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Fritofs Saga by Esaias Tegner

Part 5 out of 5

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rubin (-en, -er), ruby.
rubinknapp (-en, -ar), ruby gem.
rull|a (-ade, -at), to roll, revolve.
rum (-met, --), room, place.
run|a (-an, -or), rune.
runbeskriven, inscribed with runes.
rund, round.
rund (-en, -er), circle.
rund|a (-ade, -at), to surround.
rund|el (-eln, -lar), circle.
runeskrift (-en, -er), runic inscription.
runetavl|a (-an, -or), runic tablet.
runogrift (-en, -er), runic crypt.
runohaell (-en, -ar), rune stone.
runoflag|a (-an, -or), rune flame.
runstav (-en, -ar), rune staff.
runsten (-en, -ar), rune stone.
runtomkring, round about.
rus (-et, --), spree, intoxication.
rut|a (-an, -or), square, check, pane.
ruttn|a (-ade, -at), to rot.
ruv|a (-ade, -at), to brood.
ryck|a (-te, -t), to tear, pull.
rygg (-en, -ar), back.
ryka (roek, rukit, or rykte, rykt), to smoke or steam, emit smoke.
rykte (-t, -n), report, fame, rumor.
rymd (-en, -er), space.
rymlig, spacious.
rynk|a (-ade, -at), to knit, as eyebrow or forehead.
rys|a (-te, -t), to shudder.
ryslig, hideous.
ryst|a (-ade, -at), to shake.
ryta (roet, rutit, or rytit), to roar.
ra (-n, -r), yard (nautical term).
ra (-dde, -tt) foer, to be responsible for, -- oever, govern.
rad (-et, --), advice.
rada, (radde, ratt), to rule, advise.
rag (-en), rye.
rag|a (-ade, -at), to fill to overflowing.
ran|a (-ade, -at), to rob.
raeck|a (-te, -t), to reach, extend.
raedas (raeddes), to be afraid.
raedd, afraid.
raedd|a (-ade, -at), to save.
raekn|a (-ade, -at), to count, reckon.
raemna (-ade, -at), to split open.
raett, right.
raetta, med --, justly, by right.
raett (-en), justice, right.
raettvis, just.
raettvisa (-n), justice.
raev (-en, -ar), fox.
roed, red.
roek, see ryka.
roek (-en), smoke.
roekfang (-et, --), smoke escape, flue.
roekmoln (-et, --), cloud of smoke.
roen|a (-te, -t), to experience.
roer|a (-de, -t), to move, touch.
roerpil (-en, -ar), reed.
roest (-en, -er), voice.
roet, see ryta.
roev|a (-ade, -at), to rob.
roevare (-n, --), robber.


sade, see saega.
sag|a (-an, -or), saga, story.
sagt, see saega.
sak (-en, -er), matter, thing.
sakn|a (-ade, -at), to miss.
saknad (-en), regret, longing; kaenna --, to miss.
sakta, slowly.
saktmod (-et), meekness.
sal (-en, -ar), hall, main room.
salig, blessed.
salighet (-en, -er), blessedness.
salsdoerr (-en, -ar), hall door.
salt (-et), salt, adj. salt.
saltad, salt.
saltskum (-met), briny foam.
sam, see simma.
samarv (-et, --), joint inheritance.
saml|a (-ade, -at), to gather.
samma, the same.
samman, together.
sammetsmantel (-eln, -lar), velvet cloak.
sand (-en), sand.
sann, true.
sanning (-en, -ar), truth.
sans|a (-ade, -at) sig, to compose oneself.
sansad, reasonable, sober.
sansking (-en), sense, composure.
satt, see sltta or saetta.
schack (-et), chess.
schackbord (-et, --), chess board.
scharlakansroed, scarlet.
se (sag, sett, sedd), to see, look.
sed (-en, -er), custom.
sedan, sen, since, after.
seg|el (-let, --), sail.
seg|er (-ern, -rar), victory.
segl|a (-ade, -at), to sail.
seglare (-n, --), sailor.
segling (-en, -ar), cruise, sailing.
segr|a (-ade, -at), to conquer.
sen, see sedan; -- dess, since then.
sen, late, tardy; sent omsider, at last.
sen|a (-an, -or), sinew.
sett, see se.
sex, six.
si, behold.
sid|a (-an, -or), side.
sig, himself, herself, itself, themselves.
silverblank, bright as silver.
silverbaelte (-t, -n), silver belt.
silke (-t, -n), silk.
silv|er (-ret), silver.
silverbild (-en, -er), silver image.
silverfat (-et, --), silver platter.
silverfot (-en, -foetter), silver foot.
silverfar|a (-an, -or), silvery furrow or band.
silverhjaelm (-en, -ar), silver helmet.
silverhar (-et, --), silvery hair.
silverharig, silver-haired, gray.
silverlock (-en, -ar), silvery lock.
silverman|e (-en, -ar), silver moon.
silverplat (-en, -ar), silver plate.
silverport (-en, -ar), silver gate.
silverskrid|a (-an, -or), silver scabbard.
silverskir (-et), silver gauze.
silverskaegg (-et), gray beard.
silverstak|e (-en, -ar), silver candlestick.
silverstol (-en, -ar), silver chair.
silvertak (-et, --), silver roof or ceiling.
silvervag (-en, -or), silvery wave.
simma (sam, summit), to swim.
simmare (-n, --), swimmer.
sin, sitt, sina, his, her, its, their.
sinne (-t, -n), mind.
sir|a (-ade, -at), to adorn, entwine.
sist, last.
sitta (satt, pl. sutto, suttit), to sit.
