sauce, n. (Low) sauciness, impertinence, insolence, rudeness

saucy, a. impertinent, insolent, pert, impudent, malapert, flippant.

saunter, v. loiter, linger, straggle, lounge, stroll, delay, dawdle,

savable, a. salvable.

savage, a. uncivilized, barbarous; ferocious, ravenous, fierce,
untamed; brutal, fell, truculent, implacable, atrocious, ferocious,

savage, n. barbarian; cannibal.

savages, n. pl. Associated Words: agriology, agriologist.

save, v. rescue, deliver, redeem; preserve, conserve, keep; reserve,
hoard, garner; economize, husband; spare, obviate, prevent, forefend,
shield, protect.

save, prep. or conj. except, excepting, reserving.

saving, a. preserving, redemptory, redeeming; preservative,
conservative; frugal, thrifty, economical, provident, sparing, choice,
chary. Antonyms: lavish, extravagant, prodigal, unthrifty, profuse,

saving, n. treasure, hoard, reserve; exception, reservation,
salvation, rescue, redemption, deliverance; preservation, conservation;

savingness, n. frugality, parsimony, thrift, providence, economy,
chariness. Antonyms: extravagance, prodigality, improvidence.

savory, a. gustable, palatable, toothsome, fragrant. Antonyms:
unsavory, impalatable.

savvy, v. (Slang) understand, comprehend.--n. understanding,

saw, n. maxim, adage, apothegm. See saying.

sawbones, n. (Nickname) surgeon.

sawer, n. sawyer.

saw tooth. serration, serrature, serrulation.

saw-toothed, a. serrate, serrated, serrulate.

say, v. utter, express, mention, pronounce, speak, declare, tell,
articulate, recite, rehearse; state, assert, affirm, allege, aver,
asseverate, predicate, cite; suppose, assume, presume.

saying, n. utterance, declaration, statement, pronunciation, mention,
assertion, affirmation, citation, averment, asseveration, alleging,
recital, rehearsal.

saying, n. maxim, saw, proverb, apothegm, aphorism, adage, dictum,
precept, axiom, motto, quotation.

scab, n. eschar, incrustation; mange.

scabby, a. scabbed, scaly, scabious, mangy.

scaffold, n. staging, scaffolding; gallows.

scalawag, n. (Slang) scamp, rascal, rogue, scapegrace, miscreant,
scoundrel, villain, caitiff, varlet.

scale, n. flake, lamina, leprosity, lamella, squama, incrustation.

scale, n. (Mus.) gamut, sol-fa. Associated Words: diatonic,
chromatic, tonic.

scale, n. (Bot.) squamula, lodicule; fulcrum.

scale, v. exfoliate, desquamate; climb, ascend, mount, clamber,

scales, n. pl. balance; steelyards, Roman balance.

scalloped, a. pinked; crenate, crenated (Bot.).

scaly, a. flaky, squamose, leprose, squamoid, scurvy; (Low) mean,
low, contemptible, scurvy, despicable.

scamble, v. sprawl, wabble, shamble; scramble, jostle.

scamp, v. (Colloq.) slight, skimp.

scamp, n. rascal, knave, miscreant, caitiff, scapegrace, scoundrel.

scamper, v. hasten away, scud, hie, run, scuttle, scatter.

scandal, n. reproach, opprobrium, disgrace, odium, shame; slander.

scandalize, v. shock, offend, displease; disgrace; slander, defame,

scandalous, a. defamatory, libellous, slanderous; infamous,
disgraceful, opprobrious, shameful, disreputable.

scant, a. scanty, meager, insufficient, inadequate; sparing, saving,

scant, v. limit, straiten, stint.

scantness, n. smallness, narrowness, inadequacy, insufficiency,
meagerness, scantiness.

scanty, a. insufficient, inadequate, meager; sparing, illiberal,

scapegrace, n. rogue, scamp, blacksheep, miscreant.

scar, n. cicatrix, seam, cicatrice; blemish, disfigurement, flaw.
Associated Words: cicatricial, cicatrisive, cicatrizant, cicatrize,
cicatrization, escharotic.

scarce, a. rare, unplentiful, deficient.

scarcity, n. dearth, deficiency, insufficiency, lack, drought,
rarity, paucity.

scare, v. frighten, intimidate, terrify, daunt, cow, appall, startle,
affright, alarm, browbeat, dismay, terrorize, overawe. Antonym:

scare, n. fright, alarm, terror, panic, consternation.

scarecrow, n. guy, effigy; ragamuffin.

scarf, n. muffler, tippet, neckcloth, neckerchief, cravat, necktie,

scarfskin, n. epidermis, cuticle.

scary, a. (Colloq.) timid, apprehensive, alarming, frightful.

scatter, v. dissipate, disperse, dispel, separate; intersperse.

scatter-brained, a. giddy, thoughtless, flighty, careless.

scattering, a. scattered, sporadic.

scattering, n. dissipation, dispersion; interspersion.

scene, n. spectacle, show, exhibition, display, view, scenery.

scenery, n. view, landscape, prospect.

scent, n. odor, smell, perfume; _flair_. See smell.

scepter, n. royal mace, sovereignty.

schedule, n. list, catalogue, table.

scheme, n. design, plan, project, machination, intrigue, cabal;
outline, draught, arrangement, plan, system.

scheme, v. devise, excogitate, plan, machinate, plot, design.

schemer, n. plotter, intriguer, machinator, intrigant, planner,

scheming, a. artful, designing, intriguing, Machiavelian, tricky,
wily, insidious. Antonyms: guileless, undesigning, artless.

schismatic, a. dissentious, heretical, dissentient, schismatical.

schismatic, n. nonconformist, dissenter, separatist, heretic,

scholar, n. pupil, student, learner, disciple; savant, philomath.

scholarly, a. scholarlike, erudite, scholastic.

scholarship, n. erudition, learning, knowledge, attainments,

school, n. institute, academy, seminary, college, gymnasium
conservatory, university; denomination, sect; shoal; clinic.

school, v. train, educate, drill, teach.

schooling, n. education, training, nurture, discipline; tuition.

scientist, n. savant.

scintilla, n. iota, trace, whit, particle, mite, bit, tittle, jot,
scrap, atom.

scion, n. descendant, heir; shoot, sprout.

scoff, v. deride, ridicule, mock, sneer, gibe, jeer, contemn.

scoffer, n. derider, ridiculer, mocker, sneerer, scorner, contemner,

scoffery, n. mockery, derision, ridicule, jeering.

scold, v. chide, berate, censure, reprimand, blame, reprove, brawl,
lecture, reprehend, vituperate, rate, rebuke, declaim against.

scold, n. shrew, vixen, virago, termagant, rixatrix, Xantippe.

scolding, n. chiding, censure, rating, reprimand, reprehension,
rebuke, berating.

scolding, a. berating, chiding, censorious, shrewish, reprehensory,

scoop, n. ladle; cavity, hollow; stroke, sweep, swoop.

scope, n. design, purpose; opportunity, space, room, liberty; extent,
compass, purview.

scorch, v. singe, char, torrefy, burn, parch.

score, n. tally, account; notch, incision; motive, account, reason,
sake, consideration, behalf; line, groove; twenty.

score, v. notch, scratch, cut; record, enter.

scorn, n. contempt, disdain, derision, contumely, mockery, slight.

scorn, v. despise, reject, contemn, disregard, scout, spurn.

scornful, a. disdainful, contemptuous, contumelious, defiant.

