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Evolution and Ethics and Other Essays by Thomas H. Huxley

Part 6 out of 6

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11. We believe in the immortality of the soul; in the resurrection of the
body; in the general judgment at the end of the world; in the eternal
happiness of the righteous; and in the everlasting punishment of the



I HEREBY DECLARE that I will never, on any consideration, do anything
calculated to injure The Salvation Army, and especially, that I will
never, without first having obtained the consent of The General, take any
part in any religious services or in carrying on services held in
opposition to the Army.

I PLEDGE MYSELF to make true records, daily, on the forms supplied to me,
of what I do, and to confess, as far as I am concerned, and to report, as
far as I may see in others, any neglect or variation from the orders or
directions of The General.

I FULLY UNDERSTAND that he does not undertake to employ or to retain in
the service of The Army any one who does not appear to him to be fitted
for the work, or faithful and successful in it, and I solemnly pledge
myself quietly to leave any Army Station to which I may be sent, without
making any attempt to disturb or annoy The Army in any way, should The
General desire me to do so. And I hereby discharge The Army and The
General from all liability, and pledge myself to make no claim on account
of any situation, property, or interest I may give up in order to secure
an engagement in The Army.

I understand that The General will not be responsible in any way for any
loss I may suffer in consequence of being dismissed from Training; as I am
aware that the Cadets are received into Training for the very purpose of
testing their suitability for the work of Salvation Army Officers.

I hereby declare that the foregoing answers appear to me to fully express
the truth as to the questions put to me, and that I know of no other facts
which would prevent my engagement by The General, if they were known to

Candidate to sign here.........................................



1. All Candidates are expected to fill up and sign this form themselves,
if they can write at all.

2. You are expected to have obtained and read "Orders and Regulations for
Field Officers" before you make this application.

3. Making this application does NOT imply that we can receive you as an
officer, and you are, therefore, NOT to leave your home, or give notice to
leave your situation, until you hear again from us.

4. If you are appointed as an Officer, or received into Training and it is
afterwards discovered that any of the questions in this form have not been
truthfully answered, you will be instantly dismissed.

5. If you do not understand any question in this form, or if you do not
agree to any of the requirements stated upon it, return it to
Headquarters, and say so in a straightforward manner.

6. Make the question for this appointment a matter of earnest prayer, as
it is the most important step you have taken since your conversion.

We must have your Photo. Please enclose it with your forms, and address
them to "Candidate Department," 101, Queen Victoria Street, London, E.C.

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