sjunde, seventh.
sjunga (sjoeng, sjungit, sjungen), to sing.
sjunka (sjoenk, sjunkit" sjunken), to sink.
sjael (-en, -ar), soul.
sjaelv, self.
sjoe (-n, -ar), lake.
sjoebla, water blue.
sjoegroen, sea-green.
sjoehaest (-en, -ar), sea horse.
sjoekonung (-en, -ar), sea king.
sjoeng, see sjunga.
sjoenk, se sjunka.
skad|a (-ade, -at), to hurt.
skad|a (-an, -or), injury, harm, waste, misfortune.
skaft (-et, --), handle.
skak|a (-ade, -at), to shake.
skal (-et, --), shell,
skal|a (-ade, -at), to scale.
skald (-en, -er), poet.
skalk (-en, -ar), rogue.
skall, see skola.
skallra (-ade, -at), to rattle.
skall|a (-ade, -at), to resound.
skall|e (-en, -ar), skull.
skap|a (-ade, -at), to create.
skapelse (-n, -r), creation.
skar, see skaera.
skar|a (-an, -or), flock, crowd.
skarp, sharp, keen.
skatt (-en, -er), tax, treasure.
skatt|a (-ade, -at), to value, treasure.
skattskyldig, liable to taxation.
ske (-dde, -tt), to happen.
sken (-et, --), light.
sken, see skina.
skepnad (-en, -er), form.
skepp (-et, --), ship.
skeppsbord (-et, --), deck.
skeppsdaeck (-et, --), deck.
skeppsvrak (-et, --), wreck.
skick|a (-ade, -at), to send.
skidgard (-en, -ar), paling, palisade.
skift|a (-ade, -at), to exchange, apportion, change, shift.
skifte (-t, -n), vicissitude.
skiltvakt (-en, -er), sentry.
skil|ja (-de, -t), to divide, separate, part, distinguish.
skim|mer (-ret), shimmer, gleam.
skimr|a (-ade, -at), to shimmer.
skina (sken, skinit), to shine.
skinn (-et, --), hide, fur, skin.
skip|a (-ade, -at) lag, to administer law.
skir (-et), gauze.
skiv|a (-an, -or), plate, disk.
skjuta (skoet, skjutit, skjuten), to shoot, push.
sko (-dde, -tt), to shoe.
skog (-en, -ar), forest.
skola (skall, skulle, skolat), shall, will, must.
skon|a (-ade, -at), to spare.
skoning (-en), mercy, exemption.
skot (-et), sheet, sail.
skraml|a (-ade, -at), to rattle.
skrap|a (-ade, -at), to scrape, paw.
skred, see skrida,
skrek, see skrika.
skrev, see skriva.
skri (-et, -- ), shriek.
skrida (skred, skridit, skriden), to glide, proceed, walk slowly.
skrika (skrek, skrikit), to cry.
skriva, (skrev, skrivit, skriven), to write.
skrud (-en, -ar), attire.
skraeck (-en), terror.
skraem|ma (-de, -t), to frighten.
skugg|a (-an, -or), shadow.
skuggig, shady.
skuld (-en, -er), debt, blame, fault.
skulderblad (-et), shoulder-blade.
skuldloes, guiltless, innocent.
skuldr|a (-an, -or), shoulder.
skull, sake, fault; foer nagons --, on account of, for the sake
of some one.
skulle, see skola.
skum (-met), foam.
skum, dark.
skumma (-ade, -at), to foam.
skur|a (-ade, -at), to scrub, wash, polish.
skurit, see skaera.
skuro, see skaera.
skvallrja (-ade, -at), to tattle, gossip.
sky (-n, -ar), sky, cloud.
skydd (-et), protection.
skydd|a (-ade, -at), to protect.
skygd, indecl., protection.
skymf (-en, -er), insult.
skymf|a (-ade, -at), to insult.
skymt|a (-ade, -at), to appear by a glimpse, catch a glimpse of.
skynd|a (-ade, -at), to hurry.
skad|a (-ade, -at), to see, be-hold.
skal (-en, -ar), cup, toast, health.
skap (-et, --), cupboard.
skaegg (-et, --), beard.
skael (-et, --), reason.
skaelv|a (-de or skalv, skaelvt), to tremble.
skaemt|a (-ade, -at), to jest.
skaenk (-en, -er), gift.
skaenk|a (-te, -t), to donate, give.
skaer (-et, --), rock, skerry.
skaera (skar, pl. skuro, skurit, skuren), to cut.
skaerad, cleansed, shriven.
skoeld (-en, -ar), shield.
skoeldborg (-en, -ar), circle of shields.
skoeldburen, borne or lifted on a shield.
skoeldegny (-et), din of shields.
skoeldeklang (-en), clang of shields.
skoeldmoe (-n, -r), shield maiden, valkyr.
skoeldrand (-en, -raender), edge of a shield.
skoen, beautiful.
skoenj|a (-de, -t), to discern.
skoerd (-en, -ar), harvest.
skoet, see skjuta.
skoete (-t), lap, bosom.
slag (-et, --), stroke, battle.
slagsmal (-et, --), fight.
slagsvaerd (-et, --), sword.
slaktning (-en, -ar), battle, slaughter.
slapp, slack, lax.
slav (-en, -ar), slave.
slet, see slita.
slita (slet, slitit, sliten), to tear, wear.
slockn|a (-ade, -at), to become extinct.
slag, see sla.
slumr|a (-ade, -at), to slumber.
slung|a (-ade, -at), to hurl.
slup (-en, -ar), boat, sloop.
slut (-et), end; till --, at last.