Scotch, n. Gaelic.

Scotchman, n. Scot, Scotsman, Caledonian, Gael, Celt.

Scotland, n. Scotia, Caledonia.

scoundrel, n. villain, knave, rascal, scamp, rogue, caitiff,
reprobate, cheat, swindler, libertine, miscreant, bezonian, vagabond,

scoundrelism, n. villainy, turpitude, knavery, rascality.

scourge, n. affliction, infliction, bane, punishment.

scout, v. disdain, flout, contemn, scorn, spurn, scoff, ridicule.

scout, n. spy.

scowl, v. glower, frown, lower.--n. frown.

scowling, a. sullen, glowering, frowning, lowering.

scraggy, a. scragged, craggy; scrawny, lank, gaunt, skinny, angular.

scramble, v. scrabble, clamber; struggle, contend, strive.

scrap, n. bit, fragment, morsel, crumb; excerpt, extract; pl.

scrapbook, n. commonplace book, album.

scrape, n. difficulty, predicament, dilemma.

scrape, v. abrade, rasp, grate, rub; gather, collect; erase, remove.

scraper, n. rasper.

scrappy, a. fragmentary, disconnected, inconsistent.

scratch, v. scrape; scribble; erase, expunge; scarify.

scratch, a. (Slang) haphazard, chance, improvised.

scrawl, n. scribble.

scrawny, a. (Colloq.) angular, lank, meager, scraggy, bony,
rawboned, gaunt.

screak, n. creaking, screech, squeak.--v. screech, creak,

scream, n. shriek, screech, yell, outcry.

screech, n. shriek, scream, screak.

screechy, a. discordant, unmelodious, unmusical, strident.

screed, n. tirade, diatribe, harangue.

screen, n. shield, protection, guard, defense, traverse, fender;
mask, disguise; sieve, riddle; jube, parclose, rood screen; pavesade.

screen, v. shield, defend, protect, cover, conceal, cloak, hide;
sift, riddle.

screw, v. twist, wrench, force, squeeze; oppress, rack; distort.

screw, n. extortioner, skinflint.

scribe, n. writer, scrivener, amanuensis, copyist.

scrimmage, n. skirmish, scuffle, scrabble, row, fight.

scrimp, v. limit, straiten, scant, stint.

scrimp, a. scanty.

scrofula, n. king's evil. Associated Words: scrofulide, scrofulous.

scrotum, n. cod. Associated Words: scrotal, varicocele, spermatic
cord, pneumatocele, gubernaculum, cirsotomy, dartos, urocele, sarcocele,
mesorchium, scrotocele, _vas_ _deferens_, suspensory.

scrub, n. jungle, thicket, brushwood.

scrubby, a. stunted, dwarfed, undeveloped, scrub, insignificant.

scrumptious, a. (Slang) fine, elegant, excellent, fastidious,

scruple, n. hesitation, doubt; twenty grains.

scrupulous, a. conscientious, exact, strict, punctilious, particular.

scuffle, n. tussle, struggle, encounter, contest, fight, fray.

scullion, n. menial.

sculpture, n. statuary.

scum, n. dross, recrement, refuse, waste, froth.--v. despumate.

scurrilous, a. indecent, scurrile, opprobrious, insulting, abusive.

scurry, v. hurry, scamper, scuddle, scuttle.

scurry, a. despicable, abject, low, mean, contemptible.

scurvy, n. scorbutus.

scuttle, n. coal hod; manhole.

scuttle, v. scuddle, hurry, bustle, run.

scythe, n. Associated Words: swath, snath.

scythestone, n. whetstone.

sea, n. Associated Words: marine, naval, maritime, nautical, Davy
Jones, pelagic, pelagian, loom, looming, submarine, ultramarine, rote,
frith, estuary, fiord, kraken, Triton, haliography, haliographer,
hydrography, thalassography, marinorama, nereid, mirage, nautilus,

seacoast, n. seaboard, seashore, seaside, beach, strand, seamarge.

sea cow. manatee; dugong; walrus.

sea fight. naval battle, naumachy.

sea horse. hippocampus; walrus.

sea king. Norse pirate chief, Viking (pirate).

seal, n. Associated Words: rookery, pup.

seal, n. signet; assurance, ratification, attestation,
authentication, confirmation; cachet (seal of a letter); breloque
(jewel). Associated Words: sphragistics, sigillography, sigillate.

seal, v. ratify, authenticate, confirm, attest.

sea letter. passport, sea pass.

sealing, n. confirmation, ratification, authentication, attestation,

seam, n. suture, commissure; layer, stratum.

seamaid, n. mermaid, sea-nymph, siren.

seaman, n. sailor, seafarer, mariner, tarpaulin, tar, salt, sea dog,
Jacky, beachcomber; merman; midshipman, middy, skipper, cockswain, pilot,

sear, v. cauterize, scorch.

sear, a. dry, withered, dead, sere.

search, v. examine, explore, hunt, seek, overhaul; rummage, ransack,
ferret; scrutinize, probe, sift.

search, n. quest, research, pursuit.

searcher, n. seeker.

searchless, a. unsearchable, impenetrable, inscrutable.

seared, a. scorched, cauterized; callous, case-hardened.

searing, n. scorching, cautery, cauterization, cauterizing.
Associated Words: cauter, cauterant, cauterism, cautery.

seashore, n. seacoast, seaside, seaboard.

seasickness, n. nausea, _mal de mer_.

sea soldier. marine.

season, v. habituate, inure, harden, accustom, acclimatize,
acclimate; dry, mature; flavor, spice.

seasonable, a. opportune, timely, suitable, apropos, convenient.

seasoning, n. condiment, spice, relish, sauce, flavor, salt,

seat, n. site, abode, situation, station; fundament, buttocks,
bottom, breech; chair, sofa, tete-a-tete, divan, settee; banquette,
dickey, rumble; bench, form; pew.

seat, v. usher.

