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Hetty's Strange History by Anonymous

Part 4 out of 4

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"Yes," answered Dr. Eben, "it will. Tantibba, we will come back."

* * * * *

And now is told all that I have to tell of the Strange History of Eben
and Hetty Williams. If there be any who find the history incredible, I
have for such a few words more.

First: I myself have seen, in the old graveyard at Welbury, the
"beautiful and high monument of marble," of which Father Antoine spoke
to Dr. Macgowan. It bears the following inscription:

Who was drowned in Welbury Lake."

The dates, which I have my own reasons for not giving, come below; and
also a verse of the Bible, which I will not quote.

Second: I myself was in Welbury when there was brought to the town by
some traveller a copy of a Canadian newspaper, in which, among the
marriages, appeared this one:

"In the parish of St. Mary's, Canada, W., by Rev.
Antoine Ladeau, Mrs. Hibba Smailli to Dr. Ebenezer

The condition of Welbury, when this piece of news was fairly in
circulation in the town, could be compared to nothing but the buzz of a
beehive at swarming time. A letter which was received by the Littles, a
few days later, from Dr. Williams himself, did not at first allay the
buzzing. He wrote, simply: "You will be much surprised at the slip which
I enclose" (it was the newspaper announcement of his marriage). "You can
hardly be more surprised than I am myself; but the lady is one whom I
knew and loved a great many years ago. We are going abroad, and shall
probably remain there for some years. When I shall see Welbury again is
very uncertain."

Thirdly: Since neither of these facts proves my "Strange History" true,
I add one more.

I know Hetty Williams.

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