sluta (sloet, slutit, sluten), to cease, press, close, attack.
slutligen, finally.
sluttande, sloping.
sla (slog, slagit, slagen), to strike; -- ned, alight,
cast down, -- an en sang, strike up a song.
slass (slogs, slagits), to fight.
slaeck|a (-te, -t), to extinguish.
slaed|e (-en, -ar), sleigh, sled.
slaedtravare (-n, --), sleigh-trotter
slaekt (-en, -er), generation, kinsfolk.
slang|a (-de, -t), to throw.
slaepp|a (-te, -t), to relinquish, release; -- ut, to let out.
slaett (-en, -er), plain, level place.
sloej|a (-an, -or), veil.
sloes|a (-ade, -at), to squander.
smak|a (-ade, -t), to taste.
smal, slender, narrow.
smalt, see smaelta.
smattr|a (-ade, -at), to beat, crackle, blare.
smida (smidde, smitt), to forge.
smidig, lithe.
smultron (-et, --), strawberry.
smyck|a (-ade, -at), to adorn.
smycke (-t, -n), ornament.
smyga (smoeg, smugit), to go stealthily, steal.
sma (pl. of liten), small, little.
sma|le (-log, -lett), to smile.
smal|ta (-te, or smalt, smultit or smaelt), to melt.
smaert, slender.
smaedlig, derisive.
smaert|a (-an, -or), pain, suffering.
smoeg, see smyga.
snar, soon, near, quick.
snaeck|a (-an, -or), shell, ship.
snaell, good, quick.
snoe (-n), snow.
snoeberg (-et, --), snow-capped mountain.
snoebetaeckt, snow-covered.
snoeblomm|a (-an, -or), snow drop, snow white flower.
snoeg|a (-ade, -at), to snow.
snoeig, snowy.
snoere (-t, -n), string, cord.
snoevit, snow white.
sol (-en, -ar), sun.
solblank, bright as the sun.
solbrun, sunburnt.
solhus (-et, --), sun house, conservatory.
solsken (-et), sunshine.
som, who, which, that, whom.
som, as, like.
sommar (-en, somrar), summer.
sommarnatt (-en, --natter), summer night.
sommarsol (-en), summer sun.
sommartorr, sundried, withered.
sommarvind (-en, -ar), summer wind.
somn|a (-ade, -at), to go to sleep.
son (-en, soener), son.
sona, see foersona.
sorg (-en, -er), sorrow, care, responsibility.
sorgfri, carefree.
sorglig, sad, sorrowful.
sorgloes, carefree.
sorgsen, sad.
sorl (-et), hum, commotion.
sorl|a (-ade, -at), to murmur.
sotad, sooty.
sova (sov, sovit), to sleep.
spak, meek, tractable.
spar|a (-ade, -at), to save, spare.
sparr|e (-en, -ar), rafter.
speg|el (-eln, -lar), mirror.
spegelklar, clear as a mirror.
spegelvag (-en, -or), clear, calm water.
spegl|a (-ade, -at), to reflect, view in mirror.
spel (-et, --), play.
spel|a (-te or -ade, -t or -at), to play.
spets (-en, -ar), point, tip.
spill|a (-de, -t), to spill, waste
spillo, giva till --, to abandon.
spilt|a (-an, -or), stall.
spinna (spann, pl. spunno, spunnit, spunnen), to spin.
spis|el (-eln, -lar), fireplace.
spjut (-et, --), spear.
spol|a (-ade, -at), to flush, wash away.
spolad, spun.
spord, see spoerja.
sporr|a (-ade, -at), to spur on.
sprang, see springa.
sprak|a (-ade, -at), to crackle.
spratt (-et, --), trick.
sprida (spred or spridde, spridit), to spread, scatter.
springa (sprang, pl. sprungo, sprungit), to run, spring,
spring|a (-an, -or), crack, narrow opening.
springare (-n, --), courser.
sprungo, see springa.
sprak (-et, --), language.
sprak|a (-ade, -at), to converse, talk.
sprang (-et, --), leap.
spraecklig, mottled, speckled.
spaman (-nen, -maen), sooth-sayer.
spaeck|a (-ade, -at), to fill, Interlard.
spaed, tender, infantile.
spok|a (-ade,-at), to haunt.
spaen|na (-de, -t), to stretch out, bend, draw, buckle, -- hop, clinch.
spoerja (sporde, sport, spord), to inquire, learn, hear, ask.
stack, see sticka.
stad (-en, staeder), city.
stadig, steady, constant.
stal, see stjaela.
stam (-men, -mar), stem, post, trunk, framework.
stamfar, see stamfader.
stamfader (-n, -faeder), progenitor.
stamm|a (-ade, -at) fran, to descend from.
stamp|a (-ade, -at), to stamp.
stann|a (-ade, -at), to stop, remain.
stark, strong.
stav (-en, -ar), staff.
steg, see stiga.
steg (-et, --), step.
sten (-en, -ar), stone.
stenek (-en, -ar), holly oak.
sticka (stack, pl. stucko, stuckit), to stick, reach forth,
-- i brand, put on fire.
stick|a (-ade, -at), to knit.
stickbloss (-et, --), wood torch.
stift|a (-ade, -at), to found, establish.
stig (-en, -ar), path.
stiga (steg, stigit), to step, -- upp, to arise, -- av, to dismount.
stiltje (-n), calm.
stilla, still.
stinga (staeng, pl. stungo, stungit, stungen), to pierce, sting.
stjaelk (-en, -ar), stem,
stjaela (stal, pl. stulo, stulit, stulen), to steal.
stjarn|a (-an, -or), star.