seaweeds, n. pl. algae, dulse, sea lettuce, confervae, wrack; sargasso;
kelp, fucus, rockweed. Associated Words: algology, algous, fucivorous,
fucoid, fucoidal, fucosol, laver, barilla, phycology, phycography, varec,

secluded, a. sequestered, isolated, retired, withdrawn, covert,

seclusion, n. sequestration, isolation, solitude, loneliness,

second, n. backer, supporter, assistant.--v.. back, support,

secondary, a. subordinate, second, inferior, minor, collateral.

secondary, n. subordinate, deputy, delegate, proxy, underling,

second-class, a. inferior, second-rate.

second son. Associated Word: secundogeniture.

second sight. prophetic vision, deuteroscopy.

second thought. reconsideration.

secrecy, n. seclusion, privacy, retirement, concealment, confidence.

secret, a. mystery, arcanum; pl. confidences; pl.
genitals; pl. _penetralia_. Associated Words: secretive, secretory,
confide, confidential.

secret, a. hidden, concealed, unrevealed, mysterious, cryptic,
recondite, occult, esoteric, cabalistic, abstruse, unknown, latent;
secluded, privy, withdrawn, retired, covert, private, sequestered;
stealthy, underhand, clandestine, sly, surreptitious, confidential,
undetected. Antonyms: overt, revealed, open, exoteric, manifest.

secretary, n. amanuensis, clerk, writer, scribe; writing-desk,
escritoire, scrutoire. Associated Words: secretarial, secretariat,

secrete, v. bury, hide, conceal, shroud, disguise, cloak.

secretion, n. concealment, hiding.

secretive, a. uncommunicative, taciturn, reserved, silent, wary.

secretiveness, n. taciturnity, reserve, silence, uncommunicativeness,

secret language. cryptology, argot, flash.

secret name. cryptonym.

secrets, n. pl. confidences, mysteries; arcana, _penetralia_.

secret science. esoterics, cabala.

secret vice. masturbation, onanism, self-abuse.

secret writing. cryptography, cipher, steganography, cryptogram.

sect, n. school, party, denomination.

sectarian, a. denominational.

section, n. portion, part, division, segment, piece; paragraph.

secular, a. temporal, worldly, laic, civil.

secure, a. safe, confident, assured, fast, immovable, stable,
indemnified. Antonyms: insecure, risky, hazardous.

secure, v. gain, procure, obtain, get, acquire; fasten, moor;
guarantee, ensure, insure, assure, indemnify; defend, guard, shield,

security, n. safety, confidence, assurance, certainty; warranty,
surety, indemnification, pledge, indemnity, bond, guarantee, vadium;
defense, protection, bulwark.

sedate, a. staid, demure, imperturbable, composed, calm.

sedative, a. composing, soothing, anodyne.

sedative, n. anaesthetic, narcotic, opiate, hypnotic.

sediment, n. precipitate, dregs, lees, settlings, grounds, feculence.

sedition, n. rebellion, revolt, insurrection, riot, mutiny,

seditious, a. rebellious, insubordinate, insurgent, mutinous.

seduce, v. entice, tempt, betray, allure.

seducement, n. seduction, enticement.

seducer, n. Lothario.

seduction, n. enticement, temptation, allurement, lure.

seductive, a. alluring, attractive, siren, enticing.

see, v. perceive, descry, view, behold, witness, espy; discern,
distinguish, observe, note, notice, observe, understand, grasp; watch,
regard, look after; accompany, escort; interview, visit. Antonyms:
overlook, ignore, miss, skip, connive at.

seed, n. semen, sperm; first principle, origin, source.

seed, n. kernel, grain, pip, ovule. Associated Words: carpology,
spermologist, seminal, semination, seminific, spermophyte, angiosperm,
pericarp, angiospermous, carpolite, germinate, germination, achene,
carpel, spermophyta, silique, silicle, weevil, chorion, testa, tegmen,
endopleura, capsule, pod.

seedy, a. (Colloq.) shabby, tacky, threadbare; spiritless.

seeing, n. perception, viewing, espial, descrying, beholding;
discernment, observation, comprehension; sight, vision. Antonyms:
imperception, blindness, connivance. See sight.

seek, v. search for, hunt; aim at, strive after, attempt.

seeming, n. appearance, show, semblance, speciousness, guise, look.

seemingly, adv. apparently, ostensibly.

seemly, a. becoming, suitable, proper, appropriate, meet, befitting.

seep, v. percolate.

seer, n. prophet, vaticinator, predictor, diviner.

seething, a. boiling, ebullient.

segment, n. section, part, portion, piece; (Biol.) metamere,
somite, somatome.

seize, v. apprehend, snatch, clutch, catch, gripe, grasp, grapple;
arrest; confiscate, usurp, appropriate; distrain, distress.

seizure, n. apprehension, grasping; capture; confiscation,

seldom, adv. infrequently, rarely.

select, v. pick out, choose, prefer, cull, single out,
elect.--a. choice. Antonyms: promiscuous, indiscriminate.

selecting, a. elective, eclectic.

selection, n. choice, election, preference, pick; collection,
assortment. Antonyms: promiscuity, indiscrimination.

self, n. ego, person, individual. Associated Words: egoism, egoist,
egoistic, egotism, egotist, egotistical.

self-abasement, n. self-degradation, humility, meekness.

self-abuse, n. masturbation, onanism, secret vice, self-pollution.

self-acting, a. automatic.

self-conceit, n. egotism, overweening, priggishness, vanity.

self-conceited, a. egotistical, vain, overweening, priggish,
opinionated, bumptious, conceited.

self-consumption, n. autophagy.

self-defense, n. Associated Word:: jujutsu.

self-deification, n. autotheism.

self-denial, n. self-abnegation, asceticism, self-sacrifice,
abstemiousness. Antonyms: self-indulgence, sensuality, voluptuousness.

self-denying, a. self-sacrificing, unselfish, ascetic, abstemious.

self-evident, a. axiomatic, obvious.

self-examination, n. introspection; autoscopy.

self-explanatory, a. obvious.

self-fear, n. self-distrust, autophoby.

self-fertilization, n. autogamy.

self-government, n. self-control; democracy; autonomy. Antonyms:
subjection, heteronomy, abandon, subordination.

self-heating, a. idiothermic.

self-importance, n. pompousness, pomposity, vanity, conceit.

self-important, a. pompous, vain, opinionated, bumptious.

selfish, a. ungenerous, narrow, illiberal, uncharitable.

self-knowledge, n. autology.

self-murderer, n. suicide, _felo-de-se_.

self-possessed, a. composed, unruffled, sedate, calm, collected.

self-possession, n. composure, equanimity, calmness, _aplomb_.
Antonyms: discomposure, agitation.

self-righteous, a. pharisaic, sanctimonious.

self-sufficiency, n. self-complacency.

self-taught person. autodidact, automath.

self-worship, n. autolatry, idiolatry.

sell, v. vend, barter, exchange; betray; (Slang) deceive, impose
upon, cheat.

sell, n. (Slang) imposition, cheat, hoax, deception, trick, fraud.

seller, n. vender, vendor.

selling, n. vendition, barter, vending, sale.

selvedge, n. listing.

semen, n. sperm, seed. Associated Words: seminal, spermatic,
spermatism, gonic, aspermatism, aspermia, seminific, seminiferous,
spermatoid, spermatozoid, spermic, spermary, spermatorrhea, spermatozoa,
emission, _vesiculae seminales_, fecundate.

semicircle, n. hemicycle.

send, v. dispatch, commission, delegate; transmit, forward.

send back. return, remand, recommit.

sending back. return, remand, remandment, recommitment.

senile, a. decrepit, feeble, aged, infirm.

senility, n. dotage, decrepitude, old age.

seniority, n. eldership, superiority.

sensation, n. consciousness, feeling, perception; excitement.
Associated Words: aesthesiology, sensorium, sentient, sensific, sensory,
sentiency, insentient, sensifacient, sensiferous, sensificatory,
sensitive, aesthesiometer, aesthesiogen, catalepsy, anaesthesia.

sensational, a. melodramatic, emotional, exciting, thrilling.

sense, n. perception, sensation, sensibility, feeling, aesthesia;
apprehension, understanding; wisdom, sagacity; judgment, notion, opinion,
sentiment, view; conviction, consciousness. Associated Words:
aesthematology, aesthesiography, sensuous, sensual, sensuality,

sense, v. (Colloq.) perceive, recognize.

senseless, a. insensible, unconscious; absurd, silly, nonsensical,
inept, foolish, idiotic, fatuous, unwise.

senselessness, n. insensibility, unconsciousness; fatuity, absurdity.

sensibility, n. susceptibility, sensitiveness, delicacy, feeling,

sensible, a. apprehensible, perceptible; susceptible, impressible,
conscious, cognizant, aware; wise, judicious, discreet, intelligent.
Antonyms: insensible, unconscious.

sensitive, a. susceptible, impressible, sentient, irritable.

sensual, a. unspiritual, carnal, fleshly, sensuous; voluptuous,
luxurious, sybaritic, wanton, licentious, self-indulgent.

sensualist, n. voluptuary, epicure, sybarite.

sensuality, n. voluptuousness, carnality, sybaritism; wantonness,
licentiousness, self-gratification.

sensuous, a. sensual. Antonym: insensuous.

sentence, n. opinion, decision, determination, judgment; axiom,
maxim, precept, posy, adage, epigram, apothegm, saying.

sententious, a. terse, pithy, laconic, epigrammatic.

sentient, a. sensitive, perceptive, conscious, susceptible.
Antonyms: insentient, insusceptible.

sentiment, n. thought, feeling; judgment, notion, opinion; maxim,
saying, toast; sensibility, susceptibility.

sentimental, a. romantic, impressible, emotional, lackadaisical.
Antonyms: unsentimental, matter-of-fact, pragmatical.

sentinel, n. guard, sentry, watchman, picket, vidette, perdue.
Associated Word: cordon.

separable, a. divisible, detachable, severable, partible. Antonym:

separate, v. divide, dissolve, detach, sunder, sever, disconnect,
part, disjoin, withdraw, rend, dissociate, disengage, isolate, disunite,
eliminate, disintegrate, segregate, scatter, disperse, dissipate,
sequester, cleave, insulate, dissever, deglutinate.

separate, a. detached, disconnected, disjoined, separated, apart,
distinct, isolated, segregated, disunited, severed, withdrawn.

separation, n. division, segregation, disunion, disconnection,
sequestration, disjunction, dissolution, disengagement, disintegration,
insulation, isolation, rupture, dissociation, divorce, analysis,
decomposition, detachment, demarcation, severance, partition,

separatist, n. nonconformist, dissenter, sectary, schismatic.

sequel, n. continuation, conclusion, consequence, result, outcome.

sequence, n. succession, series, following; result, sequel,

sequestered, a. secluded.

sere, a. dry, withered, sear.

serenade, n. nocturne; (burlesque) charivari, callithump.

serene, a. calm, placid, composed, tranquil, unruffled, unclouded.

serenity, n. calmness, composure, tranquillity; cloudlessness,

serf, n. bondman, thrall, slave, bond servant, villein.

serfdom, n. thralldom, slavery, subjection, bondage, servitude.

serious, a. grave, earnest, thoughtful, solemn, staid, sober, demure,
saturnine; momentous, important, weighty, grave; dangerous, alarming,

seriousness, n. gravity. Antonyms: levity, frivolity, triviality.

sermon, n. homily, exhortation (religious), discourse. Associated
words: homiletics, homiletic, homilist.

serpent, n. snake, reptile, ophidian; basilisk, cockatrice,
amphisbaena. Associated Words: ophiology, ophiolatry, ophiophagous,
ophiography, herpetology, ophidian, ophiologic, ophiomorphous,
herpetologist, herpetotomy, herpetotomist, ophiologist, ophiomancy,
echidna, echidnine, fang, uraeus, serpentry, reptilian, anguiform, anguine.

serpentine, a. serpentlike, subtle, sinuous, winding, zigzag,

servant, n. dependent, subaltern, subordinate, helper, servitor,
attendant, retainer; domestic, maid, menial, drudge, valet, flunky, groom,
coistril, lackey, underling, fag, coolie, butler, factotum, orderly,
soubrette, equerry.

serve, v. attend, wait upon; promote, advance, contribute, conduce
to; subserve; treat, requite; satisfy, suffice, content, answer, do; deal,

service, n. labor, employment, office, duty, business, function,
ministry; ritual, ceremony, rite; advantage, benefit, avail, use, utility;
homage, obeisance.

servile, a. slavish, abject, cringing, groveling, obsequious;
dependent, enslaved.

servitude, n. bondage, enslavement.

set, v. place, put, fix, establish, locate, station; adjust,
regulate, adapt; oppose, obstruct; appoint, assign.

set, a. fixed, immovable, rigid, firm, obstinate, inflexible,
unyielding; regular, uniform, established, prescribed, ordained,

set, n. clique, group, class, party, coterie, circle, band, company.

set aside. displace, supersede.

setback, n. (Colloq.) backset, check, repulse, reverse, relapse.

set-off, n. offset; counterclaim, equivalent.

set-out, n. display, equipage, rig, turnout; (Colloq.)

settle, v. fix, establish; ordain, install; adjust, determine,
decide; sink, subside, fall; precipitate; quiet, calm, pacify,
tranquillize; colonize, people.

settlement, n. establishment; ordination, installation; colonization,
colony; adjustment; subsidence.

settler, n. pioneer, colonist.