stjaernekrans (-en, -ar), starry wreath.
stjaernenatt (-en, --, -naetter), starry night.
stjaernetlfilt (-et, --), starry tent.
stjarnevim|mel (-let), starry throng.
stjaernklar, starlight,
stjaernskott (-et, --), shooting star.
stjaert (-en, -ar), tail.
stod, see sta.
stoft, (-et), dust, earth.
stol (-en, -ar), chair, seat.
stolt, proud.
stolthet (-en), pride.
stor, great, large.
storm (-en, -ar), storm.
storm|a (-ade, -at), to storm.
stormig, stormy.
stormoern (-en, -ar), storm eagle.
strand (-en, straender), shore.
strandloes, without a shore, endless.
strax, immediately,
strid (-en, -er), battle, strife, conflict.
strid, swift, rapid,
strida,(stred, stridit), to fight.
stridsbror, stridsbroder, comrade in arms.
strimm|a (-an, -or), line, streak.
stryka (stroek, strukit, struken), strike, give up, roam.
stradoed (-en), natural death.
stral|a (-ade, -at), to beam, shine.
stralbaegare (-n, --), sparkling bowl.
stral|e (-en, -ar), ray.
straeck|a (-te, -t), to stretch, extend.
straeckning (-en, -ar), stretching, extent.
straeng (-en, -ar), string, chord.
straeng, severe.
stroe (stroedde, stroett), to strew, scatter.
stroem (-men, -mar), stream.
stroemm|a (-ade, -at), to flow, stream.
stroemoln (-et, --), small, scattered clouds.
stulen, see stjaela.
stum, dumb, silent.
stund (-en, -er), moment.
stund|a (-ade, -at), to be impending, about to happen.
stundom, occasionally.
stungo, see stinga.
stup|a (-ade, or stoep, -at), to fall (in battle).
stycke (-t, -n), piece.
styr|a (-de,-t), to steer, direct.
styre (-t, -n), helm.
styrbord, starboard.
styrka (-n), strength.
styrman (-nen, -maen), pilot.
styv, stiff.
sta (stod, statt), stand; -- ater, to remain.
stal (-et), steel.
stalblank, bright as steel, burnished.
stalbla, steel blue.
stalbag|e (-en, -ar), steel bow
stalbaegare, (-n, --), steel goblet.
stalhandsk|e (-en, -ar), gauntlet.
stalgjuten, of wrought steel.
stalhjaelm (-en, -ar), steel helmet.
stalbeklaedd, steel clad, mailed.
stalrand (-en, -raender), band or edge of steel.
stalsko (-n, -r), skate.
stalskodd, steel shod,
stang (-en, staenger), pole, pike.
stang|a (-ade, -at), to butt, gore.
staell|a (-de, -t), to place, put.
staelle (-t, -n) place.
staem|ma (-de, -t), to summon; -- moete, to set a meeting,
make an appointment.
staemm|a(-an, -or), voice,
staendig, constant.
staeng|a (-de, -t), to shut.
staeng|el (-eln, -lar), stalk.
staev (-en, -ar), stem.
staev|a (-an, -or), pail.
stoedja (stoedde, stoett, stoedd), to support, lean.
stoep, see stupa.
stoerre, greater, large.
stoerst, greatest, largest.
stoert|a (-ade, -at) fram, rush forward.
stoet (-en, -ar), blow.
stoet|a (-te, -t), to strike, encounter.
suck (-en, -ar), sigh.
suck|a (-ade, -at), to sigh.
sund (-et, --), sound.
sunnanskog (-en, -ar), southern forest.
sus (-et), murmur, rustle, sough.
sus|a (-ade, -at), to murmur, rustle, whizz.
sutto, see sitta.
svag, weak.
sval, cool.
svalg (-et, --), mouth, jaw.
svall, (-et), swell, surge.
svall|a (-ade, -at), to swell.
svallvag (-en), surge, roller.
svandunsbarm (-en, -ar), bosom as soft as swan's down.
svar (-et, --), answer.
svar|a (-ade, -at), to answer.
svart, black.
svartklaedd, dressed in black.
svartekung (-en), black art king.
svartskaeggig, having black beard, swarthy.
svarv|a (-ade, -at), to lathe, turn.
sveda (svedde, svett), to singe, burn.
svedjeland (-et, --), fire swept land, burnt clearing.
svek (-et, --), deceit.
sven (-nen, -ner), youth, page, comrade.
svett (-en), perspiration.
svika (svek, svikit, sviken), to fail, betray.
svikt|a (-ade, -at), to give way under weight.
svindl|a (-ade, -at), to grow dizzy.
sving|a (-ade, -at), to swing, fly.
svurit, see svaerja.
svar, hard, difficult.
svaeng|a (-de, -t), to swing.
svaera (svor, pl. svuro, svurit), to swear, take oath.
svaerdloes, swordless, disarmed.
svaerdshugg (-et, --), blow or strike of the sword.
svaerja (svor, pl. svuro, svurit, svuren), to swear, make solemn promise,
or take oath.
svaerm|a (-ade, -at), to swarm, roam, dream.
svaermare (-n, --), dreamer, visionary.
svaev|a (-ade, -at), to hover, rove.
syn (-en, -er), sight, vision.
syn|a (-ade, -at), to examine, spy.
syn|as (-tes, -ts), to seem, appear.
syskonstjaern|a (-an, -or), sister star.
syssl|a (-ade, -at), to be busy.
syst|er (-ern, -rar), sister.
sa (-dde, -tt), to sow.
sa, thus, so.
sag, see se.
sall|a (-ade, -at), to sift.
sang (-en, -er), song.
sangare (-n, --), singer.
sangarskara (-an, -or), group of singers.
sangfag|el (-eln, -lar), songbird.
saer (-et, --), wound.
sar|a (-ade, -at), to wound.
saed (-en), seed.
saega (sade, sagt), to say, tell, relate.
saeg|en (-nen, -ner), saying, legend.
saeker, sure, secure.
saelja (salde, salt, sald), to sell.
saell, happy, blessed.
saell|e (-en, -ar), fellow, vulgar fellow.
saellhet (-en), bliss.
saellsam, singular.
saen|da (-de, -t), to send.
saendebud (-et, --), messenger.
saender, i --, at a time.
saendman (-nen, --maen), messenger.
saeng (-en, -ar), bed.
saenk|a (-te, -t), to lower, sink.
saerskild, special, separate.
saete (-t, -n), seat.
saetta (satte, satt), to put, locate, fix; -- sig, to sit down,
locate; -- ut, set out; -- astad, start, sally forth.
saev (-en), rushes.
soeder (-n), South.
soek|a (-te, -t), to seek.
soemn|a (-ade, -at), to sew, embroider.
soemn (-en), sleep.
soemnig, sleepy, drowsy.
soemnloes, sleepless.
soerj|a (-de, -t), to grieve.
sov|a (-de, -t), to put to sleep.


ta, abbrev. of taga.
tack (-en), thanks.
tack|a (-ade, -at), to thank.
tad|el (-let), blame, reproach, blemish.
tafs (-en, -ar), tassel.
tag (-et, --), hold, grip.
taga, ta (tog, tagit, tagen), to take.
tak (-et, --), roof, ceiling.
tal (-et, --), speech, number.
tal|a (-ade, or -te, -at, or -t), to speak.
tank|e (-en, -ar), thought.
tankloes, thoughtless.
tapper, brave.
tapp|a (-ade, -at), to lose.
teck|en (-net, --), sign, omen.
teckn|a (-ade, -at), to trace, write, make signs.
teg, see tiga.
temp|el (-let, --), temple.
tempelbrand (-en), burning of the temple.
tempeljungfru (-n, -r), temple maiden.
tempellund (-en, -ar), temple grove.
tempelrund (-en, -er), temple circle.
tempelroek (-en), smoke from the burning temple.
tempelskaendare (-n, --), one who profanes the temple.
tempelslaekte (-t, -n), temple tribe.
tempeltilj|a (-an, -or), temple floor.
tempelvalv (-et, --), temple arch, dome.
tempelvaegg (-en, -ar), temple wall.
tid (-en, -er), time.
tidning (-en, -ar), news.
tiga (teg, tegat), to keep silent.
tigg|a (-de, -t), to beg.
tiggarstav (-en, -ar), beggar's staff.
tllj|a (-an, -or), floor.
till, to, as, for.
tillbaka, back, in return.
till|bedja (-bad, -bedit, -bedd), to worship.
tillhopa, together.
tillhor|a (-de, -t), to belong to.
tillika, also.
till|komma (-kom, -kommit), to come into existence, to befit,
be proper, incumbent upon.
tills, until.
tillsamman, together.
til|laegga (-lade, -lagt), to add.
timme (-en, -ar), hour.
timr|a (-ade, -at), to build.
ting (-et, --), thing, court of justice.
tinga, see betinga.
tinn|e (-en, -ar), pinnacle.
tinning (-en, -ar), temple.
tio, ten.
titt|a (-ade, -at), to keep, look.
tjus|a (-ade, -at), to fascinate.
tjuv (-en, -ar), thief.
tjaell (-et, --), hut, home.
tofs (-en, -ar), tassel.
tog, see taga.
tolv, twelve.
tolvmannakraft, strength of twelve men.
tolvt (-en, -er), dozen.
tom, empty.
tomhaent, indecl., empty handed.
tomt (-en, -er), plot, lot.
ton (-en, -er), tone, sound.
topp (-en, -ar), top.
torn (-et, --), tower.
torr, dry.
torv (-en), sod, turf.
torv|a (-an, -or), turf, sod.
tre, three.
travare (-n, --), trotter.
trenne, three.
trevlig, pleasant.
trettio, thirty.
triv|as (-des, -ts), to thrive, feel at home.
tro (-dde, -tt), to believe, think.
tro (-n), faith, belief, trust.
trofast, faithful, steadfast.
trogen, faithful.
trohet (-en), faithfulness.
troll (-et, --), goblin, monster.
trolldom (-en), witchcraft.
trollpar (-et, --), pair of monsters.
trollsaeng (-en, -er), incantation.
troloes, faithless.
tron (-en, -er), throne.
trots (-et), defiance; in spite of.
trots|a (-ade, -at), to defy.
trotsig, defiant.
tryck|a (-te, -t), to press.
tryckning (-en, -ar), pressure.
trygg, secure.
traebelaete (-t, -n), wooden image.
traed (-et, --), tree.
traeda (traedde, traett), to step, walk, proceed.
traeff|a (-ade, -at), to meet with, hit, strike.
trael (-en, -ar), serf, slave.
traengla (-de, -t), to press.
troeg, dull.
troesk|el (-eln, -lar), threshold.
troest (-en), consolation.
troett, weary.
troettad, tired.
troettnia (-ade, -at), to grow tired.
troettsam, tiresome.
tu, two.
tugg|a (-ade, -at), to chew.
tull (-en, -ar), toll.
tuml|a (-ade, -at), to tumble, roll.
tummje (-en, -ar), thumb.
tung, heavy.
tung|a (-an, -or), tongue.