settlings, n. pl. sediment, dregs, lees, precipitate, grounds,
feculence; foots.

set-to, n. (Colloq.) contest, conflict, encounter, combat, fight,

seven, n. heptade. Associated Words: septenary, septuple, septette,
septenate, septemvirate, septemvir, heptarchy.

sevenfold, a. septuple.

seven languages. Associated Word: heptaglot.

seven-sided, a. heptagonal, septilateral.

seven-sided figure. heptagon, heptahedron.

seventy, n. Associated Words: septuagenary, septuagesimal,

seventy years. Associated Words: septuagenarian, septuagenary.

seven years. septennate. Associated Words: septennial,
septennially, septenary.

sever, v. part, divide, disunite, separate, disjoin, detach,

several, a. various, diverse, manifold, divers, sundry.

severe, a. drastic, harsh, stern, rigorous, exact, cruel; serious,
sedate, grave, austere, sober; distressing, afflictive, sharp, acute,
violent, intense; inexorable, stern, exacting, peremptory, unrelenting,
unmerciful; plain, austere, unembellished, unadorned; methodical, strict,
precise, exact.

severity, n. rigor, rigorousness, harshness, exactness, cruelty;
seriousness, gravity; violence, intensity, acuteness; austerity,
simplicity, plainness; exactness, strictness, preciseness.

sew, v. stitch; baste.

sewer, n. Associated Words: sewerage, sewage.

sewing woman. seamstress.

sex, n. Associated Words: sexual, gender, bisexual, unisexual,
epicene, hermaphrodite, hermaphroditism, androgyne, androgyny, gonad.

sexless, a. asexual, agamous.

sexton, n. janitor (of a church), sacristan, sacrist.

sexual desire. lust, venereal appetite, sexual appetite, carnal
appetite, lasciviousness, venery, concupiscence, salacity, salaciousness,
aphrodisia; satyriasis (immoderate); nymphomania (morbid in women);
(of animals) oestrus, rut, heat, oestruation. Antonym: anaphrodisia.
Associated Words: aphrodisiac, antaphrodisiac, anaphrodisiac,
aphrodisiacal, amative, amativeness, amorous, amorousness, amatory,
antiorgastic, philter, oestrual, sedative, erotic, erotomania, sadism,

sexual intercourse. coition, copulation, venery, sexual conjunction;
(illicit) fornication, bawdry; prostitution, putage; adultery; incest;
rape; (unnatural) sodomy, buggery, pederasty; (of birds) tread.
Antonyms: continence, chastity, virginity. Associated Words: venereal,
incontinence, incontinent, unchastity, copulatory, gonorrhea, clap,
syphilis, cenogamy, infibulation, intromittent, access, nonaccess, orgasm,
fecundation, impregnate, impregnation, copulate, lecher, lechery,
lecherous, libertine, libertinism, house of assignation, bawd, procurer,
bawdry, pander, catamite.

sexual love. venery, amorousness, amativeness.

sexual organs. genitals, privates, private parts, organs of
generation, pudenda, virilia; (male) penis, testicles; (female
external) vulva, pudendum; (internal) womb, uterus, ovaries, vagina,
clitoris. Associated Words: agamic, agamous, protandric, protandrism,
nympha, maidenhead, pudic, pubes, spermatheca, gonad, masturbation,

sexual power. virility; fecundity. Associated Word: emasculate.

sexual weakness. (male) impotency, sexual debility, invirility,
emasculation, eviration; (female) sterility, defemination, infecundity.

shabby, a. seedy, threadbare, tacky (Colloq.); mean, despicable,
scurvy, contemptible.

shack, n. (Colloq.) vagabond, tramp, loafer; hut, shanty, hovel,

shackle, n. handcuff, manacle, fetter.

shackle, v. manacle, hamper, fetter; impede, trammel.

shade, n. umbrage, shadow; pl. darkness, obscurity, gloom,
shadows; retreat, seclusion; screen, protection, curtain, awning, blind;
spirit, ghost, specter, phantom, manes; minute difference, variation,

shade, v. screen; obscure, dim, obfuscate, cloud, darken, eclipse.

shadow, n. shade, darkness, penumbra, adumbration; prefiguration.
Associated Words: sciagraphy, sciomachy, periscian, silhouette,

shadow, v. shade, screen; adumbrate, typify, symbolize; cloud,

shadowy, a. unsubstantial, visionary, illusory, chimerical.

shady, a. umbrageous, shadowy, umbriferous; sheltered, screened;
(Colloq.) equivocal, questionable, corrupt.

shaft, n. arrow, spear, missile; column, obelisk; handle, helve;
spire, pinnacle; pole, tongue, thill; axis.

shake, v. agitate, jar, jolt, convulse, concuss, jounce, dodder,
tremble, trill, shiver, totter, joggle, jiggle, wave, vibrate, shudder.

shake, n. jar, shivering, jolt, shaking, shudder.

shaking, n. concussion, agitation, disturbance, trembling,

shaky, a. trembling, shaking; (Colloq.) unsound, tottering.

shallow, a. shoal; superficial, frivolous, senseless.

sham, n. pretense, feint, delusion, imposition, mockery, fraud,
imitation, dissimulation, simulation.

sham, a. counterfeit, spurious, pretended, dummy, unreal false, mock,

sham, v. feign, pretend, imitate, personate, dissimulate.

shame, n. ignominy, dishonor, reproach, derision, contempt discredit,
opprobrium, scandal, disgrace, obloquy; mortification, abashment,
humiliation, discomfiture; modesty, decency.

shame, v. humiliate, mortify, disconcert; disgrace, degrade; mock,
deride, ridicule.

shamefaced, a. bashful, diffident, modest.

shameful, a. indecent, immodest, obscene; scandalous, disgraceful,
reproachful, ignominious, infamous, flagitious, disreputable, vile,

shameless, a. immodest, unabashed, indelicate, indecent, unblushing,
audacious, brazen-faced, abandoned, graceless.

shammy, n. chamois.

shanty, n. hut, hovel, shack.

shape, v. form, mould, fashion, frame; adjust, regulate, design,
plan, arrange.

shape, n. form, figure, guise, appearance.

shapeless, a. misshapen, unsymmetrical, unshapely, formless,

shapely, a. symmetrical, well-formed, comely, well-proportioned.

share, v. apportion, divide; partake, participate in.

share, n. portion, allotment, quota, dole, proportion, contingent,

sharer, n. participator, partaker; divider, distributor.

shark, n. (Colloq.) sharper, trickster, cheat, swindler; fraud,

sharp, a. pointed, trenchant, incisive, keen; poignant, piercing,
acute, penetrating, severe, excruciating, intense, subtile, violent;
biting, sarcastic, acrimonious, acrid, cutting; sagacious, clever,
perspicacious, ingenious, bright, discerning, resourceful, astute, shrewd,
apt, smart, long-headed, acuminous; fierce, fiery, unquenchable, eager;
exacting, close; steep, abrupt, precipitous; pungent, piquant peppery,
high-seasoned: shrill, piercing; peaked, ridged.