turturduv|a (-an, -or), turtledove.
tusen, thousand.
tusental (-et, --), a thousand.
tuv|a (-an, -or), knoll.
tvekan, indecl., hesitation.
tvemaennings, two together.
tvenne, two.
tvinga (tvang, pi. tvungo, tvungit, tvungen), to compel, subdue.
tvinn|a (-ade, -at), to twine.
tvist (-en, -er), quarrel.
tvist|a (-ade, -at), to dispute.
tva, two.
tvang (-et), compulsion.
tvaenne, two.
ty, because, for.
tyck|a (-te,-t), to think, mean.
tyst|a (-ade, -at), to silence.
tyck|as (-tes, -ts), to appear, seem.
tyst, silent, quiet.
tystn|a (-ade, -at), to become silent.
tystnad (-en), silence.
tyvaerr, alas.
ta, (-n, -r), toe.
tag (-et), march, campaign.
tag|a (-ade, -at), to march.
tal|a (-de, -t), to endure.
talig, patient.
tar (-en, -ar), tear.
tarloes, tearless.
taeck|e (-et, -en) covering.
taelj|a (-de, -t), to enumerate, relate, count.
taelt (-et, --), tent.
taelt|a (-ade, -at), toe put up tents, encamp.
taemja (taemde or tamde, tamt or tamt, tamd), to tame.
taenlda (-de, -t), to kindle, light.
taenk|a (-te, -t), to think.
taer|a (-de, -t), to consume,
taern|a (-an, -or), lass, maiden.
taerning (-en, -ar), die, dice,
taet, close.
taevl|a (-ade, -at), to contest, vie, compete.
toeckenbud (-et, --), gloomy messenger.
toecknig, misty.
toem|ma (-de, -t), to empty, drain.
toera (torde), perchance, no douht, may.
toeras (tordes, torts), to dare.
toerst (-en), thirst.
toerst|a (-ade, -at), to thirst.


ull (-en), wool.
ulv (-en, -ar) wolf.
undan, away.
under, under, beneath, during.
und|er (-ret, --), wonder.
underbar, wonderful.
underlig, wonderful.
undr|a (-ade, -at), to wonder.
ung, young.
ungdom (-en), youth.
ungdomsblod (-et), youthful blood.
ungdomsvaen (-nen, -ner), friend from childhood.
ung|e (-en, -ar), young one.
ungersven (-nen, -ner), young man, swain.
ungtraed (-et, --), young tree.
unn|a (-ade, -at), to allow, permit without grudging.
upp, up.
upp|foeda (-foedde, -foett), to bring up.
upp|bara (-bar, -burit, -buren), to support.
upp|loesa (-te, -t), to dissolve.
uppsparka, to kick up.
uppsteg, see uppstiga. -
upp|stiga (-steg, -stigit, -stigen), to ascend, rise.
uppsta (-stod, -statt, -standen), to arise.
uppa, upon, on.
ur (-oxe) (-en, -ar), musk ox.
ur, from, out of.
urn|a (-an, -or), urn.
usel, mean, sordid, wretched.
ut, ute, out.
utan, without.
utanfoer, outside.
utav, of, among.
ute|bliva (-blev, -blivit, -bliven), to fail to appear, remain away.
uti, in.
utlys|a (-te, -t), to announce, appoint.
utsaede (-t), seed for planting.
utav, out of.
utoever, over, above, beyond.
uppbaera (-bar, pi. buro, -burit, buren), to support.


vad, what, whatsoever.
vad'a (-ade, -at), to wade.
vagg|a (-ade, -at), to rock, wave.
vagg|a (-an, -or), cradle.
vaggsang (-en, -er), cradle song.
vaj|a (-ade, -at), to wave.
vak (-en, -ar), opening in the ice.
vak|a (-ade, -at), to watch, keep awake.
vak|a (-an, -or), thrush.
vaken, awake.
vakn|a (-ade, -at), to awaken.
vakt (-en, -er), guard.
vakt|a (-ade, -at), to watch, guard.
vakt|el (-eln, -lar), quail.
val (-en, -ar), whale.
val (-et, --), choice, election.
val|a (-an, -or), seeress.
valhallaarving (-en, -ar), heir of Valhalla.
valhallabarn (-et, --), child of Valhalla.
valhallason (-en, --soener), son of Valhalla,
valhallastol (-en), seat of Valhalla.
valkyri|a (-an, -or), valkyr.
vallhoe (-et), meadow hay.
valplats (-en, -er), battlefield.
valv (-et, --), arch.
valvdoerr (-en, -ar), arch door.
van, accustomed.
van|a (-an, -or), habit.
vandr|a (-ade, -at), to walk, wander.
vandrare (-n, -- ), wanderer, walker.
vankelmod (-et), fickleness, inconstancy.
vantro (-n), superstition.
vantrofylld, full of superstition.
vap|en (-net, --), weapon.
vapenbrak (-et), din of arms.
vapenbroder (-n, -broeder), comrade in arms.
vapenklang (-en), clash of arms.
var, see vara.
var, each, every, wherever, where.
vara (aer, var pl. voro, varit), to be.
vara, tag dig till --, beware, look out.
varann, varannan, each other, every other.
varda (vart, vorden), begin to be, become.
varenda, every.
varfoer, why.
varg i veum, outlaw, profaner of the temple.
varhelst, wherever.
varifran, whence.
varje, every.
varligen, carefully.
varm, warm.
varmed, whereby.
varn|a (-ade, -at), to warn.
varning (-en, -ar), warning.
vars, whose.
varsam, cautious.
varthelst, whithersoever.
varoever, over or across which.
vass, sharp.
vatt|en (-net, --), water.
vattendrag (-et, --), water course, stream.
vattenfag|el (-eln, -lar), waterfowl.
vattenlilj|a (-an, -or), water lily.
vattn|a (-ade, -at), to moisten,
vaulunderverk (-et, --), product of Vaulund.
ve, woe.
ved (-en), wood, fuel.
vedergaell|a (-de, -t), to repay, make retribution.
vek, weak.
veklig, weakly.
vem, who.
vemhelst, whosoever.
vemodsfull, melancholy.
verk (-et, --), work, deed.
veta (visste, vetat), to know.
vett (-et), sense.
vi, we.
vi, why, wherefore.
vid, by, in, on, at.
vidunderlig, strange, weird.
vift|a (-ade, -at), to flap, wave, beckon.
vig|a (-de, -t), to consecrate, wed.
vigd, consecrated.
vik (-en, -ar), bay.
vika (vek, vikit, viken), to yield, turn aside.
viking (-en, -ar), viking.
vikingabalk (-en, -ar), viking code.
vikingafaerd (-en, -ar), viking expedition.
vikingaliv (-et, --), viking life.
vikingahaemnd (-en), viking revenge.
vikingaskepp (-et, --), viking ship.
vikingavinst (-en, -er), viking profit.
vikingavis, in viking fashion.
vikt (-en, -er), weight.
vil|a (-ade, -at), to rest.
vild, wild.
vilddjur (-et, --), wild animal.
vilja (pr. vill, ville, velat), will, want to.
vilj|a (-an, -or), will.
vildsint, ferocious.
vilken, who, which.
vill, see vilja.
villig, willing.
viml|a (-ade, -at), to throng, abound.
vin (-et), wine.
vina (ven, vinit), to whistle, shriek.
vinbaegare (-n), wine goblet.
vind (-en, -ar), wind.
vindkall, producing wintry storms.
vingad, winged.
ving|e (-en, -ar), wing.
vink|a (-ade, -at), to beckon.
vinna (vann, pl. vunno, vunnit, vunnen), to win, acquire.
vinpokal (-en, -ar), wine goblet.
vinst (-en, -er), profit, gain.
vint|er (-ern, -rar), winter.
vintergroen, evergreen.
vinterhim|mel, (-len or himmeln, -lar), wintry sky.
vinterkvaell (-en, -ar), winter evening.
vinterkoeld (-en), winter cold.
vir|a (-ade, -at), to wind, twine.
virk|a (-ade, -at), to crochet.
virvelvind (-en, -ar), whirlwind.
virvl|a (-ade, -at), to whirl.
vis (-et, --), manner.
vis, wise.
vis|a (-an, -or), ditty, song.
vis|a (-ade, -at), to show, direct.
visdomsrun|a (-an, -or), rune of wisdom, sage legend.
vishet (-en), wisdom.
visk|a (-ade, -at), to whisper.
viskning (-en, -ar), whispering.
viss, certain.
vissn|a (-ade, -at), to wither.
vist|as (-ades, -ats), to sojourn, remain, stay.
visthus (-et, --), larder.
vit, white.
vitaktig, whitish.
vitgra, light gray, white and gray.
vitklaedd, dressed in white.
vitskummig, white-capped, foaming.
vitt, sa --, as far as.
vitter, lettered, cultured, learned.
vitullig, woolly.
vittberoemd, far-famed.
vorden, see varda.
voro, see vara,
vred, angry.
vrede (-n), anger.
vredesmod (-et), anger.
vredgad, angry.
vredg|as (-ades, -ats), to be or become angry.
vra (-n, -r), nook, corner of a room.
vral|a (-ade, -at), to howl.
vraek|a (-te, -t), to hurl, heave.
vuxen, see vaexa.
vadlig, risky, dangerous.
vag (-en, -or), wave.
vag (-en, -ar), scale.
vag|a (-ade, -at), to dare, venture.
vagskal (-en, -ar), scale.
vald (-et), force, tyranny.
var (-en, -ar), spring.
var, our.
vard (-en, -ar), monument.
vard (-en), care.
vard|a (-ade, -at), to take care of.
vardag (-en, -ar), spring day.
vardkas (-en, -ar), signal fire
varis (-en), spring ice.
varsol (-en), spring sun.
varsky (-n, -ar), spring cloud.
vat, wet.
vaeck|a (-te, -t), to awaken.
vaed|er (-ret), weather.
vaedj|a (-ade, -at), to appeal.
vaeg (-en, -ar), road, path, way.
vaeg|a (-de, -t), to weigh.
vaegg (-en, -ar), wall.
vaegra (-de, -t), to refuse.
vael, well, indeed.
vaelan, well then.
vaelbekant, well-known.
vaeld, indecl., partiality.
vaelde (-t), power, authority.
vaeldig, mighty.
vaelfaegnad (-en), good cheer.
vaelja (valde, valt, vald), to choose.
vaelkommen, welcome.
vaelkomstgav|a (-an, -or), gift of welcome.
vaelkaend, well-known.
vaell|a (-de, -t), to gush.
vaelment, well-meant.
vaelsign|a (-ade, -at), to bless.
vaelsk, Gaelic.
vaelt|a (-te, -t), to roll, overturn.
vaelv|a (-de, -t), to arch.
vaen (-nen, -ner), friend.
vaen|da (-de, -t), to turn.
vaenlig, friendly.
vaenskap (-en), friendship.
vaenster, left.
vaent|a (-ade, -at), to wait, expect.
vaensaell, sociable, amiable.