sharpen, v. intensify, aggravate, quicken; hone, grind, point, whet.

sharpening stone. whetstone, hone, oilstone, grindstone, abradant.

sharper, n. trickster, swindler, knave, cheat, extortioner, blackleg.

sharpness, n. keenness, poignancy, acuity, acuteness, edge; asperity,
acrimony, impatience; acumen, sagacity, shrewdness, astuteness, aptness;
pungency, piquancy.

sharp practice. trickery, chicanery.

sharp-sighted, a. eagle-eyed, acute, perspicacious, argus-eyed.

shatter, v. shiver, demolish; disorder, derange.

shave, n. shaving; spokeshave, drawshave.

sheath, n. case, scabbard; covering.

shed, v. diffuse, emit, radiate, spread; cast, exuviate, moult, mew,
discard; doff.

shed, n. outhouse, lean-to, shack, shanty.

shedding, n. (skins_, _shells_, _etc.) exuviation, ecdysis,

she-devil, n. Jezebel, fury, virago, termagant.

sheen, n. shine, luster, gloss, brightness, splendor.

sheep, n. _Ovis_, _Ovis aries_; (male) ram, buck; (female) ewe;
(young) lamb, eanling; (castrated ram) wether; (leader of the flock)
bellwether; hoggerel, hogget. Associated Words: bleat, braxy, gid,
mutton, flock, ovine, shepherd, shepherdess, cosset, raddle, yean, ean,
lowbell, abigeat, sheepcote, fold.

sheep-dog, n. collie, shepherd dog.

sheepish, a. bashful, shy, over-modest.

sheepskin, n. sheep-pelt, pelt, woolfell; roan; (Cant) diploma.
Associated Words: fellmonger, woolpuller, skiver, budge.

sheer, a. thin; unadulterated, pure, unmixed; precipitous, abrupt,

shelf, n. mantel, mantelpiece; bracket, console; ledge, shallow,
shoal; banquette.

shell, n. shuck, putamen; test, testa, episperm, spermoderm.
Associated Words: scleroid, enucleate, enucleation, inenucleable.

shell, n. armature, case, exoskeleton, shale; carapace, plastron;
cockle, conch, periwinkle, cowrie, whelk, mitre shell, abilone shell;
exuviae (cast-off); conchite (fossil). Associated Words: conchology,
conchologist, malacology, testaceous, cockled, mollusk, conchiferous,
conchiform conchometer, conchometry, crustacean, exuvial, exuviate,
exuviation, Loricata, bivalve, multivalve, univalve.

shell, n. framework; bomb, torpedo, shrapnel, grenade.

shell, v. hull, shuck, shale, enucleate; bombard, besiege.

shellfish, n. pl. Mollusks, Mollusca, Testacea.

shell money. wampum, hiagua, peag, colcol, kopkops, seawan,

shelter, n. protection, screen, cover, shield, defense, covert,
security, lee; asylum, refuge, retreat, haven, sanctuary.

shelter, v. shield, protect, defend, screen, ensconce, cover.
Antonym: expose.

sheltered, a. protected, covert.

shepherd, n. pastor, pastoralist. Associated Words: bucolic,
pastoral, staff, crook.

shibboleth, n. watchword, party cry.

shield, n. aegis, buckler, escutcheon, scutcheon, pavise, scutum;
defense, protection, palladium, bulwark, safeguard. Associated Words:
scutal, bouche.

shield, v. defend, protect, safeguard; ward off, repel.

shield-shaped, a. thyroid.

shift, v. veer, change, turn; quirk, quibble, palter; change,

shift, n. subterfuge, device, contrivance, evasion, stratagem, trick,
dodge; resource, expedient, change, substitution; chemise.

shifting, a. unstable, variable, changeable.

shiftless, a. improvident, unthrifty, thriftless, wasteful.
Antonyms: thrifty, industrious.

shilly-shally, adv. irresolutely, hesitatingly.

shilly-shally, n. hesitation, irresolution, indecision, vacillation,
wavering, trifling, evasion, dalliance.

shilly-shally, v. hesitate, waver, trifle, dally, vacillate, dodge,
be irresolute.

shin, n. shank.

shindy, n. (Slang) uproar, disturbance, riot, row; hockey; liking,

shine, v. beam, radiate, gleam, irradiate, glisten, glow, glitter,
flare, glare; excel, surpass; polish.

shine, n. luster, polish, gloss, sheen, radiance, resplendence,
brilliancy, lucency, glaze.

shine, n. (Slang) liking, fancy; caper, antic, dido.

shining, a. radiant, beaming, lustrous, luminous, glowing, brilliant,
lucent, bright, sleek, glazed, glistening, splendent, resplendent, glossy,
shiny; conspicuous, noticeable.

shining between. interlucent.

shining round. circumfulgent.

ship, n. vessel. Associated Words: barratry, hypothecate,

ship, v. transport; deport; (Colloq.) dismiss, send away.

shipbuilder, n. shipwright.

shipment, n. shipping, transportation; consignment.

ship mortgage. bottomry, hypothecation.

shipping, n. shipment, transportation; navigation.

shipwreck, n. wreckage; disaster, destruction, ruin, subversion,
miscarriage. Associated Words: salvage, flotsam, jetsam, derelict,

shipwrecked person. castaway.

shirk, v. avoid, evade, neglect.

shirt, n. smock, chemise, shift, tunic, camise.

shiver, n. splinter, sliver; shivering, tremor, horripilation.

shoal, n. shallow, sandbank, bar.--a. shallow.

shock, v. dismay, horrify, appall, terrify, frighten; stook; astound,
stun, paralyze, scandalize, outrage, offend.

shock, n. impact, blow, collision, concussion, onset, brunt, clash,
percussion; stroke, blow; stook, hattock.

shocking, a. scandalous, appalling, offensive, outrageous, heinous,

shod, p.p. and a. calced, calceated.

shoddy, a. (Colloq.) sham, spurious, mock.

shoddy, n. rag wool, mungo.

shoe, n. boot, balmoral, Goodyear welt, clog, sock, buskin, sandal,
slipper, creedmore, Creole, stogy, chopine, brogan, blucher, bottine,
moccasin, oxford, sabot, pump, cracowes, poulaine, racket.

shoemaker, n. crispin, cordwainer (Archaic).

shoe mender. cobbler.

shoe mending. cobbling.

shoestring, n. shoelace, latchet.

shoot, n. chute, shute, flume, channel.