vaentan, indecl., waiting.
vaepn|a (-ade, -at), to arm.
vaerd (en, -ar), host.
vaerd, worth.
vaerde (-t), worth.
vaerdig, worthy.
vaerld (-en, -ar), earth, world.
vaerldsbalslag|a (-an, -or), flame of the universal pyre.
vaerldshav (-et, -- ), main ocean.
vaerldshavsboelj|a (-an, -or), wave of the ocean main.
vaerldskung (-en), world king.
vaerldsmoder (-n), mother of the world.
vaern (-et, -- ), defense.
vaernloes, defenseless.
vaerst, worst.
vaes|a (-te, -t), to hiss.
vaesen, indecl., being, noise, commotion.
vaestanvind (-en, -ar), west wind.
vaester (-n), west.
vaesterhav (-et, -- ), Western Sea, North Sea.
vaestersal (-en, -ar), western hall.
vaestersalt (-et), western salt, North Sea.
vaestervag (-en, -or), western billow or sea.
vaev (-en, -ar), web, textile fabric.
vaev|a (-de, -t), to weave.
vaex|a (-te, -t or vuxit), to grow.
vaexl|a (-ade, -at), to change, alternate.
vaext (-en, -er), growth, stature, plant.
voerd|a (-ade, -at), to respect.
voerdnad (-en), respect.


yng|el (-let, -- ), brood.
yngling (-en, -ar), young man, youth.
ypp|a (-ade, -at), to reveal, lay bare.
ypperst, foremost.
yppig, luxurious.
yr|a (-de, -t), to be delirious, rave, whirl.
yttre, outer.
yv|as (-des, -ts), to glory in, boast.


a, on.
a (-n, -ar), stream.
abo (-n, -r), inhabitant, denizen.
ad|er (-ern, -ror), vein.
alderdom (-en), old age.
anger (-n), contrition.
angest (-en), anxiety, fear.
ar (-et, --), year.
ar|a (-an, -or), oar.
arsbarn (-et, --), born the same year, coeval.
arsvaext (-en), harvest, crop.
as (-en, -ar), ridge.
ask|a (-an, -or), thunder.
askdiger, thunder laden.
askmoln (-et, --), thundercloud.
astad, away, forth.
ater, again.
at, to, in, toward.
ater|flyga (-floeg, -flugit, -flugen), to fly back.
ater|foedas (-foeddes, -foetts), to be born again.
aterkomst (-en), return.
aterliv|a (-ade, -at), to revive, quicken to life.
atertaen|da (-de, -t), to rekindle.
aterstaell|a (-de, -t), to restore.
atervaen|da (-de, -t), to return.
atskilj|a (-de, -t), to separate.
atsporde, see atspoerja.
at|spoerja (-sporde, -sport, -spord), to question, ask.


aedel, noble.
aedelsten (-en, -ar), precious stone.
aeg|a (-de, -t), to own, possess.
aegare (-n, --), owner.
aegg (-et, --), egg.
aegn|a (-ade, -at), devote, dedicate.
aegor, no sing., possessions, estate.
aelg (-en, -ar), elk.
aelsk|a (-ade, -at), to love.
aelskare (-n, --), lover.
aelskling (-en, -ar), darling.
aelskog (-en), love.
aelv (-en, -ar), river.
aelv|a (-an, -or), elf.
aelvkung (-en, -ar), elf king.
aen, yet, then, ever; om --, even if.
aen ... aen, now ... now, either ... or.
aend|a (-n, -r), end.
aenda, anyway.
aenk|a (-an, -or), widow.
aennu, yet.
aentligen, final.
aentring (-en), boarding.
aepple (-t, -n), apple.
aer, see vara.
aera (-n), honor, glory.
aer|a (-ade, -at), to honor.
aerende (-t, -n), errand.
aerlig, honest.
aerrig, scarred.
aerv|a (-de, -t), to inherit.
aett (-en, -er), family, tribe.
aettartal (-et, --), descent, ancestry.
aettefar, aettefader, progenitor.
aettehoeg (-en, -ar), tribal funeral mound.
aettekull|e (-en, -ar), barrow, ancestral grave.
aettelaengd (-en, -er), pedigree.
aeven, even, also.
aeventyr (-et, --), adventure.
aevenvael, also, likewise.


oe (-n, -ar), island.
oede (-t, -n), fate.
oede, deserted, waste.
oedslig, desolate.
oega (-t, oegon), eye.
oegonblick (-et, --), moment.
oek|en (-nen, -nar), desert.
oel (-et), ale.
oem, tender.
oemk|a (-ade, -at), to pity.
oemkan, indecl., compassion, pity.
oeppen, open, frank.
oeppn|a (-ade, -at), to open.
oera (-t, oeron), ear.
oern (-en, -ar), eagle.
oerneving|e (-en, -ar), eagle's wing.
oes|a (-te, -t), to pour.
oester (-n), east.
oesterut, in the east, towards the east.
oestervag (-en, -or), Eastern sea, Baltic.
oever, over, above, across.
oeverallt, everywhere.
oever|flyga (-floeg, -flugit, -flugen), to spread over.
oeverfloed (-et), plenty, surplus.
oeverfloeg, see oeverflyga.
oever|giva (-gav, -givit, -given), to desert.
oeverhand (-en), upper hand, mastery.
oeverman (-nen, -maen), superior.
oevermod (-et), recklessness, arrogance, pride.
oeverpraest (-en, -er), high priest.
oeverskygg|a (-de, -t), to overshadow.
oeversall|a (-ade, -at), to overstrew.
oevertalare (-n, --), persuader.

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