shoot, n. tiller, sucker, sprout, offshoot, chit, twig, scion.

shoot, v. discharge, fire; eject, hurl, emit, ejaculate; protrude,
project, extend, jut; germinate, sprout; penetrate, dart; fusillade;

shooting, a. darting, piercing.

shop, n. workshop, factory; store; warehouse; atelier, studio.

shore, n. beach, coast, strand, marge. Associated Words: littoral,
circumlittoral, limicoline, shingle, beached.

shore, v. prop, brace, buttress, support, stay.

shorn, a. sheared, clipped; divested, deprived, fleeced.

short, a. brief, contracted, terse, concise, condensed, sententious,
laconic, succinct, summary, epigrammatic, pithy; limited, inadequate,
insufficient, deficient, scanty; abrupt, curt, uncivil; lacking, shy,
unsupplied; crisp, friable, brittle. Antonyms: diffuse, prolix, long.

shortage, n. deficiency, insufficiency, inadequacy, deficit, ullage.
Antonyms: See surplus.

short-billed, a. brevirostral, brevirostrate.

shortcoming, n. defect, imperfection, fault, foible, failure.

shorten, v. abridge, abbreviate, curtail, reduce, epitomize,
contract, retrench, condense, diminish; limit, restrict, restrain,
confine, circumscribe; dock, lop.

shortening, n. abbreviation, abridgment, contraction, curtailment,
reduction, retrenchment.

shorthand, n. phonography, stenography.

short-headed, a. brachycephalous.

short-legged, a. breviped.

short-lived, a. ephemeral, mushroom, transitory.

shortness, n. brevity, briefness, conciseness, laconism, inadequacy,
deficiency, insufficiency, shortage, deficit.

short-sighted, a. myopic, near-sighted; unwise, impudent, indiscreet.

short-sightedness, n. myopia, near-sightedness; unwisdom, imprudence,

short-sighted person. myope.

short-winged, a. brevipennate.

shot, n. discharge; projectile, bullet, ball; marksman; range, reach.

shoulder, n. Associated Words: epaulet, shrug, espauliere,
scapular, scapulary, baldric, infrascapular, omagra.

shoulder, v. jostle, push; assume, bear.

shoulder blade. scapula, omoplate.

shout, n. vociferation, halloo, outcry, call, hoot, clamor,

shout, v. vociferate, yell, halloo, call, clamor, acclaim.

show, n. exposure, exhibition, exposition, demonstration,
representation; display, spectacle, ostentation, parade, pomp, flourish,
splurge, pageantry, splendor: appearance, semblance; pretense, puppetry,
speciousness, simulation.

show, v. exhibit, present, display, uncover, reveal, disclose,
manifest, divulge, evince, proclaim; direct, guide, usher, conduct;
demonstrate, explain, expound, exemplify; indicate, signify.

showing, n. demonstration, exhibition, presentation, revelation,
disclosure, exposition, manifestation; direction, guidance, ushering;
explanation, expounding, illustration, interpretation, indication,
exemplification. Associated Words: ostensive, ostensible, exhibiting,

showy, a. spectacular, pageant, ostentatious, pompous; garish,
gaudy, meretricious, gorgeous, flashy, bedizened, gay, conspicuous,
tinsel. Antonyms: inconspicuous, modest, unostentatious, quiet, subdued.

shred, n. fragment, tatter, rag, strip, frazzle.

shrew, n. scold, brawler, termagant, vixen, virago, Xantippe.

shrewd, a. astute, sharp; cunning, crafty, wily, artful, long-headed.

shrewdness, n. acumen, astuteness, sharpness, long-headedness.

shrewish, a. vixenish, termagant, brawling, clamorous.

shriek, n. screech, yell, scream.

shrill, a. piercing, acute, strident.

shrink, v. contract, shrivel, decrease, dwindle; flinch, recoil,
blench, wince, winch.

shrinkage, n. contraction; (Colloq.) depreciation.

shrinking, a. coy, shy, diffident, bashful, modest, retiring.

shroud, n. winding-sheet, grave-clothes, cerements.

shroud, v. mask, screen, cloak, conceal.

shrub, n. bush; pl. shrubbery, thicket, boscage, bosket.

shuck, n. shell, husk, pod, shale.--v. shell, enucleate.

shudder, n. tremor.--v. tremble, shake, shiver, quake.

shuffle, v. jumble, intermix; equivocate, prevaricate, quibble,
shift; shamble.

shuffle, n. artifice, evasion, prevarication, trick, sophism, ruse.

shun, v. avoid, elude, evade, eschew.

shut, v. close; debar, exclude, preclude; (shut up) confine,
imprison, coop up, incarcerate, immure.

shy, a. timid, coy, backward, retiring, diffident, wary, cautious;
(Slang) short, lacking.

shyness, n. diffidence, coyness, timidity, bashfulness.

shyster, n. (Slang) knave, impostor, rogue, cheat.

sick, a. ill, unwell, ailing, indisposed, diseased, morbid;
nauseated, queasy, squeamish, qualmish; disgusted, surfeited, weary,
palled, satiated.

sick, v. sick on, incite, urge.

sicken, v. nauseate, disgust, pall, surfeit, decay, languish.

sickening, a. nauseating, disgusting, fulsome, nauseous, revolting.

sickle-shaped, a. falcate, falcated.

sickly, a. invalid, unwell, unhealthy, ailing; unwholesome; pale,
languid, haggard, puny, peaked.

sickness, n. illness, malady, ailment, complaint, disorder,
distemper, morbidity, indisposition, invalidism, disease. Associated
words: morbidity, morbific, malinger, malingerer, malingery, decumbiture,
convalescent, convalescence, relapse, malaise, clinic.

sickness of stomach. nausea, qualm, qualmishness.

side, n. flank; faction, sect, party. Associated Words: lateral,
laterality, laterally, collateral, bilateral, equilateral, quadrilateral,
longilateral, lopsided, multilateral, perimeter, ambidexter, ambidextrous,

side, a. lateral, collateral, incidental.

side by side. in apposition. Associated Words: apposition,
juxtaposition, juxtapose, juxtaposit.

side dish. entree, entremets.

sidehill, n. descent, declivity, decline, slope.

sidelong, a. lateral, oblique.

sidesman, n. partisan.

sidetrack, v. shunt; (Colloq.) switch off, divert.

sideways, adv., sidewise, askance, obliquely, laterally.

sidewise, adv., sideways, askance.

siding, n. sidetrack, turnout; clapboards, weatherboarding.

siege, n. investment, blockade, besiegement. Associated Words:
obsidional, besiege, beleaguer, obsess, obsession, beset.

Siena marble. brocatel.

sieve, n. strainer, sifter, bolt, bolter, riddle, tammis, tammy.

sievelike, a. cribrate, cribrose, cribriform.

sift, v. bolt, cribble, riddle; investigate.

sifting, n. bolting; (Pharm.) cribration; investigation.

sigh, n. suspiration.--v. suspire.

sight, n. vision; seeing, view, perception; visibility; spectacle,
phenomenon, panorama, vista, gapeseed, cynosure; (Colloq.) great number,
many, multitude, great quantity. Associated Words: optics, optical,
optic, ocular, optician, caligo, astigmatism, perimeter, perimetry,
amaurosis, visual, visualize, apparition.

sightly, a. comely, attractive, handsome.

sign, n. omen, auspice, portent, prodigy, prognostic, augury,
foretoken, presage; mark, token, indication, symptom, index, emblem,
symbol; trace, vestige, ensign, signal, beacon; gesture, motion;
signature. Associated Words: ominous, portentous, augurial, semeiology,
semeiological, sematology, semiotic, semeiography.

sign, v. signify, mark, indicate, betoken; subscribe.

signal, n. sign, ensign, beacon. Associated Word: pharology.

signal, a. memorable, remarkable, noticeable, notable.

signature, n. autograph, sign-manual. Associated Word: signatory.

signer, n. subscriber, signatory.

significance, n. meaning, import; consequence, importance, force.

significant, a. momentous, important; indicative, significative.
Antonyms: insignificant, unimportant, meaningless.

signification, n. meaning, import, acceptation, sense.

signify, v. indicate, betoken, denote; mean; matter.

silence, n. stillness, quietness; taciturnity, muteness, reserve;

silence, v. still, hush, quiet, suppress, lull, quell, appease.

silent, a. still, quiet, noiseless, inaudible; taciturn, reserved,
mute; quiescent.

silkworms, n. pl. Associated Words: sericulture, mulberry, cocoon,
filature, cocoonery, bombic, bombyx, filator, muscardine.

silky, a. sericeous, silken.

sill, n. threshold; window sill.

silliness, n. folly, foolishness, puerility, stupidity, inanity,
inaneness, absurdity, senselessness, ineptitude.

silly, a. witless, foolish, simple, fatuous, imbecile, half-witted;
stupid, unwise, inept, absurd, inane, nonsensical, senseless, puerile.

silver, n. _argentum_; bullion (uncoined silver). Associated
words: filigree, platinum, desilverize, desilverization, patio, vermeil,
fulguration, silversmith.

silvery, a. silver, argent, argentine, argentous, argentiferous.

similar, a. like, corresponding, resembling, homogeneous, analogous.

similarity, n. analogy, homogeneity, likeness, similitude,

simile, n. comparison, metaphor.

simoon, n. desert wind, khamsin, samiel.

simper, n. smirk.

simple, a. incomplex, uncompounded, single, elementary, uncombined,
mere; plain, unaffected, artless, naive, unsophisticated; credulous,
gullible, silly, oafish. Antonyms: complex, complicated, intricate,
artful, crafty, elaborate.

simpleton, n. dolt, dunce, numskull, lackbrain, oaf, witling, fool.

simulate, v. pretend, feign.

simulation, n. pretense, feint, feigning, affectation.

simultaneous, a. contemporaneous, synchronal, synchronous.

sin, n. iniquity, transgression, wickedness, delinquency,
peccadillo, offense, peccancy, unrighteousness. Associated Words:
ponerology, hamartiology, peccable, peccability, peccant, _peccavi_,
impeccable, impeccability.

sin, v. do wrong, trespass, transgress.

sincere, a. heartfelt, genuine, unfeigned, undissembling. Antonyms:
See insincere.

sincerity, n. honesty, unaffectedness, frankness. Antonyms:
insincerity, dissimulation.

sinew, n. tendon; muscle, thew.

sinful, a. iniquitous, wrong, immoral, wicked, depraved, vicious,

sinfulness, n. iniquity, immorality, depravity, wickedness.

sing, v. carol, warble, chant, hymn, hum, troll, yodel, croon.

singe, v. sweal, swale, scorch.

singer, n. vocalist, songster, songstress, minstrel, chanter,
cantatrice, cantor, prima donna, precentor, bard, troubadour, jongleur,

single, a. individual, alone, particular, isolated, sporadic,
solitary; unmarried, celibate; simple, unmixed; honest, sincere,
ingenuous, frank.

single, v. single out, choose, select, separate, isolate, segregate.

single-hearted, a. sincere, honest, guileless.

single-minded, a. artless, undesigning, guileless.

singsong, n. monotone.--a. monotonous, drawling.

singular, a. unusual, unconventional, uncommon, strange, peculiar,
unwonted, rare, extraordinary, exceptional, odd, whimsical, eccentric,
bizarre, queer, unique, unprecedented, unexampled, curious.

singularity, n. peculiarity, idiosyncrasy, individuality; curiosity,
freak, abnormality, rarity, abnormity, queerness, eccentricity.

sinister, a. left; unlucky, inauspicious, evil, wrong, forbidding.

sink, v. subside, descend, decline, fall; immerse, submerge, engulf,

sinker, n. plummet.

sinking, n. subsidence, fall, decrease, decline.

sinless, a. innocent, guiltless, undefiled, perfect, blameless,

sinner, n. wrong-doer, delinquent, miscreant, trespasser. See

siren, a. bewitching, fascinating, enticing.

sister, n. Associated Words: sororicide, sororize, sorosis,

site, n. location.

sitting, n. Associated Words: sedentary, assession, astasia.

situation, n. position, place, post, employment, job, location, site,
station, position; circumstance, condition, plight, predicament, exigency.

sitz bath. hip bath.

six, n. Associated Words: sexenary, hexaplar, sextant, sextuple,
sextet, sestet, sextic, senary.

six-cornered, a. hexangular, hexagonal.

six days. hexahemeron.

six fingers or toes. Associated Words: sexidigitism,

sixfold, a. sextuple.

six-footed, a. hexapod.

six months. semester. Associated Words: half-yearly, semi-annual,
bi-annual, semestral.

six-sided, a. cubic, hexahedral, hexagonal.

six-sided body. cube, hexahedron.

six-sided figure. hexagon.

sixty, n. Associated Words: sexagenary, sexagesimal.

sixty years. Associated Words: sexagenarian, sexagenary.

six years. Associated Words: sexennial, sexennially.

size, n. magnitude, volume, dimensions, amplitude, bulk, extent,

skedaddle, v. (Slang) run away, flee, decamp, scuttle, scamper,

skeptic, n. unbeliever, infidel.

skeptical, a. doubtful, disbelieving, incredulous. Antonym:

skepticism, n. doubt, incredulity, infidelity; Pyrrhonism. Antonym:

sketch, n. draught, outline, plan, drawing, design, scenario,

sketch, v. draught, portray, draw, depict, delineate.

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